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CoroCoro Comic is a monthly children's magazine by Shogakukan, which began publishing in 1977. Originally conceived as a place to house old chapters of Doraemon, the magazine soon became home to a host of manga for the Kodomomuke crowd and hasn't stopped ever since.

The magazine is aimed at younger boys than shounen books typically aim for, so their manga usually follows their interests. Its most well-known output is hobby manga and video game adaptations, usually more comedic than the original games themselves. Due to the magazine's popularity, it also set some standards for children's manga; they practically codified the Tournament Arc in game-based manga, right down to the long, dramatic plays. They've also mastered the Shonen Hair trope in their properties, with many hobby series having their own unique flavor of hairstyle. It (other than a certain magazine's own hobby franchise) is also the reason why the style is closely associated with card games, earning it the alternate nickname of "card game hair". Chances are, if you remember a Merchandise-Driven series with outlandish rules, even more outlandish hair, and just as memorable tournaments, you've probably run into a CoroCoro manga at some point.

While CoroCoro as a magazine may not be as well known as other boys' anthologies in the West, people are more familiar with their anime adaptations, since a good chunk of them tended to be dubbed for weekday or Saturday morning kid's blocks. The magazine is also remembered as the go-to place for the latest information about popular kids' franchises like Pokémon, with plenty of speculators forming their own theories based on what appears before a game's release.

The monthly version has 5 other siblings: Bessatsu CoroCoro, CoroCoro Ichiban!, the late CoroCoro Aniki, a magazine for adults that grew up with the original and the web-only CoroCoro Online which was later relaunched as Weekly CoroCoro Comic. Its sister magazine is the Shoujo-oriented Ciao.

Manga serialized in CoroCoro Comic

Manga serialized in Bessatsu CoroCoro

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Manga serialized in CoroCoro Aniki (2014 - 2021)

Manga serialized in CoroCoro Online and later Weekly CoroCoro Comic

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