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"Boys hugging makes every yearbook funny."

Examples of Ho Yay in Western cartoons.

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  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Tails tells a guy he looks hot after hairdressing him. In the same episode, Sonic, in drag as Robotnik's old flame, marries Robotnik. And kisses him. FIVE TIMES.
    • Robotnik being forced into a kiss with another guy and subsequently blushing and smiling. That came out of nowhere.
    • Robotic henchmen Scratch and Grounder get by far the most Ho Yay, however. There's the entirety of "The Robot's Robot" (A Day in the Limelight episode where they raise a kid), the kiss in "Mobius 5000", the flattery flirting on the boat at the end of "Submerged Sonic"...There are far too many moments to list here.
    • And then there's really weird combinations of Ho Yay that don't fit in anywhere, like Robotnik and Tails or Scratch and Sonic. The latter happens in "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme", and has Scratch dressing in drag (to seduce Sonic) and delivering the immortal line "I gotta look juuuust right so he'll be attracted to me!" Hoo boy.
  • Aladdin: The Series has a bit of a bromance between Abu and Iago, being a pair of small animals with a shared love of wealth and luxury.
  • American Dad!:
    • Roger has so many, it's hard to even know where to start. Well there's the episodes "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man" and "AT: The Abusive Terrestrial", both of which play Steve and Roger as if they're a couple, similarly done with Stan and Roger in "Roger n' Me".
      • In the deacon stan episode, Stan mistreats Roger by force feeding him through a machine so he could get the breast milk Roger was lactating to use for the church and get elected deacon in the process but Roger's weight from all the food breaks the machine, prompting Steve to give Roger CPR.... and gets pregnant with Roger's child in the process.
    • Then there's the episode where Klaus wants to feel the touch of another human being, Steve does and afterwards Klaus tries to pay him acting as if he's a prostitute.
    • Steve and Snot have a few too, they even KISS ON THE LIPS in "License to Till".
    • In "Family Affair," Roger comments on how cute Tyler (the teenage son of the family who first abandoned Roger) has become.
    • Then theres this line from "Stan's Night Out" when Jackson's talking to Dick.
    "Come on don't give me bad new Dick, give me good old Dick, give me the Dick I love."
  • American Dragon: Jake Long:
    • The one episode where Jake is in a play. He's about to kiss the girl in one scene of the play, but it turns out the "girl" is actually his best friend. Having to keep up appearances and the flow, they kiss, followed by "Ugh!" noises from both parties.
    • Jake wakes up kissing Fu Dog in one episode. This time the kiss is on-screen.
    • There's another episode where evil wizard Eli Pandarus tries to marry Fu Dog. Pandarus makes it clear he's doing it because of a prophecy that'll grant him power, but still.
  • Animaniacs has one between Yakko and Dr. Scratchansniff, of all people ("I didn't know you cared"). Another episode revealed that Yakko wears women's stockings and garters (though this could have just been a Cutaway Gag).
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
    • In the episode "Handbanana" Master Shake masturbates to Carl getting raped by Handbanana.
    • In the episode "The Marines" Master Shake and Meatwad make out to get out of the marines and earlier in the episode Shake greets Frylock with "Oh, how I've missed your beautiful face!".
  • Arcane: Jayce and Viktor's dynamic sometimes comes off more like a married couple than two visionary scientists working together. Viktor's lame excuse for when they're caught sneaking around late at night is that they were trying to find his bedroom.Viktor also ignores a woman flirting with him.
  • Atomic Betty: Sparky and X-5, Betty's two partners in her adventures, can sometimes have such a dynamic. The two tease each other a lot, and Sparky always makes sure that X-5 is safe whenever he gets hurt. In addition, Sparky also grabs onto X-5 when he is scared, and at two points, X-5 acknowledges Sparky's behaviour.
    • From "A Fungus Amongus":
      Admiral DeGill: It was a good thing you were here to stop the spores, but how did they even know where headquarters was?
      X-5: That was Sparky. He gave away the location.
      Sparky: Hey! I only did that to SAVE you, you ungrateful sardine can!
      X-5: "Ungrateful sardine can"? X-5 clicks his claws. Truth is, you like me. X-5 leans in to Sparky. You really like me.
      Sparky: Do NOT!
      X-5: Do too!
      Sparky: Do NOT!
      X-5: Do t-
      Sparky: NOT!
      X-5: Do!
    • From "No Space Like Home: Part 1":
      Betty beats up several robot guards to try and rescue her friend Noah.
      Sparky: Not her boyfriend… yeah, right! Sparky turns to X-5. X-5 is surprised by the next question. Would you kick that much booty if that were ME dangling up there?
      X-5: X-5 closes his eyes and nods his head from side to side, smiling. Not particularly.
  • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes:
    • It seems everyone is gay for Captain America. In "Living Legend" most of the male characters had a crush on Captain America. The enemies of this episode were essentially giant, sentient spunk blobs, and there are at least two shots of Cap with globs of the blob monsters on his face. There were also a few Ho Yay moments with Bucky in the episodes set in the past.
    • The Captain America and Iron Man vibes in "The Man Who Stole Tomorrow" are practically visible. Cap was almost constantly touching Tony, the full-body scan, Tony's little smile after Cap orders him to the training room...
    • Captain America's greatest desire is Bucky being alive.
    • Half the time Spider-Man seems to be crushing on Cap during their team-up in "Along Came a Spider".
    • Hawkeye and Hulk have a serious bromance at the very least, if not outright Ho Yay. Hulk is pretty protective of Clint, shown when he threatens the rest of the team when they think Clint's a traitor, and when Bruce was rendered unable to turn into the Hulk, what got him upset enough to transform anyway? The villain grabbed Hawkeye. Also, Hulk always refers to Clint as "Cupid" and is willing to stay with the Avengers as long as he's there.
  • The 2013 series Avengers Assemble took the Cap/Iron Man bromance to the next level! From Iron Man reassembling the Avengers due to Captain America's supposed death to Captain America worriedly cradling a dying Iron Man in his arms after Red Skull stole Iron Man's armor including his arc reactor, it's hard to believe that the writers aren't shipping it themselves! In almost every episode if they're not squabbling like an old married couple, they have a bunch of moments where the viewers are practically screaming JUST KISS ALREADY! In the episode "Avengers Disassembled" after Cap quits the team, it's almost treated as a bad breakup/divorce with a small "custody" decision with the other members of the team. Eventually the team decides which parent, I mean leader, they stay with. Don't worry. They get back together.
  • The Avengers: United They Stand had the huge bromance between Hawkeye and Wonder Man, with Hawkeye calling Wonder Man "the only real friend [he'd] ever had." Not to mention the fact that it's a flashback to that scene that snaps Vision!Wonder Man out of Ultron's programming, rather than anything relating to his love interest Scarlet Witch.
  • In The Batman, Poison Ivy's age-down means a lot of Ho Yay with her and Harley is out of the question. Barbara/Batgirl, on the other hand, more or less becomes Harley's replacement for a lot of fans. It helps that the two were close friends before they gained their alter-egos, and the fact that Ivy still wants Barbara to join her crusade for plants.
  • Batman: The Animated Series:
    • Matt Hagen and Teddy Lupin in the episode Feat of Clay, two friends who are definitely Ambiguously Gay with all of Teddy's fawning over Matt and Hagen's violent mood swings being very much like an abusive relationship.
    • Batgirl and Supergirl in "Girl's Night Out" become very close very... quickly, and in the Justice League Christmas episode, they are absent 'on a skiing holiday together'. This was lampshaded in Harley & Ivy, where Harley says there are rumors about the two.
    • They manage to throw a Shout-Out to the Joker's creepy obsession with Bats in Mask of the Phantasm animated movie.
    Joker: Looks more like the Ghost of Christmas Future. Nowhere near as cute as Batboy.
  • In a couple of episodes of The Beatles, John pulls his "gi'e us a kiss" face on male antagonists.
  • Bob's Burgers:
    • No conclusive reason has been given for Millie Frock's deranged obsession with Louise. It would appear to the casual observer that Millie is infatuated with Louise.
    • Bob has been hit on by other men before, and even implied at one point that he would accept if he weren't married.
      Bob: "Duval! Duval, I will kiss you!
      Duval: Too late. The moment's gone, Bob.
      Bob: Duval, we can do more than kiss! Other things! Duval!
  • From The Boondocks we have Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy, best friends and partners in crime, who sometimes act Like an Old Married Couple. This was once lampshaded by Riley Freeman, who remarked that "Y'all niggas are gay!".
  • The Bots Master:
    • Jammerzz and Toolzz are two construction worker-themed robots that form a team called "The Street Boyzz", and are particularly close. They tend to cross the line from Heterosexual Life-Partners to this sometimes, like Jammerzz comforting Toolzz by hugging him and patting his cheek when Toolzz is suffering under his phobia of heights, or Toolzz getting uncharacteristically pissed when one of the enemy robots hurts his buddy, with him proceeding to completely crush the enemy robots with his fury.
    • Watzon and Cook, respectively the doctor robot and the chef robot, who call each other "Dear" and when Watzon has to go on a mission, he tends to take Cook with him, with them often proceeding to bicker Like an Old Married Couple.
  • In The Brave Little Toaster, Toaster and Blankey are awfully... close. This is lampshaded by (Heh) Lampy. There's also a hanging lamp in the parts shop who seems to like Lampy quite a bit. There's also his rather close relationship with Radio, whom he bickers with constantly, almost like a married couple.
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids a lower-tier Hanna-Barbera show had two girls on its team. Merilee the blonde and Steffy the brunette. While Merilee hopelessly doesn't seem to ever attract Butch's attention, Steffy is often shown to react not so well to this. Sexuality in Hanna-Barbera cartoons were usually limited to subtext or gags. Thus leading fans of the show to think Steffy more than likely is one of HB's lesbian characters jealous that Merilee never noticed her that way.
  • Camp Lazlo:
    • Edward is constantly trying to outshine Lazlo in a quasi-Unknown Rival situation, but Lazlo is nothing but friendly towards him, sometimes more than friendly. The entire first half of the hugging episode was about giving Edward some love. Even in the shower.
      Lazlo: If you need a topper... (snaps fingers smoothly) call me.
    • The episode "Irreconcilable Dungferences" combines this with sibling incest.
    • "Dave, I love you!" Said by both Lazlo AND Edward.
    • The episode "Camper All Pull Pants Down" has Edward with a rather stalkerish attitude towards Lazlo. He tricks Lazlo into Pinto Cabin just so he could pull his pants down.
    • "Squirrel Seats" has Raj getting panicky over Lazlo agreeing to sit next to Patsy on the bus. While the Squirrel Scouts and Bean Scouts have a rivalry, Raj's disapproval of Lazlo sitting with Patsy can definitely come across him being jealous.
  • Insinuated in Captain Planet and the Planeteers in the AIDS episode, when the friend of the HIV-positive basketball player sticks up for his pal in the face of bullying. The bully says, "What? You're sticking up for him? Maybe you got it too! Maybe you and him - " "Shut up!" It helps that before Todd's life went to hell, the two were all high-fiving and saying "We're gonna do it!"
  • During the half-vampire Alucard's introduction in Castlevania (2017) he and Trevor Belmont make snarky back and fourth at each other before fighting one another. The fight ends with Alucard climbing on top of Trevor and pulling his hair causing Trevor to bear his neck to him. Oh and Alucard was wearing tight leather pants with his belt hanging off the hips, and no shirt.
  • Class of 3000 has Philly Phil, who is often seen with Eddie in Season 1, including going as a zebra together. In addition, he's also displayed... questionable reactions towards Grayson Brooding. He's also quite close to Li'l D, notably being the first to propose revenge when Tanya gets him twisted in a knot, in addition, he hangs out with Li'l D pretty often.
  • In the pilot episode of The Cleveland Show Bonnie and Lois make out after Cleveland asks them to and they have champagne.
  • Code Lyoko:
    • The relationship of Odd and Ulrich, partially due to Odd's androgynous appearance and the two of them sharing the same room. At the end of "Cold Sweat", Yumi submits an embarrassing picture of Odd and Ulrich getting out of the shower, together(!), and if you think It Makes Sense in Context, it doesn't. The episode "Killer Music" looks a lot like a breakup episode, with Ulrich acting worried and guilty after Odd ended up hospitalized due to XANA's attack. In the "Freaky Friday" Flip episode "A Fine Mess", Odd (in Yumi's body) suggests Ulrich to train with him in order to prepare for his confession to Yumi. Ulrich is disgusted and calls the idea sick.
    • There is also some occasional Les Yay between Aelita and Yumi, and ironically enough Sissi and Yumi.
  • This is intentionally done on Code Monkeys with Dave and Jerry, though it's probably one sided as Jerry is shown to be effeminate at times. In one episode he declares himself gay for Mitch (who is his love interest Mary in disguise but he didn't know that). He also in another episode said he might be gay for giants after forming a friendship with a wrestler based on Andre the Giant. Beside that he is just very dependent on Dave. In one episode he even says maybe they are meant to be more than best friends while they are both high because he believes they are having the shared hallucination. Dave punches him and he nervously says he was just kidding.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door:
    • Numbuh 5 and Heinrich/Henrietta. Every story with them in it has 5 acting like a mournful lover whose partner had gone to the dark side. There's much mentioning of what they once were and she never wants to cause her harm, always trying to save her and bring her back to her. And their reunion was so fluffy and SWEET. Many fans were shipping this like crazy and were shocked and horrified upon the revelation of the truth. They even pretend the last part didn't happen. For others, this made the ship a whole lot better.
    • There's also Numbuh 1 and the three-fifths male The Delightful Children which is not only seriously squicky by itself, but they're also technically adopted cousins.
    • When The Delightful Children had to kiss Numbuh 3 in a school play, both the male and the female ones lean forward and pucker up.
    • This even extends to the Delightful Children's pet cats. At one point, Hamster Numbuh 4 gets Disguised in Drag as a lady cat to trick them, and the 2/5ths female cat group all flirt with "her", even trying for a kiss.
    • Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb, being parody characters of canon gay James Bond villains Misters Wint and Kidd (from Diamonds Are Forever), give off this vibe entirely. Never leaving each others' side, finishing each others thoughts, living together, affectionate speech tones...
    • Numbuh 362 and Numbuh 86, specifically the latter's extreme desire to prove herself to the former. 362 is also one of the only, if not the only, operative to address 86 by her real name (Fanny).
    • The Toiletnator desperately wants the love and respect of the other villains, but he seems very eager to get the love and respect of Mr. Boss in particular. He gives him a massage in one episode.
  • Combo Niños has many Ho Yay moments between the two main villains, Diadoro and Gomez. An example? In an episode, when a Divino is rather violently summoned, Gomez jumps in Diadoro's arms, Diadoro throws him out, and Gomez jumps back, saying "Five more seconds, they're so comfy!". Another moment is when Gomez asks Diadoro something. Before answering, Diadoro tickles Gomez's chin and Gomez blushes! A third (and last) example is in an episode where a Divino makes everyone dance. At the end of the episode, the two bad guys are still dancing the tango, even though the Divino is defeated since a moment! They stop and Diadoro realizes at last that they're no longer under the Divino's spell. Gomez confesses that he knew that already, but wanted to dance a bit more. Diadoro throws him out violently. He seems to hesitate while seeing Gomez's sad face, then admits that "I kinda liked it. Felt very... macho." And they start dancing again! And they're not the only moments...
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog has "The Mask," in which Courage meets the dog-hating Kitty (who likes to hide behind the titular mask). The reason for her hatred of dogs? Her "best friend" Bunny is in an abusive relationship with a dog. Kitty goes on about how she can't bare to live without Bunny, and she has a little catnip mouse given to her by Bunny "with love." When they're reunited at the end (after Courage rescues Bunny), they run away together while hugging and nuzzling and talking about how now, they can be best friends forever. It's also one of the more heartwarming moments in the series, so there you go.
  • In a later season of Cyberchase, this character named Jules shows up. He's a purple-clad, timid little nerd who positively loves Matt. He's only cheered up by Matt's words, teams up with Matt whenever he can, and Matt actually lets Jules call him "Mattie", when he won't even let Inez, his supposed love interest (which never goes anywhere), call him that.
    • Also, in the second episode of Cyberchase, Borg of the Ring, there is a moment of when Matt thanks a Radster named Slider after he, Inez, Jackie, and Digit were saved, and he sends him a nod and a smile, which might show that he likes him more than the girls. Then while they were skateboarding, Slider catches up to Matt and he turns to give him another smile. Also, there was a scene of Matt saving Slider from falling into a sinkhole when being chased by The Hacker, Buzz, and Delete, who were determined to get the ring back, and Matt ends up on top of Slider until they both get up to continue their way to the Circle of Supreme Safety. After the ring was placed in the Circle of Supreme Safety, Matt thanks Slider, who gives him another smile before riding off on his skateboard.
  • Cybersix has the... unusual relationship between Cyber 6's alter ego, Adrian, and Lucas. Technically, Cyber 6 is actually female and Lucas is her love interest, but sometimes it seems like Lucas seems to have a bigger crush on Adrian than he does on Cyber 6! Lucas always seems to be taking Adrian to fancy restaurants or looking for ways to spend time with him. When he mentions how nice Cyber 6 is to him in front of Adrian, he seems to be turning it into a hint. And when he's put under the impression that Adrian has been "dating" Cyber 6, he acts like a scorned lover... and in a way that's makes it almost look like Adrian's the one who's been cheating, not Cyber 6! Yes, it is every bit as confusing as it sounds. The best moment is the one where Lucas asks if Adrian wants to go to a movie with him...a romantic movie. The look on Adrian/Cyber 6's face can only be because she's thinking All the Good Men Are Gay.
  • Danny Phantom:
    • In the Bad Future episode, Skulker and Technus have fused together into one being. "Skulker and Technus? Together? Is that an 'ew' or a 'yikes'?"
    • Danny and Tucker. As if their snuggle with each other when they were both sleeping together wasn't enough, consider this: they claim to share EVERYTHING together.
  • Daria:
    • Daria and Jane, being clearly the most important people in each others' lives. Received a Fandom Nod in the "Daria Day" marathon before their Grand Finale, which opened some episodes with brief animated intros (available on the DVD set). One had Jane trying to convince Daria to pose for a nude portrait; Daria objects that this will fuel "those rumors about us", and Jane suggests she could do the painting from memory anyway. Another features the two as a bride and groom.
    • Quinn and Sandy show more affection for each other at the end of "Fat Like Me" than they do for any boy either of them dates.
  • Darkwing Duck and Launchpad (who is unabashedly the world's biggest Darkwing fanboy) live together raising Darkwing's daughter, take an instant dislike to and are incredibly suspicious of each other's female love interests (Morgana and a Green-Skinned Space Babe respectively), and got an Accidental Kiss.
  • The Dexter's Laboratory episode "Sun, Surf and Science" ends with Mandark having a cute moment with a surfer boy who saves him from drowning. They walk into the sunset arm in arm.
  • Donkey Kong Country
    • In "Hooray For Holly Kongo Bongo", Klump and Krusha audition for Bluster's movie with a version of the ending scene from Casablanca, with Krusha in the female role.
    • In "A Thin Line Between Love and Ape", K. Rool gets his claws on the love potion Bluster Kong made and decides to test it out... on Klump, who becomes even more infatuated with his boss than usual.
    • In "Four Weddings and a Coconut":
      Klump: [overhearing DK practicing proposing] Thunderin' artillery! Did you hear that?
      Krusha: Uh, hear what?
      Klump: "Will you marry me!"
      Krusha: Me?
      Klump: No, ya noncommissioned nincompoop! Donkey Kong!
      Krusha: You want to marry Donkey Kong?
      Klump: NO! Donkey Kong's gettin' married! We gotta tell King K. Rool immediately.
      K. Rool: Who did you say was getting married?
      Krusha: Me and Klump.
      Klump: Never mind him, sir.
      [Later still]
      K. Rool: Now that I have the Crystal Coconut in my possession, maybe it's time I thought about settling down with a wife!
      Klump: Sorry sir, but I can't volunteer for that mission! Thank you for askin', though.
      K. Rool: I didn't mean you, you—!
  • Doug: Roger seems to be obsessed with the title character. He's the only one he goes out of his way to tease (most of the time), is nice to him at some points, was the one who decided to throw a surprise party for him living in town for a year in "Quailman vs the Klotzoid Zombies", and at said party says "It's not like we're gettin' married or anything." In the last episode, both Doug and Roger were scared to graduate, so they ran off together and shared some very tender feelings and memories in the confines of the empty principal's office.
  • Drawn Together: The pilot episode gets right into this with Foxxy Love kissing Princess Clara in the hot tub when Clara had her guard down. She starts talking about the kiss explicitly but that might be because of her gullibility and shock over the fact that she was kissed for the very first time.
    • Xandir may be the token gay character, but Captain Hero is a Ho Yay magnet. Not only has he shared "tender moments" with Xandir himself, but Wooldor has an obvious crush on him and he's kissed Spanky at least once. On the Les Yay side, we have Foxxy and Clara getting frisky and Toot sleeping with Clara once (though that last example was part of a convoluted roleplay, so it might not have counted).
    • The time Captain Hero tried to express his homosexual desires via a crappy Clark Kent disguise, which he named Tim. He and Xandir actually ended up in a serious relationship together until Xandir couldn't put up with him carrying the ridiculous "Captain Hero's gay friend" ruse too far. However, the season 2 finale apparently contradicts the whole thing as "Tim" was actually revealed to be an entirely separate person who happened to look just like Hero, heavily implying that Hero never really entered into a serious relationship with Xandir in that episode.
    • Up to eleven in the movie. Xandir has an obvious crush on Hero at this point, thinking Hero is ditching their (ahem) "guys' nights" for his new girlfriend, Molly (who happens to be a stolen corpse). He tries to break them up, with the help of Ling Ling who has his own crush on Xandir. Foxxy also has hardcore sex with Toot and some random stranger in Bedrock( Which did not really happen as shown in the prologue when Toot spits at Foxxy after being kissed by her).
  • Duck Dodgers has an episode in season 2 called the Fudd. Daffy mentioned he (Daffy) will be the father, Marvin will be the mother and Porky will be their child.
  • The Emperor's New Groove:
    • Pacha and Kuzco. Even leaving aside the Kiss of Life and the Man Hugs, Pacha and Kuzco's relationship is the driving force of the plot. They bicker, they separate, they find one another at last... it's a love story. Lampshaded, like everything else in the movie:
      Pacha: We're on our honeymoon.
      Mudka's Meat Hut Waitress: Bless you for coming out in public.
    • The sequel has Kuzco dressing as a woman to pass as Kronk's wife in front of the latter's father... so either it's a coincidence, or Kuzco really likes to pass as a bulky guy's wife.
  • Encanto: In the opening number "Welcome to the Family Madrigal," Augustin and Felix are introduced dancing together as Mirabel sings, "These two guys fell in love with Family Madrigal/ Now they're part of Family Madrigal..." which made it sound like they had married each other, but then they go to their respective wives Julietta and Pepa, clarifying that they're Mirabel's father and uncle. For a split second it looked as if Disney got very bold.
  • In Evil Con Carne episode "Company Halt", after Hector Con Carne finishes explaining his giant rubber band attack plan, General Skarr exclaims "I love you SOOO MUCH, Hector!" and hugs him (or rather Boscoe, to whom his brain is affixed) tightly. Hector responds with, "Yeah, I... love you too, Skarr." as Boscoe hugs Skarr back and makes affectionate noises. Ghastly backs away slowly in awkwardness.

  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends has an episode dedicated to Bloo going behind Mac's back and playing with a new "best friend", and the word CHEATING was even used to describe it.
    • After "Barry" fails to bribe Mac into buying Bloo in the above-mentioned episode, Bloo jumps into Mac's arms, loops his hands around Mac's neck, and proceeds to declare Mac to be "My guy," as well as smiling at him affectionately.
      • "We didn't do anything Mac, I swear! I didn't even touch his paddleball!" You can guess what the writers meant by "paddleball"...
    • In "Berry Scary", it seemed that Berry thought Mac was with Bloo and thought it would mess up her self-proclaimed relationship with Bloo. Also at one point some imaginary friends (and Bloo) try to explain to Berry that Mac is a vital part of Bloo's life, comparing Mac to "(Bloo's) salt to his pepper" and "chocolate to his peanut butter", "THE SIZZLE TO MY WHIZZLE", complete with a sizzle sound and the weirded-out faces of the imaginary freinds behind him. Needless to say, Berry was not impressed.
    • Cheese's debut episode features Bloo becoming livid with jealousy that Mac would create another imaginary friend ("W-why did you make him? You have me!"), and Mac says in his defense "I didn't plan for it! It just sorta happened!" It doesn't help that Mac woke up to find Cheese in bed with him (parodying both Bedmate Reveal and The Godfather).
      • "I'M A LADY!" Cheese kisses Bloo. "NOW WE'RE BROTHER LADIES!" Keep in mind this is Bloo's dream.
  • Frisky Dingo:
    • Killface and Xander. One of the other characters call them the "Sam and Diane of... two gay guys."
    • Every episode pretty heavily implies Xander is in a Transparent Closet. And by "imply" we mean his assistant stumbled upon his huge gay porn stash. And then there's the whole Fred Dryer obsession.
  • Frozen II has some of this between Kristoff and Ryder as a result of how quickly they hit it off as friends, and Ryder (who has a sister) saying he "doesn't know much about girls".
  • Every single male character in Galactik Football to some extent. The most blatant are Artegor and Aarch, who have the classic backstory setup: In their youth they went to play for Shadows together. However Aarch ultimately decided that "playing for the other team" was unnatural and went back to Akillian. Artegor never forgave him. Artegor once greets him with a gleeful "What's the matter Aarch? Can't live another moment without me?"
  • Galaxy High when Aimee and Doyle are introduced to the girls gym class in the first episode "Welcome to Galaxy High" Doyle expects to be the same Chick Magnet that he was at his Earth High School and tries to flirt with the entire class.... who immediately push him to one side and all flock to Aimee surrounding her and asking her personal questions. Milo de Venus points out a dejected Doyle this because male classmates out number the female classmates 3-to-1 at the school so they're mostly excited to potentially make a new female friend but they also seem very eager to impress Aimee.
  • Garfield and Friends has Roy and Wade end up having a lover's spat whenever the two share any episodes together. And then, there was the Snow Wade two parter, in which Roy played the prince and awoke him from his slumber.
    • Additionally, Orson seemed pretty upset when his kisses weren't working, begging for Wade to wake up in between kisses. He also seems to have a tense, if not friendly rivalry with Roy (even in the comics). OT3, anybody?
  • Generator Rex:
  • Glenn Martin, DDS does everything but outright say Wendy has a crush on Courtney. At one point, even that's not true anymore:
    Wendy: I never stopped loving you.
    Courtney: What?
    Wendy: Nothing! *glances around nervously*
  • Warner Bros.' "Goofy Gophers", Mac and Tosh, act more than a little bit close most of the time. Their constant Alphonse and Gaston Routine only adds to the eyebrow-raising.
  • Gravedale High: The most popular ship in the fandom is Vinnie/Reggie, and it's not hard to see why. They're incredibly close and even risked their lives to save each other in "Fear of Flying." In "Dress Up Mess Up," Vinnie affectionately refers to Reggie as Mr. Schneider's teacher's pet while scratching his ear. Note that in the first episode, Sid made fun of Reggie for not being attracted to girls, and while Duzer apparently has a crush on Vinnie, he doesn't seem to return her affections.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy:
    • Lord Pain towards Grim in "House of Pain". He kisses his feet, pleads to be his slave and strips in front of him to show his Grim tattoos.
    • Irwin and Nergal Jr. were both rejected by Mandy. At the Prom, they decide to dance together without hesitation.
    • Billy to Grim: "Now bend over and let me RIDE YOUR HUMPS!" He's also admitted love to Grim.
    • The ending to "Billy and the Bully" has Sperg and Billy do such things as hugging tightly, riding a tandem bike, and skipping happily through a flowery meadow together.
    • Dean Toadblatt makes out openly with Squidhat and the two are wed in the same episode.
  • While He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) was the epitome of macho back in the 80s, afterwards it became known as shorthand for Macho Camp (as best exemplified by this piece of Memetic Mutation), with endless jokes made in the vein of "If my father was afraid I'd turn out gay, maybe making me watch He-Man wasn't the best idea". Having a guy named FISTO in the cast is just icing on a particularly fabulous cake. A decade later, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, the reboot of it's spin-off She-Ra: Princess of Power, took the gay overtones of the 1983 He-Man and ran with it, creating a Cast Full of Gay that boosted an already-thriving LGBT Fanbase.
  • The (particularly awesome) Disney crossover between the Hercules and Aladdin animated series, "Hercules and the Arabian Night," has Hades meeting Jafar. It takes about five minutes before they start acting like an old married couple, complete with Hades calling Jafar "babe" every two minutes. They are surprisingly touchy-feely towards the other (well, Hades is like that with everyone, but Jafar?). Also at the end, when they are seemingly about to win, Hades offers Jafar the chance to join him in his Olympus coup d'etat, along with godhood and even his own title!
  • House of Mouse: Near the end of the double-length short "Mickey Foils the Phantom Blot", and Goofy save Mickey with their modified truck. In response, Mickey kisses Goofy, who gives a flattered "Gawrsh", while tells Mickey he doesn't want a kiss.
    • Also in the Valentines day special, Mickey invites several members of the audience to kiss their sweethearts and Pumbaa is shown leaning in towards Timon
    • The episode "Ladies Night" gives off a Les Yay vibe particularly with Jasmine and Ariel sitting at the same table together which is justified given how many people ship the two together. The Caseyettes sitting at the same table (also a scene in the episode "Ladies Night") also give off some Les Yay vibes.
  • Hey Arnold!:
    • In "Ghost Bride" Eugene says to Curly "I can't believe how nice you look in that dress."
  • Invader Zim:
    • Zim and Dib have a creepily intense obsession for each other, mixed with grudging respect, The Only One Allowed to Defeat You to the extreme, and an unhealthy dose of co-dependence. One incomplete (although the audio recording survives) episode, "Mopiness of Doom", featured Dib "retiring" from fighting Zim to follow "real science", resulting in him becoming bored and miserable and Zim turning into a depressed, unmotivated slob until the two renewed their rivalry, ending with them joyfully proclaiming the various ways they will "defeat" the other.
    • The implied one-sided Keef/Zim in the episode "Bestest Friend". Keef was a human kid who became obsessed with Zim, including stalking him, hugging him, painting a naked picture of him, and saying that he "likes" Zim. He continues to believe he's friends with Zim even after Zim rejects him. Keef's obsession was portrayed as even more intense in one of the unfinished episodes. GIR outright notices it, saying "That boy loves you so much!"
    • The Tallest's bromance is epic and obvious.
    • GIR has obvious (unwanted) affection for his master Zim and cares about him a lot, hugging him whenever he gets the chance and trying to do nice things for him, even if they don't always work out too well.
  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures: Tony and Gene, going to Greenland to look for some rings (magical rings, that is). Rhodey berates him for deciding to only invite Gene (because it's dangerous, not because he was jealous, probably) and Tony never does explain why he decided to invite just Gene and not his other friends... Tony and Gene have a really good time while there, and Gene winks at Tony in an almost flirtatious way at one point.
  • Jem:
    • The season 2 episode called "The Bands Break Up" is infamous for being potentially one of the thinest veiled gay romances in American cartoons. It's a shame their 'friendship' is never referenced again, making it one of the few things the status quo killed. After getting into arguments with their bands Stormer and Kimber meet at a lounge. They exchange bitter words however the owner notices them and asks them to sing. Stormer and Kimber sing a ballad about dealing with insecurities. They hug and decide to start a duet afterwards. One scene has Stormer basically playing the role of a delinquent boyfriend to Kimber. When Kimber goes out late with Stormer late at night Jerrica asks a bunch of questions about who she's going out with and where, but Kimber simply jumps into Stormer's car and rides off with her. After Stormer is bribed into rejoining The Misfits she regrets it quickly. There's a scene of her lying in her bed which has a picture of her and Kimber together. She picks up the picture and stares at it wistfully, shaking her head. When she leaves to rejoin her old band, Stormer states that Kimber gave her something no one else had before... Sincere friendship. They both say at the end that they learned "a little bit about each other and a lot about life".
    • During "The Bands Break Up" The Misfits and The Holograms collab in the song "Bad Influence", which is all about how Kimber and Stormer shouldn't be friends. It sounds more like they a Friend Versus Lover problem. Pizzazz outright sings "(...) she'll break your heart in two" to Stormer. After that scene Stormer complains that no one cares about her, which makes Kimber state that she cares about Stormer. They then say that they're "friends forever, against the world" while holding hands.
    • The start to the second "Getting Down to Business" music video has Stormer and Kimber holding hands and walking on a beach in a very romantic manner. They turn to each other and grab each others shoulders, like they're going to kiss, but only nod at each other.
    • Ignoring Stormer's and Kimber's friendship, "I Like Your Style" reads like a romantic song. Pizzazz is singing about Jetta.
    • Kimber really seems to like watching The Misfits dancing during the music video to "It Takes A Lot To Survive".
  • Johnny Bravo:
    • Johnny ends up in a jungle populated by Amazons. As common of him, he ticks them off with his cheesy come-ons and sexist attitude. The Amazons go to sacrifice him to their volcano god, which erupts landing Johnny on "The Island of Beautiful Men."
    • One-sided from Carl to Johnny. Carl pounces Johnny constantly (as in "Johnny Goes to Camp"), is very clingy despite Johnny shoving him away, all-too into playing Johnny's pretend date ("Charm School Johnny") or wife ("Chain Gang Johnny"), is impervious to the wiles of chicks, often thinking they're evil ("Forest Chump"), and said he loved Johnny while standing up for him against an angry mob in "Lodge Brother Johnny". "Carl Be Not Proud" is practically nothing BUT Ho Yay.
    • Occasionally Johnny will do something Ho Yay-ish, like in "El Bravo Magnifico" when he disguised himself as a woman and a Mexican man named "Caliente" hit on him, saying, "Surely a girl as pretty as you has kissed a man before..." Johnny's response? To break character completely and shout, "What? I was young! I-It was New Year's Eve, the cherry cola made me giddy!". He also will say things that probably aren't meant to sound weird, but do, like when he thinks Carl's been turned into a gingerbread cookie, he screams, "Noooo! Carl, my poor, dear, sweet, DELICIOUSLY MOIST friend!" "Endless Bummer" includes lip contact between him and Carl (though this one was unintentional on Johnny's part).
    • First episode, the humorous ending is: He asks the woman out in the date, but she refuses, and jokes that he has his own date. The guy he's holding in his arms (a mugger) says, "This is cute and all, but I have a wife."
  • Dr. Quest and Race Bannon in Jonny Quest gives you every reason to believe they're a couple. Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law poked fun at this one in one of the first episodes.

  • Shego is way, way too into Kim Possible. Pet names, sly compliments, even a mudbath... then an episode dedicated to them, which shows that when the "mortal enemies" factor is removed they become incredibly close very fast. It'd be uncomfortable if Kim didn't seem to be flattered by it.
  • In the Legion of Super-Heroes Animated Series, Brainiac Five is Superman's biggest fan, occasionally taking it to "lovesick puppy" levels. This is a very stark contrast to the usual condescending personality he has with most anyone else. This is due in part to Superman being the inspiration for all superheroes of the time, as well, perhaps, as Brainiac 5 wanting to make up for the crimes of his ancestor, the original Brainiac, but by the premiere of the second season, he's participating in holo-simulations where he receives fake injuries so the holo-Superman will console him before his dying breaths. It's not exactly definitive, but what it looks like is lost on no one - especially not the other characters, as evidenced by Timber Wolf asking Brainiac Five if he and Superman "just caught a movie."
  • Loonatics Unleashed has some spare moments between Tech E Coyote & Rev Runner. One prime example in season 2 episode 5 The Family Business is that Rev said that he would Tech if he is not a coyote or a guy and Tech said he is both
  • Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny: Wing and Wong, the two Warthog minions of Rooster, who get outed in season 2. Given that they're side characters, and that the series has never focused on romance very much in general, their relationship isn't explored very deeply, but they still do have some romantic-ish moments.note 
    • Additionally, Li and Mr. Ping have several moments that many may read as a couple. Aside from them both being Po's dad's, they have a variety of moments that show how much they care for each other outside of being co-parents. Grandma also assumes they're married at one point.
  • Let's Go Luna!:
    • Senor Fabuloso not only shows Camp Gay behavior but he's also very close with Mr. Hockbar. Hockbar is his Beleaguered Assistant who, despite being annoyed at Fabuloso's bossiness, genuinely cares about him and will do whatever he asks, even slathering him in marmalade while wearing a fish costume. "The Mystery of the Mask" shows us that Fabuloso met Hockbar during the latter's days as a Khon dancer in Thailand, and explicitly states that he became enamored with him. Hockbar even does a Khon performance for their "friendaversary". Teen and adult viewers will notice that their relationship seems to go beyond friendship.
    Senor Fabuloso: Way back when I started my Circo Fabuloso, I was searching for a special act. I became enamored with a unique Khon dancer I found in Thailand, and asked him to join my troupe. He wore that very mask, and that man became my best friend who helps me run my Circo to this very day. Yes, children, that very Khon dancer was none other than, the incomparable Mr. Hockbar!
    • Hockbar and Fabuloso seem to go on a date together to get some sobolo juice in "Muddy Miracle"
    • In "Fabuloso's New Clothes", Fabuloso has no problems with stripping down to just his underwear while with Hockbar.
  • In one scene in the ending credits of The Little Flying Bears, Skulk is seen smooching Sammy on his helmet.
  • Lloyd in Space: Lloyd and Eddie, sometimes with their friendship seeming like a romance with Eddie as a bad influence. Douglas and Kurt also get this too, especially in the Feud Episode, which has some unfortunate parallels to Romeo and Juliet.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • Check this promo for Kids' WB!'s Bugs 'n Daffy Show and listen to what Jeff Bennett says about the stars midway through the spot.
    • The short "Beanstalk Bunny" has a scene where Daffy actually kisses Bugs, and not in the way Bugs would've done it like in the above video.
    • Elmer and Bugs' relationship is little more than foe-ish (and often not even foe-ish) flirting. They even end up married twice, in 'Bugs' Bonnets' and 'Rabbit of Seville'. 'Hare-Brained Hypnotist' includes four kisses, and three of them are Elmer kissing Bugs, rather than the usual other way around. At the start of 'Elmer's Pet Rabbit', just try and deny that Bugs isn't trying to seduce Elmer into buying him...and that Elmer isn't charmed. And any time Elmer thinks he may have hurt or killed Bugs, he instantly becomes mournful, and if possible he reconciles for it. In 'The Big Snooze', Bugs becomes desperate to stop Elmer from quitting cartoons, and it ends with him saying "I looooove that man!"
    • At one point in The Looney Tunes Show, Daffy invites Porky Pig on a date, and Porky is absolutely fine with the idea. Porky gives some "more than friends" vibes, as he does pratically anything (even giving his organs) for Daffy. Bugs and Daffy both have girlfriends, but it's more like Bugs is stuck with Lola and Daffy barely cares. They spend entire episodes bickering Like an Old Married Couple. In one episode, Daffy Duck says Bugs doesn't respect him and his hard work, but Bugs says Daffy doesn't have a job, then Daffy threatens to take his things and leave the house and Bugs says he doesn't care, since it's HIS house and Daffy doesn't even own anything at all. Despite acting like he doesn't care, Bugs lets Daffy live in the house for free (and by logic, pays for anything he needs) and saves Daffy's life multiple times. Daffy also wears drag often, seemingly for no reason other than enjoying the way he looks.
  • The The Lord of the Rings Animated Adaptation had this moment between Sam and Frodo.
  • In the Magic Adventures of Mumfie episode "The Guest", Scarecrow blushes after hearing Mumfie play music off of his tissue box guitar he made. Bonus points for him sounding like he's turned on for the next few lines he says.
  • Making Fiends: While admittedly Charlotte is endlessly friendly to everyone, her undaunted, frequently disturbing obsession with being Vendetta's "best friend" sometimes crosses into this. For her part Vendetta mostly reacts with increasing levels of loathing and more attempts to kill her, but that only seems to increase Charlotte's resolve. In one episode Vendetta makes Charlotte jealous by adopting Marion as her new best friend, and Marion grows attatched to Vendetta, becomming very hurt when she learns she meant nothing to her. There's an episode with Vendetta in a closet obsessing over Charlotte, and another episode focuses on Charlotte and Vendetta being parents. The web series has Vendetta succeed in having Charlotte get eaten by the giant cat fiend, then Vendetta gets swallowed too. She meets Charlotte in the stomach, Charlotte is thrilled, and when the cat swallows a piano, Charlotte starts singing a song about Vendetta.
  • In addition to the robo-incest tension between Mega Man and Proto Man, Ruby-Spears' Mega Man had a more traditional example: In "Brain Bots", Mega Man and Roll get charged with escorting the brilliant but prone-to-dismantling-machinery-while-it's-still-in-use Brain Bot. At one point, they stop at a motel. We're shown their room—and Mega Man and Brain Bot are occupying the same bed.
  • The Mighty B!: The pairings of Bessie/Portia and Portia/Gwen. The former being a relationship between a clingy nerd desperately seeking friendship and sometimes obsessing over her bully. The latter being two popular girly girls who enjoy bullying the protagonist together.
  • The Mighty Hercules gives us Herc and Newton. They basically have the same Ho Yay mechanic going on as Batman And Robin, except with 50% more horse. Newton and Tewt also seem to have something going on between them.
  • Mike, Lu & Og: The episode "The Three Amigas" is full of this. Mike becomes friends with Hermione, while Lu acts like a jealous girlfriend and tries to break them up. This culminates in all three girls having a fun slumber party together.
  • Monsuno. Not five episodes in and we have a (rather feminine looking) monk boy telling the hero, Chase Suno, that he is his "destiny". The way he says it almost ends up sounding like a love confession.
  • Motorcity:
    • Mike and Kane's relationship forms the basis for much of the series' conflict, with Kane going on and on about how Mike betrayed him (him personally), and Mike deeply hurt that Kane lied to him and is actually a Villain with Good Publicity.
    • Mike and Chuck have serious bromance, the pinnacle of which is either "Power Trip" or "Fearless".
    • "Julie and the Amazons" could be re-written as "Claire cheats on Julie with another woman" and almost none of the dialogue would have to be changed. Hell, when Claire first saw Foxy she saw her in full Gaussian Girl mode, complete with Shaking Her Hair Loose.
  • One-sided in My Gym Partner's a Monkey, with Jake—the title monkey— towards his human gym partner Adam. Almost absolutely everything Jake does in the presence of Adam is blatant Ho Yay.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot:
    • In one episode, Jenny is expelled and has to be home-schooled. Dr Wakeman sets up a fake prom, and pairs Jenny up with XJ-8, her sister.
    • Jenny and Vexus' daughter Vega in the finale. And for that matter Vexus's one-sided obsession with Jenny.
    • Misty and Jenny had an incredible amount of this.
  • My Little Pony:
    • Here is just one example of this kind of Fan Wank. Since the characters are horses, they show affection for each other, well, like horses do, nuzzling and licking each other when one is depressed or lonely. This behavior has far different implications within the human species, though.
    • There's a porcelain figure of Glory and Moondancer getting married. It calls Glory the groom, though, and refers to her with male pronouns. Does the toy packaging make up a micro-continuity where Glory is male, or are the Glory and Moondancer we know wife and wife? There's a Baby Glory and a Baby Moondancer, who are basically identical to the adults but for being smaller and having simplified versions of the same cutie marks (this goes for most G1 fillies.) The UK G1 comic tells us that the baby ponies that are basically de-aged Expies of adult ponies are younger clones made from a magic mirror. It's easy to put this together and say that Glory and Moondancer resorted to magic when they wanted foals.
    • G3 consisted of nothing but mares and fillies being very touchy-feely with each other, with Spike being the only boy (but he's a baby dragon).
    • Star Catcher and Skywishes. Touchy-feeliness, generally sweet interaction, and oh, Make a Wish works for Skywishes because Star Catcher has been watching over her for Celestia knows how long and helping her out here and there. If the 'wishes' part of her name refers to this, and if the kite in Skywishes' cutie mark refers to the kite she must always catch to have her wish granted, then she literally wouldn't be who she is without Star Catcher. After introducing herself to Skywishes, Star Catcher goes on to show her Butterfly Island, trusting her and her alone with the secret of her home and the existence of her people.
    • Pinkie Pie and Minty. Similar personalities, best friends, and of course there's that one time Pinkie woke up to find Minty in her house at midnight... (yes, It Makes Sense in Context.) In the stage show, they actually tell each other they love each other.
    • In "Two for the Sky," there's Star Flight and Heart Bright. (We hear about them in a book, but everyone in their story but them is someone we know from other stories, so... who knows.) Described as being as close as twins, are inseparable for the entirety of their one story, constantly finish each other's sentences, share a sundae with two straws at one point, and are shown to share a bed, in which they sleep inches from each other. When part of the story proves to be All Just a Dream, they wake up (apparently having had the same dream at the same time) and look at each other in shock in a very What Did I Do Last Night? manner. In their quest to learn how to fly (they're earth ponies despite Star Flight's name) the oversized wings they don't have such great control over are in each other's color scheme, not their own. The book is shown to have a pink heart on it. (Mind you, this is G3, so there are a lot of pink hearts around town. Still.)
    • Toola Roola and Starsong also go in for the one drink/two straws thing.
    • When Thistle Whistle's fear of clouds gets the better of her while flying during a very cloudy night, she closes her eyes and speeds up. This results in an Accidental Kiss with... Minty. (In other words, Tabitha St. Germain kissed herself.)
    • Minty would also go on to accidentally kiss Sparkleworks in a later story.
  • Despite calling him his best friend, the titular character of Nature Cat is genuinely obsessed with Hal. If we keep track of every time he kisses, hugs, clings or shows any other kind of affection towards Hal, we'd have enough for a whole video. "A Nature Carol" in particular shows quite a bit of this. When the Spirit of Nature Present (Squeeks) shows NC how sad Hal is, it really hits him hard. The Spirit of Nature Future (Hal) visiting NC has by far the biggest impact on him, especially when it was revealed that if NC doesn't change his ways, he'll use Hal's doghouse as a toy storage, causing Hal to move away. However, Nature Cat did change his ways in the end and happily hugs Hal when he finally sees him again.
  • In Nu, Pogodi!, this is all over the place between Volk/The Wolf and Zayats/The Hare thanks to Volk's obsessive need to chase down the cute and feminine rabbit, especially since Volk seems only interested in Zayats and will ignore any other potential prey.
  • Ōban Star-Racers:
    • Ning and Skun are implied to be a couple, and hold hands pretty frequently.
    • Stan and Koji are very close, repeatedly save each other's life, complete with spur-of-the-moment confessions like 'you're the best partner I could have had' and 'just run I'll hold them back' moments which make the one to which it's addressed jump on the perceived enemies to allow the first one to run away. They also affectionately call the star racer they build together their "baby"...
    • The heroine's father and his racing champion, who met after the first lost his wife and put his daughter in a boarding school. "How could you not tell me you had a wife" is but one example. The racing champion playing the part of both Big Brother Mentor to the heroine and Team Mom doesn't help.

  • Soooo much Ho Yay in The Pebble and the Penguin between Hubie and Rocko. Yeah... there's arguably more chemistry between them than there is between Hubie and his crush. A lot of their dialogue and body language is far from platonic, and then there's the songs... And at the end, when Hubie discovers that Rocko's alive, it's much more enthusiastic than Hubie and his crush's reunion.
  • Pinky and the Brain. True, each of them had female love interests, but a DVD featurette even acknowledged that the show was about the "love" between the duo (they were probably talking about platonic love, but it's pretty easy to misinterpret that). Pinky often dresses up as Brain's wife, neither can live without the other (as seen in "This Old Mouse" and "A Pinky and the Brain Halloween"), Pinky's given up his soul for Brain and Brain's given up the world for Pinky, and in "Just Say Narf" there's a scene where he tries to seduce Brain on a bench. For a brief moment in "You'll Never Eat Food Pellets In This Town Again", they sleep in the same freaking bed.
    • The episode where the two inadvertently mixed their DNA together in a cloning machine, essentially having a child with each other. The whole thing played up the couple thing past 11; they both fell into the family roles immediately and Romy addressed them as "my two dads". They went through all the cliche marriage problems of an after school special. At the end of it, Pinky asked Brain if they could have another. Why, even the episode title is a Portmanteau Ship Name: Brinky!
    • "Pinky Suavo", where Pinky, through an accident with Brain's "Personalitron", becomes a charismatic, suave, romantic figure loved by everyone. And we mean everyone. Seriously, watch Brain's initial reaction to the new Pinky and just try to deny that he's suddenly developed at least a crush on him.
  • In the Popples episode "The Treasure of Popple Beach", Puzzle kisses Putter mistaking him for money!
  • In areas of The Princess and the Frog's fandom, Charlotte/Tiana or the OT3 option are just as popular as the canon Naveen/Tiana pairing. With the scene of Charlotte dreamily sighing over how pretty Tiana looks and her pulling an I Want My Beloved to Be Happy by agreeing to kiss Naveen so he and Tiana can be human and together, this isn't too surprising.
  • Exile and Blitz in Road Rovers. While the amount of Ho Yay that occurs in the series can probably fit a page on its own, the amount between these two are particularly noticeable.
  • In Robotomy, there are plenty of Ho Yay momments between the main characters, Thrasher and Blastus.
    • In "Frenemy", before the duo are about killed by Frenemy himself, Blastus tells Thrasher that he’s the only robot he’d ever wanted to poke.
    • In "No Child Left Benign", Thrasher and Blastus are dressed as performers, with Thrasher dressing as a ukulele man and Blastus being the female singer.
    • In "Mean Green", when the Green Spirit of Insanus captures Thrasher and escapes, Blastus cries out his best friend’s name in sadness. Thrasher and Blastus have a split heart necklace. And when the Green Soirit is defeated at the end, both Thrasher and Blastus happily hug each other, with Weenus saying "You guys need to be alone?".
  • Rocko's Modern Life:
    • Rocko is about to be deported. Solution? Pretend to be married... to Filburt (or should I say, "Ophelia"). Admittedly it was Heffer's idea, but that didn't stop Filburt from really playing up the role of a housewife.
    • Heffer and Rocko's awkward moment at the No Tell Motel (well, Heffer was dreaming and thinking about "Sheilla", but still...).
    • In one episode, Heffer and Filburt film Rocko going to the kitchen of his house while nude. They apparently have seen him do this before enough times to know at what time he goes down the stairs. ("D'ya think he'll do it tonight?" "Of course he will! It's like clockwork!") The crazed face Filburt makes when mentioning Rocko is naked with no clothes on doesn't help matters. To top it all off, Heffer wolf whistles at the sight of Rocko naked. Wow.
  • José Carioca and Donald Duck in Disney's Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros. When they meet, José hugs enthusiastically, revealing himself as a huge fan, and continues to act very affectionately towards him. Then they samba and dance together, a lot, and get an Accidental Kiss (which Jose visibly seemed to enjoy too much). Saludos Amigos was billed as "(Disney's) gayest musical Technicolor feature", and the Caballeros sang, "We're three caballeros, three gay caballeros..." Screenshots like this simply abound.
  • Scooby-Doo: Shaggy and Scooby are Heterosexual Life-Partners at the very least. Scooby always jumps into Shaggy's arms whenever there is a monster, and seems to always be hovering over him. And when his relationship with Velma and his relationship with Scooby prove incompatible in Mystery Incorporated, he picks Scooby.
  • Sheep in the Big City:
    • This exchange between General Specific and Private Public in the pilot.
    Private Public: (detecting Sheep with sheep detector) I think we've got something, sir.
    General Specific: Yes, Private; we have a special something. Let's not lose sight of that.
    • Sheep's interactions with the X Agent can come off as more intimate than just friendship, particularly since Sheep's love interest Swanky the Poodle is noticeably absent in both of the episodes where the X Agent appears.
  • Sonic Underground:
    • Near the end of the second episode, Sonia kisses Sonic on the cheek to show her appreciation. Sonic then turns to Manic and says, "You're not gonna kiss me, are you?" Manic replies "No way! But you are kinda cute." Aww. (All three are siblings.)
    • Sleet and Dingo. Being that they're Expies of Scratch and Grounder, this is inevitable, but it's a different sort of Yay: it's more about a weird domination vibe. Add to that Dingo can transform into anything and you get scenes like Sleet riding Dingo (he's a motorcycle).
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man:
    • Every villain with Peter to some degree, but The Green Goblin qualifies for both catergories. Norman Osborn is obsessed with Peter Parker! Beyond wanting him as a potential son or use him as a means to motivate Harry. He praises Peter's accomplishments at every turn, even when Harry isn't even in the same room, persuades Conners to take Peter back his assistant ("I've always found him to be very impressive"), and takes it upon himself to become Peter's mentor, going as far as to invite the boy over for breakfast on Christmas day, and gives him the latest Osberry before even Harry got one. On the other side, Peter while in his Spidey suit enjoys teasing Norman ("You are the bossiest Damsel in distress I've EVER Rescued."), gives him the affectionate nickname of Nomie-Kins, and when trying to rescue Norman from a building that's about to detonate, he's touched to hear Norman's main concern is that Peter might still be in the building ("Aww he really does care.")
    • On the more general Ho Yay side of things, Electro very quickly grows to Hero Worship Doctor Octopus and will not hear any complaints about his plans or about the man himself. He calls him "Doc".
  • Storm Hawks:
    • It is revealed that Aerrow's darkest desire is to see his rival, The Dark Ace. On the ground in front of him. Defeated. Ooh.
    • Piper has had Les Yay moments with... every human/oid female on the show? Especially Starling and Master Cyclonis. See "Best Friends Forever". Also, this.
  • The Superman: Doomsday straight-to-DVD animated film featured Ho Yay in Lex Luthor's opening monologue, and only got worse (or better) from there. It probably peaked with a shirtless Lex straddling a beaten Superman, patting him on the cheek and saying "Who's your daddy?" The edited Cartoon Network version makes it worse by removing the kryptonite-knuckled glove No-Holds-Barred Beatdown under red sun radiation lights. It just shows him straddling Superman half-naked, patting him on the cheek, and asking "Who's your daddy?" leaving what came before entirely to the imagination.
  • Taz-Mania
    • The Platypus Brothers sometimes flatter one another.
    • Taz got a little affectionate with a reluctant Digeri Dingo in the episode "Taz Like Dingo".
    • In the Christmas Episode, Mr. Thickley kisses Bushwacker Bob under the mistletoe...and so does Taz. Afterwards, Taz gets booted out of the hotel.
    • Axl seems really...devoted to Bull, and acts with jealousy when the latter hangs out with Taz in "Hypnotazed".
  • The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon has its cases for Bebop/Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman/his computer friend Z, and as Michelangelo/Mondo Gecko, but Shredder and Krang are the absolute kings of this trope, with stuff like Krang angrily throwing stuff at Shredder like a wronged housewife. "Beware the Lotus" can be summed up as "Krang dumps Shredder for a kunoichi, but they get back together at the end". Their relationship develops during the series from The Masochism Tango to Belligerent Sexual Tension and to a veritable Battle Couple. In the Japanese OVA, Krang calls Shredder Saki-chan. In one DVD release interview, James Avery compared the two to an old married couple and joked about how they're probably now retired and living in Florida together.
  • Teen Titans (2003):
    • Raven and Starfire get awfully attached to each other as the series goes on. Check out the episode "Fear Itself" where the Titans get captured one by one by some kind of nightmare creature taking over their base. Starfire's capture is the only one where Raven shows visible concern and worry. She didn't even bat an eye at Beast Boy's capture.
      • Starfire is thrown into a temporal vortex in the episode "How Long Is Forever?". She lands in a world where she's been lost for several years, and it turns out that the Titans were so dispirited and sad after her disappearance, that they have been disbanded and haven't seen each other for years. After her disappearance Raven went the Maddened Into Misanthropy way.
    • Robin and Cyborg have one early episode featuring them having a fight and "breaking up" for awhile, with the whole thing played a lot like a lover's spat.
    • Kyd Wykkyd and See-More.
    Beast Boy: I hate it when Mommy and Daddy fight!
  • Thunder Cats 2011:
    • In "Omens Part One", there's an exchange between adoptive brothers Tygra and Lion-O, as they ready themselves for a Chase Fight racing competition to ring a bell at the top of a tree:
    Lion-O: I'm going to ring that bell.
    Tygra: And I'm going to ring yours. (winks)
    • Thundera's King Claudus and his general Grune certainly seemed close.
    • Likewise Claudus rushed to his dear friend and general, Panthro's rescue with somewhat foolhardy fervor, ditching his bodyguards. In "Old Friends", flashbacks depicting the friendship between Panthro and Grune are full of this: "Grune, we've been inseparable ever since that first day we met on the battlefield."
  • Tiny Toon Adventures:
    • One time, Hamton was suckered into skinny dipping in Max's pool, and when he starts stripping, Plucky starts hooting and hollering like Hamton's an exotic dancer, shouting for him to "take it all off". Another time, Hampton wraps a whip around Plucky, yanks him over, and KISSES him, full on the mouth. Hamton always acts like such a subservient spouse to Plucky, readily making him meals, never objecting to him coming over at ungodly hours, sharing his bed...
    • In a valentine's day episode, Little Beeper falls for Calamite Coyote and chases him through the streets. Alas, we only see this through live action Viewfinder stills.
    • In the "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" special, Babs briefly crossdresses as a male fireworks salesman in an attempt to free Buster from a family of alligators and one of the female alligators releases heart marks, circles around Babs, and asks her if she's married in a flirtatious manner. Babs gets her to back off by saying "Sure am!" before grabbing Byron, the dog, who she had dressed up in a red dress, and declaring "Meet the misses!" In response, the female alligator walks off looking upset.
    • Elmyra's relentless pursuit of Fifi; sure, she wants anything cute and furry, but Elmyra persists after getting skunked several times, and even dressed as Pepé Le Pew, Fifi's crush (and Spear Counterpart), to lure Fifi to her.
    • One short called "Can't Buy Me Love" has Elmyra meet an evil little girl called Rhoda. Elmyra sees hearts and positively MELTS when Rhoda says she'll let her be her best friend, and spends the rest of the picture bending over backwards to make Rhoda like her. It plays VERY much like any episode where Elmyra chases Max, only way more seriously, and Elmyra lets Rhoda HAVE Max (who doesn't want him after mere moments). And after she learns her lesson about not needing to give someone something so they'll like you, Rhoda comes by her window and says she'll be her friend again if Elmyra steals her mom's car keys and drives her to Utah. Instantly Elmyra says "okay" and rushes off eagerly to Rhoda's side.
  • There's some of this in Tom and Jerry between the two title characters. Jerry even kissed Tom more than once, just to annoy him. The DVD movie Tom & Jerry: The Fast And The Furry has the cat and mouse engaged in a cannonball race and in one segment the two are racing in jets. Their jet streams cause a Scotsman to lose his kilt, showing nothing but a fig leaf underneath. The Loch Ness Monster sees him and immediately falls in love.
  • Tom and the mayor on Tom Goes to the Mayor sometimes seem to have some tension between them. It doesn't help that Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, who portray Tom and the mayor, also portray a married couple in the same series (with Heidecker in drag).
  • Toy Story:
    • Woody and Buzz bicker like an old married couple, and have a tendency to touch each other a lot. Not at all helped by their voice actors. In Toy Story 3 Buzz in Spanish mode comes over to Woody at one point and kisses him twice on the cheeks prompting Woody to just stare wide eyed and say "We gotta switch him back."
    • In Toy Story 2, "When She Loved Me" is a lesbian love song out of context, and just a bit in context too.

  • Ugly Americans. Randall's full moon flesh cravings, shown by him LICKING Mark's ear, made worse when we learn that Randall shows little concern about species, gender, etc. and Leonard's reaction to Blob being put into witness protection is as if they broke up, he did think Blob said something that made him think that he was liked in "that way".
  • The Venture Brothers
    • An awkward exchange between Dr. Venture and Dr. Orpheus in a hotel room (Venture has already accused Orpheus of trying to get into his pants):
    Doctor Orpheus: Just stay on your side of the room... tiger! Heh heh... yyyyes.
    (long pause)
    Doctor Venture: You, uh, you want to go halfsies on a skin flick?
    Doctor Orpheus: ...'Kayyyy...
    • The "evah popular" Pete White and Master Billy Quizboy. Several episodes show that they live together in a trailer in the middle of nowhere and fight like an old married couple. In the season 3 episode, "The Invisible Hand of Fate," it's also shown that White agreed to take care of Billy after he had his memory wiped (and was apparently a total mess without him). Their turn as Thanatos and Eros, respectively in "Assisted Suicide" went even further, considering they're made to get to second base by Rusty Venture's "id" and do (if off-screen), without all that much coaxing. The fact that it's Rusty's mind that they exist in might just mean that even he thinks they have a thing for each other...
    • To a lesser extent, Dr. Venture and his bodyguard, Brock. Referenced in the pilot episode, "The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay," when Pete White argues to Billy Quizboy that "you can't tell me there's nothing going on there". Also played with in the season 1 finale "Return to Spider-Skull Island" when Brock isn't allowed to go with Dr. Venture to the operation room and argues, the doctor assumes they're "partners." The fact that they were dressed as Rocky and Frank n' Furter may have added to the effect. There's also this humorous little exchange (intentionally phrased that way by Doc and lampshaded):
      Dr. Venture: That's it, just like that. Easy, pull back a bit, you're right on top of me!
      Brock: Can't help it. It's- it's stiff, Doc. Maybe I should lube this thing up before we take it down there.
      Dr. Venture: It'll be fine, it's not built for speed, it's built for deep penetration!
    • In addition to being Heterosexual Life-Partners, #21 suggests that he and #24 call themselves "Jet Boy" and "Jet Girl", after this classic punk song.
    • Dr. Venture. Between the various m/m/f threesome jokes about him and Dr. Girlfriend, and that time that he made out with Stiv Bators, it's not exactly an unlikely conclusion that the Monarch is bisexual. In Operation P.R.O.M., Monarch mentions the threesome with Manotaur.
    • Hank and Dean is pretty obvious too: In addition to Hank bragging about his circumcision and "Honest Abe's a mo", there's generally a bunch of other stuff. Abe outright says it after reading their minds ("Oh, please. Like you boys never experimented.), after Lincoln attempted to use Dean's body to kiss Hank, uses it as the excuse for doing so.
    • Hank and Dermott. In Dermott's first episode, Dean even calls him "Hank's new giant boyfriend" and Triana says "So, Hank's finally out?". And Dermott was his date for Homeschool Prom.
    • After the Myra incident where she kidnapped the boys, Killinger can be seen chatting with the demon face about how "we failed to get them together"... but never specifying WHICH couple they sought to unite. If Killinger had meant Myra and Rusty, why bring in Orpheus by using a demon, forcing him and Rusty to share a hotel room? Speculation runs rampant from there.
    • Dr. Girlfriend once tried to get Triana's friend Kim to become a villain. Kim's response? A very deadpan, "Dude, that lady was totally hitting on me."
  • W.I.T.C.H.:
    • Episode 37, K is for Knowledge introduces us to the Les Yay equivalent of a drive-by shooting:
    Yan Lin: Are you going to destroy us like you destroyed her [Cassidy]? Does her memory mean so little to you?
    Nerissa: You have no idea what she meant to me!
    • At least in the novelisations and graphic novels we got a few merciful gleams of Phobos/Cedric- though the scenes in particular border on creepy and abusive.
    • "E for Enemy": Irma and Cornelia, sleeping in a closet, Irma's hand on Cornelia's breast...
    • Cornelia describes Elyon's dream guy as tall with blonder hair and blue eyes... which is pretty much what Cornelia is to Elyon. It would put her bitterness about Cornelia seemingly abandoning her for her teammates and new love interest in a whole new light.
      • tall, blonder hair and blue eyes? I know that this little bit also belongs in the Foe yay page but doesn't that also describe Cedric and Phobos?
  • Winx Club: The girls have a habit of hugging each other, caressing (especially when comforting each other), and holding hands a lot. In the later seasons, such displays of affection are on the same level as those they do with their respective boyfriends. Downplayed, however, as the romance in the series was tuned down due to the show aiming to progressively younger audiences.
    • A more suggestive example can be found in the first season's ending. All of the girls are paired with their love interests — Bloom with Sky, Stella with Brandon, and so on and so forth. Guess who was Flora paired with? Mirta, the witch of illusions. It doesn't help that Mirta was turned into a pumpkin by the Trix and Flora took it into her own hands to break the curse.
    • Later, in the aftermath of the conflict, Mirta talks with Lucy (another witch and Mirta's best friend) about Flora. It's all in the lines of "I really like Flora".
    • Helia, who ended up being Flora's love interest, was intended to be a girl. Hence, why his name ends with an "a" (Italian female names often share that feature). So, in a nutshell, Flora was going to be a lesbian.
    • In the second season, two things happen: Musa kind of ditches Riven after his fiasco with one of the Trix, AND Aisha is introduced. Both girls are seen sharing moments that would be considered romantic for a straight couple: going to a disco and dancing together, bonding over feeling left out by the rest of the Winx, and sharing her most emotional wounds (Aisha's distrust and separation anxiety, and Musa's estranging with his father and the death of her mother). Besides, Aisha is strongly against romantic entanglements with boys.
  • Xiaolin Showdown:
    • Jack Spicer's rampant fangirling over his 'number one evil hero' Chase Young strides confidently into crush territory, what with the adoring gazing through heart-shaped eyes, constant attempts to hug or paw at him, and his whiny jealous sulking whenever Chase works with anyone else.
    • Jack's not the only one fanboying after Chase. Omi often can't help himself from drooling over him either. He does this with Grand Master Dashi and Master Monk Guan as well. Maybe Omi just has a thing for older warriors.
    • Then there's Chase's strange obsession with Omi, which borders on paedophilia. The awkwardness that can result from reading too much into the name "Chase Young" does not help.
    • Omi constantly tries to get Jack to convert to the good side, hugs him on several occasions and begs Master Fung to let Jack stay in the temple, while clinging onto Jack's head and stroking his hair. Likewise, Jack has hugged and/or clung onto Omi and seems to prefer Omi over the other monks. And then there's the first Season Finale, in which Omi clings onto the back of Jack's coat before he can leave and begs that he stay, telling him that he should join the side of good and move into the Xiaolin temple. Jack immediately declines the offer, insisting that, "Next time we meet, we're enemies again." He then activates his helibot to fly away, but before he is able to he realizes that Omi is still clinging onto his coat and is now staring up at him sadly. There is a moment of silence, then this:
    Jack: ... But maybe someday, if we're not fighting over Shen Gong Wu, we can all go for ice-cream. My treat.
    Omi: (smiles) That would be nice.
    • Once Raimundo tried to wake Clay up because of an emergency. Clay's hi reaction? Grab Raimundo and yank him down underneath himself.
    • When Wuya first meets Katnappe, and actually pants and drools over her with heart-eyes.
    • Both Dojo and Good!Jack appear to have a lot of, uh, "admiration" towards Master Fung.
    • In the mermaid episode, Jack seems to have a major fanboy crush on Klofange, to the point of having a bit of a breakdown and saying that he "needs alone-time" when he finds out that Klofange is actually good. Wuya called him Jack's "special friend".
    • According to Hannibal Bean, at one point, Master Monk Guan was "the one Chase Young consider(ed) closest."
    • In "Chuckie Choo", at one point the Xiaolin monks walk in on Dojo and Chuckie in a bathtub together.
  • In World of Quest, there's evil partners Lord Spite and General Ogun. There's been more than a few occurences of Ogun carrying Spite, and they apparently met at an evil mixer and have celebrated an "anniversary". On top of that, when Spite is working with Deceit, Ogun pretty much acts like a jealous girlfriend.