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Wuya: Dojo, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown. I will use my falcon's eye against your reversing mirror. The game will be a memory game. We will find matching cards that feature every single moment of what you call Ho Yay that has happened ever since the first shen gong wu became active.

Dojo: I'm not going to lose to you this time, but I kind of question why you chose our showdown to focus on a bunch of same gender subtext. My memory is only fresh on finding shen gong Wu, not ho yay.


Wuya: Oh come on! I know you may have had some of that with your Master Fung.

Both: Let's go. Xiaolin Showdown!

  • Jack Spicer's behavior towards Chase Young is clearly more than just consisting of hero worship. Jack often paws and whines at Chase whenever Chase turns down Jacks offers to work together with him and Jack even had hearts in his eyes when talking to Chase at one point.
  • Omi and Jack Spicer also show tons of Foe Yay towards each other
  • Dojo idolizes Master Fung a lot.
    • Dojo often gets jealous whenever someone other than him starts directly doing the kind things Dojo does towards Master Fung such as giving him tea.
    • In the "Chronicles" series, Dojo amps up the ho yay as he frequently cries at the drop of a hat whenever Master Fung leaves. Dojo even showed the hearts in the eyes expression towards Fung in the fourth episode and in the "Rocco" episode, he blatantly says "I love you" towards Fung.
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  • In the episode "Chucky Choo", Dojo gets his family yo-yo back from Chucky and is so overjoyed that he ends up hugging Chucky and accidentally drags him into the tub Dojo was taking a bath in. The monks walk in on them and upon seeing Dojo and Chucky in the awkward position they were in, they immediately shut the door but not before showing weird expressions on their faces.
  • In the time saga, Omi heads into a dystopian future and while there, he finds out that the future is ruled by Jack and in that future, he arranged to have Wuya suspended from the wall in a cheerleader outfit and chains up Chase Young while using machine on him that causes Chase to get his abdomen slathered in yellow paint. While Chinese culture considers yellow colored bellies to be insulting, this does not excuse how kinky the scene looks.
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  • The Designated Girl Fight between Kimiko and Wuya. Kimiko seems to be seething while fighting human Wuya. During a fight in a volcano, Wuya places a target board on her behind, beckoning Kimiko to literally kick her ass.

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