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"The siren's call is beckoning us to embrace. We shan't ignore her."
This show is crammed with these moments. It's to be expected from an Olan Rogers production, who seems to have a fixation with bromances to begin with.

  • Gary and Avocato. This pair has a ton of ho yay between them over a very short period of time.
    • Gary in chapter 2 was desperate for Avocato to become his friend due to the fact that he spent 5 years on the ship with no one but robots to talk to.. What was Gary’s first attempt to befriend Avocato? Making him play cards for 9 hours straight.
    • When Gary requests that Avocato do the symbolic hand grasp with him, Avocato asked if he and Gary had to get “balls to the wind naked” for it. Gary responds with yes to the question but he and Avocato hand clasped with their clothes still on.
    • And when they were falling through the chasms of Terracon Prime and threatened with a blast door and viper turrets, Gary tells Avocato to hug him to get through the door’s hole.
    • Gary and Avocato make flirty looking faces towards each other pretty often, starting after Avocato volunteers to do the surgery for Gary’s replacement arm.
    • The very first thing Gary does with his robotic arm after getting it attached to his body is that he touches Avocato on the lips with the arm.
    • During chapter 5 when Avocato decides to give Gary tips on how to effectively impress Quinn, Avocato similarly makes another sexy face which Gary seems to legitimately find attractive.
      • Interestingly, Avocato made the same face at Gary in episode two, so does that imply...
      • And if these faces aren’t convincing enough for viewers to count those as acts of ho yay, we see Gary use these kinds of faces towards Quinn, which is especially seen in chapter 9. HUE refers to these faces as “the face”.
    • And in episode 6, it all culminates in a squee-inducing hug. Along with a hefty bunch of suggestive dialogue and music that sounds romantic in a sci fi setting. In fact, it more or less plays out as if they were going to kiss.
    • After Avocato dies, Gary more or less tries to take space as Little Cato's Parental Substitute or give him some sort of solace over the loss of Avocato, which makes it looks like Little Cato now has two dads.
  • In "The Lost Spy", Gary refers to Avocato as his boy friend, which comes off as him telling others that Little Cato is the son of his boyfriend.
    • Towards the end of the same episode Gary offers to adopt Little Cato officially, at least until they can get Avocato back. His acceptance means that Gary and Avocato are canonically his two dads.
  • In "The Sixth Key", when Ash frees Avocato from Invictus, Avocato is happily reunited with both his son and best friend. Little Cato is overjoyed that "...both of his Dads are together again!"

  • KVN is pretty physically clingy towards Gary, despite the latter's vocal annoyance of KVN—though KVN is a robot, the male sounding name and male voice lead to this.
    • During chapter 3 when the Galaxy one gets sucked in by a time worm, the massive amount of turbulence from the ship causes Gary and KVN to get pushed back with Gary falling in a glass panel and KVN to the ships wall behind Gary. Gary is naked at this time and because of this KVN gets to see Gary’s butt through the panel and sounds aroused by it.
    KVN: Oooh, pressed hams!
    • KVN also wraps his arms around Gary’s head in the ending of chapter 5.
    • Their very first interaction happens when KVN smacks Gary on the ass when the latter is bending over to pick something up. Gary takes an immediate (and vocal) disliking to KVN.
    • KVN gets really touchy with Gary in Chapter 9 on several occasions.
      • First off on the Galaxy One, he moves Gary’s mouth around while having the mouth syllables of praise towards KVN
      • And then after a shootout against the Infinity Guard, KVN while in a mech suit, uses the suits hand to touch and rub Gary’s face affectionately. He then gets out of the suit, gets very close to Gary and while saying that they are best friends enlarges his robotic iris.
    • In Chapter 10, KVN proclaims himself to be Gary’s deep space insanity avoidance “forever” companion, which goes to show that KVN wants to be with Gary for life.
    • KVN really wants Gary's praise and approval at times.

  • During Chapter 2, Gary is forced to wear the skin of a deceased alien named Melanie Dewinter and while in that skin, he winds up in Melanie’s house where her husband, David and their two children live. David upon seeing Gary in the suit, mistakes Gary for Melanie and kisses him flat on the mouth.
  • The first ever use of this tripe in season one is in Chapter 1 when Gary argues with a male infinity guard member over Quinn and Gary moves in closer to the guards face until he proclaims that he can't get anywhere closer.
  • During the episode “The Torra Regata”, Gary tried to help Clarence try to rob a man named Rug Yorkvain, a man with a womanly appearance. Gary calls Rug handsome more than once.
    • During a fight, Gary And Rug continuously headbutt each other all while both have the exaggerated lips on their faces. This makes their head butting look like kissing.
  • During the subplot Of “The Happy Place” Clarence cooks up a scam that involves selling the happy place ship (which is not his) and he sells it to an alien named Fraskenhaur. Instead of a contract, Fraskenhaur insists that he and Clarence seal the deal with a handshake with Fraskenhaur revealing that he has hands hidden all over his body and tries to have Clarence shake all of them. One of these hands is attached to Fraskenhaur’s butt and because of this, Fraskenhaur tries to have Clarence shake it and moons him in the process. Clarence cringes at this and takes advantage of a shootout to bail out of the situation.
    • It later becomes a Running Gag whenever they encounter each other.
  • Tribore just can’t stop talking about Richard. He first mentions Richard in Chapter 9 and communicates with him, all while ignoring Shannon Thunder’s advances on him
    • “The Grand Surrender” reveals Richard in person while Tribore is once again communicating with him. Tribore seems to get jealous of Richard when he sees another guy names Dan standing alongside Richard and just doing “nothing” with him.
  • Fox is revealed to be one of the few people who actually respects KVN. He decided to lavish his praise on KVN during the carnivolo dinner in “The Set Up”, which causes KVN to be delighted and wrap his arms around Fox in a similar way he does to Gary and keeps his arms wrapped around Fox for 25 seconds.

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