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Tear Jerker / Final Space

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"Gary is not responding..."

In Final Space, no one can hear you cry.

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Season One

    Chapter One 

  • The show opens with Gary floating through space amidst the ruins of a destroyed Galaxy One with ten minutes of oxygen left in his reserves. The rest of the crew is missing and presumed dead— a hell of a dramatic and depressing way to kick off a series.
    HUE: “The outcome was never in our favour, Gary.”
  • Gary starts the series off alone aboard a prison ship, completely isolated and driven insane by his loneliness. It's no surprise that when Mooncake and Avocato stumble across the ship he comes across as so desperate to keep them there.
  • The above example makes the first instance of Gary dying from lack of oxygen Harsher in Hindsight.
  • As he passes out, Gary's loneliness is further compounded by the last thing he sees (at least for five minutes): happy moments with his father interspersed with his witnessing the latter board a spaceship and it exploding with him inside not long after it leaves Earth.

    Chapter Two 

  • Though it's mostly Played for Laughs, the motherless alien family Gary accidentally runs into are quite understandably freaked out when they find out he's using her body.
  • Avocato's failed efforts to free his son complete with him banging on the glass and crying for Little Cato to forgive him.
    • And, from the other side of the glass, Little Cato's shock at seeing him again. Then his face falls when he realises it's all a trap.

    Chapter Three 

  • Gary having to leave Mooncake with the Order of the Twelve, especially afterwards when he has to watch Mooncake getting sucked into a giant eyeball as the order betrays them.
  • Once Mooncake wanders into the colosseum and is forced to take on the barrage of the Order's alien beasts, he briefly looks around at the carnage with regret and sadness after killing one of them with his blasts— despite his huge and finally-proven hype-up as a "planet-killer," he's clearly not happy with how much the label applies to him in truth.
  • While trapped in the Lazarus maze Gary has a vision of Quinn reaching out towards him and Avocato tries to talk him down, until he notices his own vision: Little Cato. He gets over it just in time, but given what he had to do in the last episode, it must have torn him apart inside to leave his son behind again, illusion or not.
    Little Cato: “Are we going home, Dad?”
  • Gary's answer to Avocato? "I don't want to wake up." It really makes you wonder how much Gary's life sucked for so long even before he got incarcerated in space.


    Chapter Four 

  • Gary meets Quinn again after five years... and she doesn't even recognize him.
  • "I'm sorry, Quinn. We wait for Gary."
  • Gary having to watch his father's ship explode again towards the end of his hallucinatory flashback.
    Gary: "Don't make me watch this [...] DAAAD!!"
    • If you listen closely, Gary seems to yell out the last word before it's revealed he's watching his younger self call out for his dad. Yes, that memory is so painful for Gary, it leaves him near speechless.
    • This retroactively makes his use of the name "Mooncake" and his deep desire to go on adventures in space all the more tragic; in the end, he's just a guy who misses his father and wants to make him proud.
  • Everyone having zero faith in KVN despite having the means to save everyone. Later on, (hacked) HUE even begins to insult KVN by calling him "a waste of life", it's one of the few moments in the whole show where KVN is actually saddened by an insult. It's all the more cathartic when KVN successfully manages to reboot HUE and save the whole crew, with the crew genuinely thanking him.

    Chapter Five 

  • Seeing Quinn so heartbroken after learning that the infinity Guard is corrupt and infiltrated by the Lord Commander. This has been her whole life, and it just got tarnished and destroyed in front of her.
    • Doubly so is the crew’s reaction as they try to comfort her, showcasing just how close they’ve gotten through their adventures.
    Avocato: “We’re the good guys now.”

    Chapter Six 
  • Avocato's backstory: He used to be the Lord Commander's second in command, which effectively means he committed genocide and only stopped when the LC ordered him to kill Little Cato. To realise that this gruff cat man has potentially killed millions of species of people/aliens makes his transformation after meeting Gary all the more powerful, with the line "We're the good guys now."
  • During the flashback sequence we find out that the Lord Commander made his top generals kill their first born children to cement their loyalty to him. On Avocato's turn, he killed the two guards holding Little Cato prisoner and turned his gun on the Lord Commander; in response, the Lord Commander then forced Avocato to stay loyal under threat of murdering his son in prison.
    Generals: (altogether) "For eternity! For the Lord Commander!!" [bam]
  • Finally, there's the death of Avocato. After going through hell and back to rescue his son so he can finally be the father he never was, Avocato discovers the Lord Commander has attached one of his sticky bombs to his son's back. As it counts down to go off, Avocato grabs it without thinking and rushes it to the other side of the ship, blocking the explosion with his chest. We are then treated to a shot of his broken corpse floating through space, guts on full display as his son watches on, with Little Cato unable to do anything but cry and scream wordlessly.
    • Everything from the tragic music to the reaction of Gary, Quinn, Mooncake, KVN and Little Cato witnessing Avocato's broken body drifting to the planet below is heartbreaking. The credits are played over the silent image of Little Cato kneeling on the ground, in mourning.
    • There's also the fact that neither father nor son got true closure: Avocato never got the chance to prove to his son how sorry he was, and Little Cato never got to to spend real quality time with his father after three years of imprisonment. Avo's death wasn’t heroic or fair or even comforting in a small way, it was very real.
      • The song that plays over this scene is Enter One by Sol Seppy, which was recorded after the death of the artist's husband and can only be described as haunting. Consider these lyrics, especially in the context of the episode: After a storm/I want to be brave/and keep you warm/and not fade away/as we float from the shore/into the light...

    Chapter Seven 
  • Nightfall explains to the group that in many timelines, Gary dies in the hands of the Lord Commander. Sad enough. What's heartbreaking? The fact that we see Mooncake's reaction to it. He is so upset that he lays waste to the entire universe and further opens the rift to Final Space out of sheer grief.
  • Avocato's death? Also sad enough. Little Cato's reaction? He's become distant from the crew and desperately vengeful against the Lord Commander, to the point of attacking a ship his father's killer isn't even aboard.
  • When Gary is saving Little Cato from Nightfall's self-destructing time ship, Cato flickers forward and back in age several times. It's very clear to see that his adult form looks a LOT like Avocato. And though it's very brief due to the urgency of the situation, there's a look of shock on Gary's face when he sees someone who looks almost exactly like his dead friend, about to die as well. That can't have been pleasant.
    • Even worse, Little Cato's tearful admission to Gary about feeling responsible for his father's death.
    • It's a more minor Fridge Tearjerker and Played for Laughs when KVN breaches the subject, but when Little Cato hears him offer to be a mother, he hesitates briefly before continuing with "No, [you can't be my hypothetical relative]." If one took this line at face value, Little Cato essentially had to live without a mother during his childhood, and that's before he lost his dad in the present time.
  • After getting pulled out of the ship, Little Cato finally bursts into tears, realizing the only chance of seeing and saving his father again was sucked away partly because of his impulsivity. Despite everything that he's been through, this is still just a kid, a kid who watched his father die in front of him after spending three years waiting for a chance to talk to him again.

    Chapter Eight 
  • When Gary is in Bolo’s dimension, he is sent back to a frozen moment of the past, right to the point where his father, John, died out on his trip to space. Worse is that Gary tries to spend as much time with his father as possible, but it doesn't stop his inevitable demise from happening. And if that were not enough, turns out John died closing the space-time rift, and Gary just aided him with the deed. The entire trip was a closed-timeloop.
  • After witnessing Gary's trip into the moment John died, Little Cato realizes that he and Gary have both lost their fathers by this point. He goes to comfort Gary but then freezes, at a loss of what to do.
  • Gary and John's beatdown on Jack is, again, mostly Played for Laughs (though Gary's reasons for instigating it are understandable, keep in mind John knew the guy for 29 years). However it's strongly implied (later confirmed in Gary's prime timeline) that this moment, along with his getting caught in the blast radius after John's Heroic Sacrifice and possibly even a lifetime's accumulation of resentment towards John, twisted Jack into the Lord Commander we know and fear in the present.

    Chapter Nine 
  • With a minute left of oxygen, HUE assures Gary that he would be remaining with him until the bitter end. Talk about Undying Loyalty.
  • The destruction of Earth is heartbreaking to watch. Despite all of their best efforts, despite all of their sacrifices, the crew of the Galaxy One just barely escape with the anti-matter bomb and their lives, and it's still not enough to properly take on the Lord Commander's forces.
    • And it's a beautiful scene, seeing Gary and Quinn floating upwards as the entirety of New York crumbles around them and the ground cracks to reveal geysers of lava spewing upwards. All set to a haunting original track by the show's composer with lyrics like: "Earthquakes break and shatter the perfect design/Ripped realities of broken minds/Towers rise to meet, and yet it's laughing/Humming, "Oh, it won't be long."

    Chapter Ten 
  • The whole episode is basically Murphy's Law with a whole bunch of tearjerkers.
  • KVN's death as he floats by Gary's window and glitches out. Yeah. Bet you didn't think you'd cry over this, right?
  • Mooncake getting captured by the Lord Commander when trying to get to KVN, and as he struggles to free himself from the cannon, one of the Lord Commander's henchmen tell Mooncake that the more he struggles, the more energy he'll give off.
  • Quinn and Gary share one final talk before she dives further into the blast radius and gets consumed, leaving Gary in tears.
    Quinn: Gary? I'm sorry.
    Gary: For what?
    Quinn: [brokenly] Not telling you sooner.
    Gary: You can tell me when you come back.
    Quinn: [starting to cry] Gary...
    Gary: [realizing what Quinn is about to do] No, don't. Don't say it.
    Quinn: [calm, but now in tears]... I'm not coming back.
    Gary: [in horror] Quinn.
    Quinn: We lost Earth, but I can still save you. Goodbye, Gary. [opens the casing] I'll miss you.
    Gary: QUINN!!! HUE?! HUE, get her back! QUINN!!! HUE, GET HER BACK!!! Quinn....
  • Tribore calls for help from the resistance, but a little while after they show up, the Lord Commander takes most of them out.
    • Tribore's ship gets hit and spins out of control. His fate is left unknown.
  • Little Cato manages to get inside the Lord Commander's base and is prepared to take his revenge. However, Gary inadvertently crashes the Galaxy One right where Little Cato and the Lord Commander were, shooting Little Cato out into space. Not only did he not manage to get his revenge, but it's likely that he might die out in space.
    • Word of God has confirmed that Little Cato survived unharmed, but how he will escape from drifting in space is unknown.
  • Season 1's finale ends on a Cliffhanger as Gary floats in space, having lost almost everything he cared for, and only HUE in his helmet. What makes matters worse is that he dies from suffocation and meets his dad’s spirit while given a choice to go with him or to go back to the living world. Gary's choice this matter is unrevealed. The only glimmer of hope the audience gets on Gary coming back to life is the anomaly/ tractor beam that opens at the last second.

Season Two

     The Toro Regatta 
  • Gary waking up in a garbage disposal ship to find that the Resistance Army has been annihilated, his friends are missing and that HUE might have been destroyed along with his helmet. He breaks down by the ship's window, lamenting their failure to save the Earth and him possibly being the Sole Survivor of the battle. Thankfully, an uploaded HUE proves this isn't the case a few moments later.

     The Happy Place 
  • The leader of the "Happy Ship" is revealed to have been a fellow human who blames Gary for the Earth's destruction, which subsequently resulted in the deaths of his family. This clearly hits a nerve with Gary, who's already harboring immense guilt for failing to stop the Lord Commander.
  • Nightfall makes it clear that in every dimension she visited, it all ends with the Earth's destruction.

     The Grand Surrender 
  • Ash's backstory is pretty damn dark. Imagine preparing for and looking forward to a positive milestone for your whole life, then you find out it was not at all what you wished for, and then you realize the parents you loved and adored can kill you without hesitation and watch all the people you ever loved die in a matter of seconds. And after you lash out at everyone who knew this fact (including your parents), you've just destroyed any ties to your home planet that you once had. And this trauma all happened in one birthday night.

     The Other Side 
  • Little Cato is revealed to have a device that displays a hologram of Avocato and reads lines of text in his voice. Seeing him use it to simulate a pep talk is a little bittersweet, but when he’s feeling low and making it call him a disappointment...
  • Within the time shard, Little Cato believes that Gary, Ash and Fox are dead thanks to his piloting. The rest of the crew have spent the past 60 years trapped in space while he desperately tries to keep them together and find a way to send for help, not knowing that Gary is trying to break through from the other side of the shard. Except it’s not just Gary; It’s everyone else in the crew. Little Cato is the ONLY one trapped in the anomaly, alone for twelve times the length of Gary’s prison sentence with even less company. He’s definitely Gone Mad From The Isolation, most of the episode has consisted of his hallucinations, and even after reverting to his proper age he still remembers all of it. No wonder he didn’t answer when Gary asked if he was okay.

     The Notorious Mrs. Goodspeed 
  • Gary's mother became a criminal following his father's death because she wanted nothing to do with them anymore. A flashback reveals that after the funeral, Gary would find her drunk and breaking things in the bedroom. And after she ran away, Gary burned the house down in retaliation.

  • Gary having a flashback to when caterpillar Mooncake, now butterfly, was killed by two bullies.

     The First Times They Met 
  • Nightfall reveals that in every dimension she traveled to, Gary was the one to seal the bridge to Final Space and she was the one drifting in space. This prime timeline (which included the events of the first season) was the only known dimension where the roles were reversed.
  • In the episode, Nightfall tries to cope with her loss of her dimension's Gary by using her memories to play out virtual realities of where she and her Gary first met, dated, and married each other. Nightfall held onto hope that there was one dimension where she could live happily with Gary... but this Gary (the Gary we know) only loves his Quinn, not her.

     The Remembered 
  • After the Team Squad obtains the dimensional key from Tera Con Prime in the past, they're told that in order to prevent the universe from collapsing by saving someone in the past, another person must take their place. Little Cato immediately volunteers to do so, but Gary ultimately chooses to remain.
  • After shooting the Lord Commander in pure hatred, Gary fails to end him when the Lord Commander's ship arrives.
    • Look at his face when he reunites with Little Cato and tries to be upbeat about the months he spent waiting for the Crimson Light: his lip trembles, and he's struggling to keep a smile. That failure to kill the Lord Commander the second time around, plus the extra months he's stuck in a location alone again, must have really weighed on him in that moment.
  • Through time travel, Avocato is saved... unfortunately, his memories are gone. The creators weren't kidding when they said Avocato was dead: he might have been brought back physically, to everyone's delight, but the Avocato we knew from the first season is essentially dead.

     The Closer You Get 
  • Little Cato becomes bitter towards his father for remembering things not pertaining to him.
  • Just as Avocato remembered Little Cato, he gets possessed by Invictus who at the moment was using Gary as a vessel. Invictus then promptly makes him fatally wound Gary while amplifying his jealousy over Gary's relationship with his son, and Little Cato is forced to shoot his possessed father to save Gary. Instead of dying and leaving him alone though, Invictus spirits Avocato away, promising to return to kill Little Cato. As Gary is comatose and Avocato is gone Little Cato has essentially lost both of his father figures again.
    Little Cato: You aren't my father.
    Avocato: NEITHER IS HE!!!
  • Little Cato's subsequent breakdown by Gary's pod in the medical bay, mirroring the scene where Avocato died in Season 1.

     The Lost Spy 
  • Sheryl is appointed with stealing plans from John Goodspeed, but inevitably falls for him. When Gary is born, Sheryl's secrets are exposed, and she tells a baby Gary that she wished he was never born.
  • On a more positive note, Gary offering to adopt Little Cato. Even the gang who ordered Cato to kill Gary are crying!

     The Setup 
  • Fox is distraught over Clarence's betrayal and is nearly killed by him for his troubles when Clarence stole two of the dimensional keys. Worse, Clarence didn't even intend for the damage to be that severe.
  • Ash always knew Clarence was a crooked con man, but she is genuinely crushed that her "Dad" pulled a con on his own adoptive children.

     Descent into Darkness 
  • Despite rightfully calling out his mother for all of the terrible things she had done, Gary nevertheless opts to save her as the planet was about to be absorbed.
  • Sheryl mentioning that she had resorted to drinking heavily after the death of her husband.
  • After Gary is finally able to call out his mother, Sheryl's body language changes immediately from her smug arrogance: her eyes fill with tears, she lowers her head as she can't even make eye contact, and she's visibly shrinking away from Gary and Nightfall. Unlike his previous attempt to call her out, she's not ignoring him nor manipulating him for her own gains; his words really got to her.

     The Sixth Key 

  • When Bolo reveals that the sixth key was a life, Nightfall volunteers to sacrifice her own.
    • She does this while the rest of the team is busy fighting Invictus so that neither side can interrupt and it breaks Ash, to whom Nightfall had become a sort of mother figure.
  • Gary breaking down after Nightfall's sacrifice, distraught that he once again had someone close to him give their life to help his cause



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