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Headscratchers / Final Space

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In Final Space, no one can see you scratch your head.

    Season 1 
  • Why doesn’t Avocato just throw the bomb of the ship? With the amount of time he speaks to Gary and him saying “No!”, he probably had enough time to realize the giant metal bomb sticking to Little Cato’s back, and quickly chuck it outside, instead of covering and dying from the explosion for a designated Tear Jerker.
    • The bomb was a sticky bomb stuck to Little Cato's clothing. If it stuck to clothing, most likely it would've been stuck to fur. Thus, Avocato couldn't have thrown it out and he would have died regardless.

    Season 2 
  • What exactly did John Goodspeed see in Sheryl? Given how he treats Gary, who would want to have kid with someone like her?
    • It's stated she didn't become neglectful until after his death.
    • Well, that seems like a bit of a stretch. It’s been revealed that she’s always low-key despised her own son and blames him on John rejecting her. This really comes out when she directly threatened Gary and the entire crew in service of Todd Watson, in S2 EP 12. Who’s to say that she just became even more resentful when she was left alone with Gary?
    • I always read the flashback scene as her not resenting Gary until his crying while she was talking to her boss cost her both the mission and her marriage, given that she seemed happy at first when she told John about her pregnancy. Had she either forfeited her mission or told the truth, things might have turned out differently.

  • Todd doesn’t make a shred of sense. First of all, he’s so ungrateful to the point where he overlooks the notion that Gary and the crew gave were HEROES that gave it their all to stop the Lord Commander from opening the breach to Final Space. He should be mad at HIM, not Gary. He watched the whole thing through his transmission, right? Second, how he’s able to go insane, assemble a large ship and army in just a week’s time after Chapter 10 is beyond me. Lastly, even if it is Gary’s fault, he is certainly no better. He wants vengeance for his family, but has no remorse in killing millions of innocent people to serve as fuel? I think it’s safe to say he is the weakest villain in the show. He’s a hypocritical moron, and not even an entertaining one at that. It seems the writers just rushed this one, wanting just another generic obstacle for the heroes to defeat.

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