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Nightmare Fuel / Final Space

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In Final Space, no one can hear you scream.

  • The Lord Commander. He's WAY more terrifying than he was in the pilot. How? He brutally tortures a man with his psychic power (twisted his body in unnatural ways) and when the guy begged not to die, Lord Commander said he wouldn't do it since that would be rude even after snapping his neck... then he let one of his minions eat the guy.
    • In Episode 2, he does the same thing to Gary...with the added "bonus" of slooooowly disconnecting his left arm and tearing it off, a la Ermac. Gary's blood spurting everywhere, as well as his screams of agony, make things worse. ure, he (barely) survives, and gets a new robotic arm attached with Avocato's help, but still.
    • In episode 3, Lord Commander goes to visit the Order of the 12, beings renown as the "eyes of the universe," on the whereabouts of Mooncake. When one of the members of the Order of the 12, Hula, fails at providing Lord Commander with the answers he was looking for, he uses his telepathic powers on Hula, using them to grossly destroy her eight eyes.
  • In episode 6, Avocato reveals how his son was imprisoned. He was once a high ranking general of Lord Commander who was forced to kill his firstborn to prove his loyalty. When he refused (for most likely the first time in his tenure), the Lord Commander decided to use Little Cato as a bargaining chip. Note that Avocato wasn't the only general the Lord Commander ordered to do so, he was just the only one to refuse. Every other general obediently and personally killed their terrified children. Who knows what some of them were even thinking as they did?
    Generals: (altogether) For eternity! For the Lord Commander!! [gunshots]
    Lord Commander: (as he separates Avocato and Little Cato) If I sense doubt in you EVER AGAIN, remember this: I own your son. And now, I OWN YOU.
    • Avocato getting blown out of the Galaxy One's airlock after jumping on a sticky grenade the Lord Commander snuck onto Little Cato's back, which is played as realistically as you could get. No one notices the bomb until the last few seconds before it detonates, and Avocato has no time to consider another option— only enough to entrust Gary with his son's care, put as much distance between himself and his friends as he can, and take one for the team for the last time. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
      • As the debris from the explosion clears, we're treated to an indiscreet shot of the chest wounds Avo sustained as he drifts out. If you've known someone in the military who suffered similar wounds in combat, this hits home hard.
      • Even without the confirmation from Word of God that Avocato was indeed Killed Off for Real, the comparison to be made if the same scenario happened on land is daunting— Avocato would have a marginally better chance of being found and saved in that. Out in space, though? If Avocato's injuries didn't kill him first, exposure to low pressure from the vacuum of space would do so in minutes without rescue. That is a horrifying way to go out.
  • In episode 7, Nightfall reveals a bit about the future she's come from. In hundreds of past timelines, the Lord Commander succeeds in murdering Gary, which causes Mooncake to go crazy, destroy multiple planets and break open the rift to Final Space. Then it turns out Final Space is populated by the Titans, Eldritch Abominations that will proceed to ravage the universe in an inevitable bout of pure chaos should they escape. The Titans' designs alone are unsettling and alien enough to be disturbing, not even counting their raw destructive power and their unholy sizes - one of them is massive enough to grab Earth in one hand...
    • Though it's played for humor on KVN's part, the time fallout from Nightfall's ship came that close to wiping both him and particularly Little Cato from existence.
  • Gary nearly getting consumed by black tar (which symbolizes his deeper fears about being a competent captain of his crew) can really hit a nerve with people suffering from crippling anxiety.
  • Despite the Lord Commander's death in the first episode of season 2, it is heavily implicated that he was actually working for one of the Titans named "Invictus." And his master isn't finished with him yet...
  • In "The Happy Place," it is revealed that dozens of captives are drained of their life essences and left as hollow husks as a means of charging the galaxy.
  • "The Grand Surrender" reveals that Ash's sister was sacrificed to a snake god where within, the snake god absorbed her wellness until she was a zombified husk of her former self. When Ash reunites with her, she is forced to leave her to burn upon discovering she was too far gone.
  • "The Other Side": Half of the crew is trapped in a collision in space-time where half the Crimson Light had aged sixty years. To make matters worse, when the crew tried to fire a distress signal a Titan emerges from a portal.
    • The Reveal that none of the above actually happened. The only one trapped in the anomaly was Little Cato, completely alone for sixty years, and the rest was all in his head. Paranoia Fuel, anyone?
  • In "Arachnitects" we see the reason why 99% of the Titans are as destructive and chaotic as they are is due solely to the action of an entity called Invictus corrupting them.
    • What makes this scarier is that Invictus wasn't even a Titan, but something else entirely. The end of the episode literally has this thing letting Mooncake off with a rather forboding warning.
    Invictus: I'm coming... do you think because I can't be seen... I'm gone?
  • The evil KVNS from "The First Times They Met", complete with glowing evil red eyes.
  • "The Closer You Get:"
    • Invictus escapes Final Space by using Gary as a vessel and he beats down Avocato and Little Cato effortlessly through him. Sensing that Avocato was a stronger vessel, Invictus possesses him, and seemingly mortally wounds Gary.
    • The fact that Final Space is littered with the dozens of corpses of alternate reality versions of Gary. Not to mention the implication that Invictus has killed all of them and is eager to add more Garys to the collection

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