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     Season One 
Episode One
  • KVN takes a cookie, and Gary points out that KVN can't actually eat it, but just smashes it against his processor.
    • Hue agrees to give Gary a cookie in exchange for adding one day to his sentence. When Hue opens the case for the cookie, KVN snatches one before Gary can grab it, then slams the case door on Gary's wrist before he can get one.
    • At the end of the episode, Hue grants Gary a cookie for his moral behavior, and then just as Gary announces himself the captain and reaches in, Hue closes the door. Gary gets the cookie anyway, and while he's boasting about it KVN steals it.
  • Gary takes a break to watch the show's version of The Princess Bride.
  • When Mooncake slams into his helmet, Gary starts screaming thinking Mooncake was a face-eater.
  • Gary attempts to hide Mooncake.
    • The first place he tried was the closet, Mooncake wouldn't fit.
    • He tries the bed with no luck.
    • Finally, he tries to put his underwear over Mooncake's head.
  • "Hue, what is going on? Why did the ship turn into a silent dance rave?"
    • "I need this! I need this, HUE! I-I really need someone to play with." [...] "For my own safety? We got our first visitors in five years, and I can't mingle with them?! Hue, open this door right now! I NEED TO MINGLE!"
  • There are names scrawled over some of the sentries forehead (no doubt by Gary out of boredom), and one has the word "Boobs".
  • One of the arcade machines is called "Crap Attack".
  • After Gary and Mooncake get sucked out into space...
    HUE: Gary, you may have a problem.
    Gary: I seriously question your usage of "may have"! I think we have reached "have"! I AM VERY DEEP IN "HAVE"!
  • Hue tells Gary that he won't make it at the rate he's running since he only has 15 seconds to get to his helmet before asteroids crash into the ship and kill him. Immediately after he says this, KVN pops out of nowhere and asks if Gary has time to talk for a second. Gary throws him to the ground and keeps running... then runs back to deliver KVN a flying kick.
  • Gary and Avocato talking about Mooncake during their card game.

Episode Two

  • Avocato gives a Pre-Mortem One-Liner to a fellow bounty hunter before shooting him, only for the laser blast to take a very, very long time to actually kill him.
  • In a supreme example of Black Comedy, Gary goes to someone in the black market to get identification papers so he won't be liquified by local police. Unfortunately, the man in the black market can't get him papers for him, so he gives him a skin suit... As in a suit literally made of a deceased alien woman's skin. Gary then gets transported to the dead woman's husband and two children who are relieved that she's alive. Then the two kids begin arguing over which of them loves their mommy more, which ends up with them ripping the skin suit in half, leaving an awkward Gary in the middle of a devastated family. Then Gary and Avocato end up falling on the windshield of their spaceship while escaping the Lord Commander's men and asks them for help, only for the family to cry again and use the windshield wipers to get them off.
    Gary: (casually) I think I destroyed a family today.
  • Gary's wails of agony when the Lord Commander telepathically tears off his left arm.
    Lord Commander: I will murder your face on?!
  • Gary spies a spaceship as he and Avocato flee from the Lord Commander's guards.
    Gary: Looks like we've got a new ride! (ship flies off, revealing a smaller ship behind it) Okay. Not ideal—but still a ride! (second ship flies off revealing a tiny cube behind it) OH COME ON! I don't even know what that is! (they reach the cube only for it to unbox and turn into a ball that flies off on helicopter wings) Crap it hard!
  • A few watchers pointed out the Freeze-Frame Bonus of Avocato landing on the catwalk on all fours before it breaks, causing him and Gary to keep falling. Not a real cat, eh?
  • KVN informing Gary that his arm is gone and Gary's Sarcasm Mode response.
  • Hue tells Gary he was lying about injecting with something that would make his brain explode if he didn't return.
    Hue: Oh, it was never going to explode, Gary. That's just my sense of humor.
    Gary: You make one joke in five years and that is the one you tell?!
    Hue: Timing (Beat) is everything, Gary.

Episode Three

  • In the Cold Opening, when Gary, drifting in space, sees one of the robot wardens drift past:
    Gary: Oh look, HUE, it's Carl. Hey Carl, how's life?
    HUE: Carl is dead, Gary.
  • Gary's new robot arm going out of control during his vlog to Quin and causing him to be naked by the end.
    • Later when the group go up to get to the control room, since all Gary is wearing is a towel and Mooncake is flying beneath him, the poor thing gets more than mooned.
    • Twice, Gary loses the Modesty Towel, and doesn't bother to try and cover himself up again. Much to Avocato's dismay:
      Avocato: How about covering up that dick situation you got going there, jeez!
  • Gary allowing a total stranger to feed him something that turns out to be drugs and absolutely tripping. Avocato then gives him a shot of adrenaline to the heart in order to snap him out of the drug high.
  • Gary's reluctantly willing to hand Mooncake over to the Helpers for his own protection... right up until he finds out the Helper he's talking with is named Stevil. Even Avocato agrees it's not a good sign that he has "Evil" right in his name.
    Avocato: Stevil is a bit alarming.
  • Gary's overactive imagination turning his and Avocato's mental prison within the Lazarus trap into a death room, as he floods it with lava, and psychotic cookies armed with laser-eyes and tridents.
    • How do they eventually escape the Lazarus trap?
    Avocato: You're really not gonna want this. [sucker-punches Gary in the face, causing the trap's background to break apart around them]
  • Quinn insulting Chuck the Infinity Guard who's come to arrest her, played by Conan O'Brien, and makes him cry with her insults. Especially funny are his final words before being sucked into the breach in space-time.
    Chuck: I am not a douche-canoe!

Episode Four

  • The Cold Opening has Gary grabbing a cookie while floating in space. HUE warns him if he opens the helmet to eat it, he'll die immediately.
    Gary: That's one possible outcome. Another: I eat the cookie and it's power turns me into a majestic, space-breathing manticore.
  • Gary finds out Quinn has no clue who he is and hasn't been getting the messages he's been sending her every day for the past five years. In fact, she can instantly remember Avocato, KVN, Mooncake and the names of all of Gary's robot wardens... but not Gary's name.
    • Quinn calls Gary "Gerald" and the robots who've been guarding him instantly begin freaking out that they may have been calling him the wrong name for the past five years.
  • Gary's response to Quinn not knowing who he is has him break out in a very elaborate dance out of sheer emotion.
  • Quinn responds to Gary's flirting by punching him in the face... repeatedly.
    Gary: OW! Oh, we're flirting! This is great! This is a good advancement in our relationship! (Quin punches him again) OW! Okay, okay, we're done flirting. We're done flirting.
  • Gary's reaction to seeing visions of his old pet caterpillar and of himself as a child interacting with his father.
    Gary: Why are you showing this to me? ... Answer me you drug-dealing caterpillar!
  • A hacked HUE's brutal berating of KVN as he tries to free HUE from Infinity Guard control.
    HUE: Every attempt to disable me will fail because you are a loser.

Episode Five

  • Gary tells KVN to fix the ship, but then tells him not to touch any of his stuff, or Quinn's stuff, or Avocato's, or the cookies, or specifically buttons, and especially the flamethrowers. The second Gary's gone, KVN naturally starts flying around the ship in glee, jumping on the bed, making out with the refrigerator, and setting fire to the ship and robot workers with flamethrowers.
  • Quin telling Gary that the only person she trusts to come with her is "the guy literally covered in guns". Cut to Avocato with all sorts of guns strapped around his body.
  • Quinn and the others are trying to get through a room that's cramped with bars that will electrocute them if they touch it, and she tells them all to keep quiet. The next second shows everyone screaming as they get continually electrocuted.
    • When they have to leave the base, they still get electrocuted.
  • Avocato shooting at the butterflies in his now miniature form, and Gary laughs at how his gun beams look like silly string.
    • When Gary, Avocato and Mooncake follow Quinn on the elevator to back her up, Avocato makes a pretty fair warning as the philosopher of the group.
    Avocato: A job worth doing is worth doing together.
    Gary: Thank you, Avocato.
    Avocato: ...but a vision will become a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team!!
  • The "twist" that the Infinity Guard is corrupt and works for the Lord Commander is so blindingly obvious that even Gary sees it coming a mile away and lampshades it.
  • The Lord Commander gives a brief motivational speech to his soldiers, in particular calling attention to one random Faceless Goon named Jeff, who he's heard good things about.
    Jeff: (Fist Pump) Yes!
    Faceless Goon: (later) How does Jeff do it?
    • The Lord Commander asks a minion how to turn off his holographic projector before giving up and just walking offscreen. According to the Lord Commander, his assistant is crying in the background.
  • Avocato begins to slowly grow back to normal size, but the first part to do so is his head, and Gary lampshades how ridiculous he looks.
    Gary: (laughing) You look like a little Avocato bobble-head!
  • After the destruction of the space elevator, Gary decides to slide down the rope with his robot hand to save himself and Quinn. Cut to him screaming in agony as he discovers it can feel things. Including pain.

Episode Six

  • Gary and Avocato jump out of their ship to perform an aerial drop on the planet where Little Cato is imprisoned. Unfortunately, there are two planets and they land on the wrong one, all because Gary Left the Background Music On.
  • Quinn convinces KVN to free her by flirting with him. The second she pays him a compliment, he offers to murder Gary for her.
  • Gary and Avocato's epic entrance into the Lord Commander's prison. They go in, throwing bombs and guns-blazing. Doves even fly over head as Gary slides across the floor, firing wildly. It's only afterwards they realize there's no one there.
    • When they're led straight to the Lord Commander by a mind-controlled Little Cato, how do Gary and Avocato react to learning it was a trap? Snark.
    Lord Commander: Surprise!!
    Gary: "Surprise"? You gotta be kidding me!
    Avocato: Dude, no one's surprised.
    Lord Commander: I spent many hours of my day planning this. Everyone in this entire prison was murdered for this surprise!
    Gary: Well, I don't know what to tell ya. I don't think it was worth it.

Episode Seven

  • Gary is strangely turned on by Nightfall throwing KVN out of the way.
  • Gary realizing he doesn't actually have keys.
  • Gary and HUE bonding over their mutual hatred of KVN.
  • The SAMES discover that they're inexplicably capable of being aroused. They're just as confused as you.
  • Even Little Cato gets in a few funny moments despite his understandable angst at losing his father.
    • The recruitment of... *inhale* ... the Legion of Murdering an Irritatingly Power-Thirsty Pintsized Imp into a Plethora of Buttholes. Just the whole scene, even if it comes on the heels of a Tear Jerker.
      • An odd example, but Avo's helmet completely obscures his son's face from the moment he puts it on. So when he, KVN, Gary and Mooncake are onboard a Galaxy One jumpship and KVN puts on sad music, everyone but (seemingly) Little Cato collapses in tears, with the latter just sarcastically asking if they can take it to the rear of the ship.
    • When KVN helps Little Cato's attempt to go back in time in Nightfall's ship to save Avocato, he repeatedly offers to be a surrogate family member (even listing female family members). Little Cato reacts pretty ambiguously.

Episode Eight

  • Gary outwardly acting confident that they're going to save the earth all while cutting back to his video logs where he reveals he has no confidence in their success and is practically crapping his pants in terror.
  • Nightfall's plan involves flying into a sun, but since she keeps being vague about what that will accomplish, Gary just gets increasingly confused and horrified by the very idea of it.
    Nightfall: Do you want to live?
    Gary: Yes. I would love to live. That's exactly why we're not flying into a freaking sun!
    Nightfall: You're right. We're going to lightfold into it.
    Gary: (Beat) That's freaking worse! You said it like it was better but that is the opposite of better!
    Quinn: I would never suggest this unless you knew something you're not sharing. What do you know?
    Nightfall: Quinn, aren't you curious how you became me?
    Gary: If that answer even involves flying into a sun, I'm not curious! I don't think anybody's curious!
    KVN: (KVN knocks Gary down) I'm curious! Keep going!
    Gary: Must you KVN?! MUST YOU?!
  • Everything about the gatekeeper for Bolo's mind.
  • Gary getting sidetracked while in Bolo's mind by all the other alternate versions of him, including Construction Hat Gary, Eagle-Faced Gary, Cookie-Headed Gary, Little-Micro Gary, and The Amazing-Mustache Gary, who takes way too much pride in his facial hair.
    Amazing-Mustache Gary: (combing his mustache) I wish I was a crumb. So I could get caught in this.
    Gary: What are you doing Mustache Gary?
    Amazing-Mustache Gary: Combing my mustache, with my little mustache comb. But you'll never know the satisfaction of that. Hahahaha! It feels so good!
  • Even Bolo is annoyed by KVN.
    Bolo: Mooncake... Follow my voice... KVN... Stop touching stuff.
  • During the brief reunion between Gary and his father, we see just where some of Gary's more... unconventional thinking may have come from.
    John Goodspeed: Who the hell are you? And why did time freeze? Did you freeze time? (pulls gun) You time-freezing demon!
  • Any dramatic weight from the reveal that the Lord Commander was John Goodspeed's co-pilot and friend, Jack, is undercut immediately by John immediately taking Gary's word that he becomes a monster and cheerfully kicking the crap out of him with his son. They even take selfies during it. Even better is when time unfreezes and the Lord Commander has a moment to feel the pain of everything that happened to him before his ship is destroyed.
  • A heartwarming moment involves Gary lying down and reflecting on everything that's just happened, then Quinn and Little Cato lie next to him as a sign of camaraderie. It's promptly ruined when Gary asks.
    Gary: Should we get up?
  • HUE's reaction to learning that Nightfall won't be rejoining them.

Episode Nine

  • This exchange:
    HUE: Gary, the SAMES have retrofitted the plasma torches, railguns, and other sundry maintenance equipment into heinous superweapons.
    Gary: YES, HUE! Good Lord, yes! Do you know what that makes you? That makes you employee of the freaking month!
  • Attempting to give KVN actual praise is so hard for Gary that he seems to be in actual physical pain doing it.

Episode 10

  • KVN's death. Any dramatic tension that this could have had is completely undone by Gary crying Tears of Joy and saying that it's beautiful.
    • In the Behind the Scenes for this episode, creator Olan Rogers cited this as one of his favorite moments.
  • HUE says he would offer Gary a cookie, but he knows Gary has grown beyond that. Gary promptly corrects him: he would never pass up the opportunity for a cookie.

     Season Two 

The Torra Regatta

  • HUE's new body is so slow that he can't run at all, despite his best efforts.
    HUE: My body is a nightmare.
    • His banter with AVA is also this.
  • When Clarence introduces Fox and Ash, they can be seen doing the Fusion Dance behind him.
  • Gary, Little Cato and HUE's attempts to escape.
  • You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! does not scratch the surface of Gary's reaction to KVN's survival.
  • Gary attempting to headbutt the episode's antagonist. Not only is it Crazy Enough to Work, it actually reveals the antagonist wasn't even human!

The Happy Place

The Grand Surrender

  • Despite KVN's dubious performance as the local goddess of luck, he still manages to draw a massive crowd of cultists out of the crew's way. Gary is pleasantly surprised... until he sees KVN fly towards a cliff and all the cultists start leaping to their deaths. The encouragement shifting into a quiet Rapid-Fire "No!" and cries of "Bad KVN!" really sell the black comedy.

The Other Side

  • Much of what Mooncake says when he has the voice box.
  • HUE's repeated insistence that no one can prove his plant cakes are killing people.
  • The entire "Loggins" scene with Gary playing "Footloose" over the ship's speakers, especially everyone's reactions all over the ship. (And then Gary dancing in the hallway with Mooncake, Little Cato and Tribore.)
    Clarence: (combing his hair in the bathroom mirror) LOGGINS! NOOOOOOOOOOO! (frantically pounds on door)
    Tribore: (putting in contacts) ...I don't know what this is, but I like it!
    Ash: (in bottom bunk) What's happening?? Am I dying?!?! Ohhhhh, please say "yes."
    Nightfall: (in top bunk, polishing her gun) Oh no. Loggins. (brandishing gun) It's going to get intense fast.

The Notorious Mrs Goodspeed

  • The DeWinters are back from Season 1 to avenge Melanie’s death, but the kids don’t seem to fully grasp the concept. They still greet Gary with a cheerful “Hi Mommy!” despite shooting at him.


  • There was this scene right here
    Gary: I was so close. I was so close to getting Mooncake back. (punch wall)
    KVN:[Thud] Take that, wall! You've been cruisin' for a bruisin'!
    Fox: [Thudding] Stupid wall! (Cue everyone minus Gary, Nightfall and Clarence banging the wall repeatedly in frustration).
  • Tribore's utter obsession and seriousness with rebuilding the resistance and Gary and everyone else's reactions. Of particular note, is the reaction of a bartender of saloon Tribore comes back to three times to build his resistance and complete its mission of finding Mooncake. The end of their overly dramatic search is hilarious, with the resistance playing no part in Gary and the crew recovering Mooncake, and Gary saying this to Tribore:
    Gary: Yo Tribore, we found Mooncake so ah piss off.

The First Times They Met

The Remembered

  • Gary and Little Cato killing time with a game of “This is Serious,” which consists of pretending there’s an emergency and trying not to break character while the rest of the crew freaks out.
  • The one time travel rule Gary decides to call out? “No tipping service workers.”
  • Avocato demands that Little Cato show him “The Eyes of Everything” to prove his identity. Apparently, his signature Bishie Sparkle is a named technique passed down from father to son.

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