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The Power of Friendship and glorious energy beams!

"In Final Space, no one can hear you cheer."

  • Gary saving Quinn in Chapter 4.
  • KVN rebooting HUE and Mooncake helping Gary outrun the supernova in Chapter 4.
  • The gang saving Little Cato in Chapter 6.
    • Little Cato's no idle Tagalong Kid in distress himself, getting in a few awesome moments before his rescue in spite of ultimately being played like a fiddle by the Lord Commander as a second, more successful trap for his dad.
      • In Chapter 2, he immediately catches on to the first trap for Avocato despite not being able to properly warn him through the glass walls of his cell at Tera Con Prime.
      • Even when it doesn't take, Chapter 5 establishes his combat proficiency against some of the Lord Commander's mooks when he escapes his cell to send a distress beacon to Avocato.
      • He in general endures several beat-downs from Bhero and the Lord Commander, from outright attacking the former to gleefully snarking at the latter's dying state.
      Little Cato: (to Bhero calling Avocato a coward) My father will come for me, and he'll get to kill you if I. Don't. FIRST!
      • Before even going into his hacking proficiency in the sixth episode and the fight against his father, Little Cato manages to briefly shake off the Lord Commander's mind control enough to recognize his father and stop putting lethal force into his attacks during his dad's Cool Down Hug.
  • Mooncake blasting a hole through the lava stream while underwater in Chapter 9.
    • Beforehand, the Galaxy One crew vs. a team of corrupt Infinity Guard patrol members who turn out to be warding off people looking for the anti-matter bomb. With the help of Tribore and a rebel group he created offscreen, the former side wins.
    • The final scene in Chapter 9. The Lord Commander has just given the crew of the Galaxy One one last chance to surrender Mooncake or die. One by one, they declare they'll fight the Lord Commander rather than give Mooncake up. Then, as the episode ends, we see the crew take their stations on the bridge (with Gary in the captain's chair), bravely preparing to take on an entire fleet of the Lord Commander's ships, as the show's awesome theme song plays in the background.
    • KVN pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment by crashing through the ceiling in a torpedo-firing mech suit Gary didn't even know he had to save Gary and Quinn from the Infinity Guard mechs that are attacking them, then—when it's revealed that all of said mechs are identical KVN units in mech suits—successfully turning all the other KVNs against the Infinity Guard. It's so awesome that Quinn forces Gary to Throw the Dog a Bone in the form of a thumbs-up.
  • Torra Regatta has some excellent fight scenes.
    • Nightfall KILLING the Lord Commander via harpooning the sonuvabitch!
    • Gary uses his head literally on the episode antagonist, and wins the fight!
  • The Other Side is about 90% tearjerker, but it has among the most badass single lines in the entire show.
    Little Cato: I'm gonna kill a Titan.
  • KVN coldly ripping off the last evil KVN's heart is both this, funny, and Nightmare Fuel.
  • In "The Remembered:" Avocato's back!
  • "Closer You Get": HUE tasering the crap out of Clarence when he wanted to ditch Gary, Avocato and Little Cato. Even AVA is impressed.
  • "Descent into Darkness"
    • Tribore effortlessly beating the crap out of Todd. Followed by them shooting the pod they knocked him into straight into space.
    Todd: (After being knocked into a pod) "No, no! Don't turn it on!"
    Tribore: "Can't hear you, that shirt's too loud."
    Todd: "I'm not wearing a shirt."
    Tribore: "That's the least of your problems. Ok, hugs and kisses." (Lauches the pod into space)
  • "The Sixth Key": Bolo in all his glory escaping Inner Space alongside the Crimson Light is nothing short of epic.
    • Ash overpowering Invictus and literally blasting it out of Avocato's body. Let that sink in for a moment : sure, ever since the beginning of Season 2, it was always obvious that Ash was very powerful... But here, she managed, through sheer willpower, to drive back an Eldritch Abomination feared by the Titans themselves in a matter of seconds. Nightfall was right : Ash is awesome !

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