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Lord Commander will eventually be revealed to have a Freudian Excuse.
  • Chapter 8 reveals that the Lord Commander was once a member of the Infinity Guard who was friends with Gary's father for 29 years. When John was detonating an anti-matter bomb, Jack gets caught in the blast, causing his skin to pale as well as developing psychic powers.

Gary is an alternate universe counterpart of either Rick or Morty.
  • Heck, he might even be a fusion of the two.

The real reason for the Lord Commander trying to open Final Space.
  • For anyone who had watched Chapter 7, it is revealed that within Final Space lie eldritch abominations known as the Titans. These entities are immensely powerful, being capable of ending all existence without much effort. These Titans were freed in several alternate timelines due to Mooncake rashly destroying several planets because of Lord Commander killing Gary. Regardless of the timeline, the end result is always the same: Gary dies trying to take on the Lord Commander which leads to the Titans being unleashed unto the universe by Mooncake in a spur of rage. The titans are actually briefly referenced in Chapter 3 when Mooncake is made to fight with other alien beasts by the Order of the Twelve, a group of faceless aliens who serve as the "eyes" of the universe. The titans are apparently worshiped by the Order of the Twelve as part of the reason for the gladiatorial battles is to offer sacrifices to the titans. Because of this, one can ask the question on whether or not the Lord Commander himself is aware of this. While the answer as to why TLC wants to open a breach to Final Space is currently unknown, my ultimate theory is that since the Titans are regarded as gods and are worshiped as such, maybe TLC is hoping to acquire immortality from them. Of course, this would end up working against the Lord Commander's favor as these types of entities are not to be played with so I could see the Lord Commander dying the moment the Titans are freed from their prison.
    • Actually, The Lord Commander's reasons for capturing Mooncake and opening the breach are revealed in Chapter 10 when he reveals that he is doing this so he could become a titan. He figures that by becoming an immortal god, he would be able to stop his own body from dying as he was dying at the time. However, the it were apparently not interested in him and only took Earth instead, ruining his whole plan. It turns out that all of his efforts were for nothing.

KVN is Bill Cipher.
  • Both are yellow, have one eye, and they both have chaotic personalities. It isn't too hard to suggest that upon being punched out of existence by Grunkle Stan, Bill was condemned to an artificial body that is less powerful.

Gary will be rescued at the beginning of Season 2
The new opening bits for the season will then show a much more ambiguous scenario where Gary is on an unknown planet, talking semi-dramatically about how he's lucky to have made it as far in life as he has, while also being implied to be mourning the loss of someone who goes unnamed. This will be how the second season ends, by showing how he got there like how the first season led up to his drifting through space while running out of air.
  • Confirmed only on the rescued part; Gary wakes up on another ship at the start of the first episode of said season.

KVN is a Take That! at the Minions of all things.
He's a yellow cyclops who serves as a Plucky Comic Relief and he gets on everyone's nerves.

There's probably more than one Mooncake
. As shown in Episode 8, Mooncake was made from the explosion John and eventually Quinn would die in, since that unfortunate incident happened twice, God only knows how many Final Space-unlocking incidents have happened within this show's canon.

Jack/Lord Commander had a personality similar to that of KVN's when he was a crewmate of John Goodspeed's.
We don't see too much of Jack interacting with other crewmates of his in Chapter 8 or in the archived video in Chapter 9. Sure, Jack asked John if he wanted to go get some taqitos, but we didn't see John's response of whether he wanted to or not. Perhaps Jack was insufferably annoying and oblivious to how much everyone in his crew detested him like KVN with the current crew. It would explain why John would be OK with beating up Jack while he's frozen in time. This theory at least makes this troper feel better about the heroes continuing to hate Lord Commander the exact same way as before even after they learned of his backstory.
  • John did say that he'd been friends with Jack for 20-something years, so it seems unlikely.

Gary made Vlogs for his dad as well, and doing so helped him cope with the loss.
Although it seems at first that Gary has a ridiculously overblown crush on Quinn, a woman he met only once, it soon becomes apparent that his vlogs to her were his only way of coping with the isolation. Quinn may have been absent and certainly idealised, but she was at least a human he could talk to, or at least talk at.

After Avocato's death, we see Gary making a vlog for him as well. It's easy to see that vlogs are Gary's way of coping with loss (in Quinn's case, she was his last point of real human contact before his imprisonment.) The very first time he used this coping strategy would probably have been when he lost his father as a child.

Who's to say there aren't hundreds of Vlogs somewhere that all begin with "Hi Dad."

Not all main characters will return after season 1
Of all the main characters that bite the dust in season 1 ( Avocato, Quinn, Gary, KVN), at least some will not come back to live, despite time-travel being a thing in this shows universe. Just to increase the drama. Most likely candidates: Avocato (Little Cato already pretty much replaced him after his death) and Quinn (her place will be taken up by Nightfall, who continues to exist since she's from an alternate timeline where Gary died and Quinn surived).

The Lord Commander will be redeemed in the 2nd season.
  • Jossed, judging from a trailer scene that shows him having died and decomposed a long time ago after season 1.

Sheryl Goodspeed will learn to love Gary and redeem herself
Because come on, why else would a great man like Gary's father, John, have a kid with someone like her? There has to some good in her, right? Right!?
  • Confirmed as of the season 2 finale!

There exists at least one timeline where Sheryl stayed in the picture
We see in Nightfall’s timeline that her Gary became a real Infinity Guard pilot. He must’ve had to be more well adjusted than our Gary, meaning in that timeline, Sheryl could have forfeited her original mission to stay with her family. John’s death still happens, but she and Gary have each other and Gary honors his memory by joining the Infinity Guard himself, and eventually by replicating his father’s Heroic Sacrifice to close the gate. Perhaps the characters will see a further glimpse into this timeline at one point which will lead to Sheryl’s aforementioned Heel–Face Turn.

The source of Ash's powers
Her powers originally came from a titan, specifically a healer among them that had the power to banish Invictus (explaining how she purged them from Avocado) until they poisoned them to prevent this but before they could finish, the titan was able to send an uncorrupted part of themself into space. Where it drifted for eons until it finally landing on Ash's homeworld and bonded with her.

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