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Nightmare Fuel / The Cry of Mann

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  • Gergiev's first appearance has him randomly appearing in Jack's studio while he sleeps. He twists his jaw on camera until a tooth falls out, and puts the tooth in Jack's ear, before vanishing. Jack woke up to the sound of callers' voices in his head, having had no idea what had even happened to him...
  • When Gergiev reveals that he was the one who drowned Frank, Frank starts having flashbacks of what happened; they happen in sudden jump cuts, with wavy-blue distortion and a shot of his face as he struggles to breathe underwater. All of this happens while Gergiev stays in the background, repeatedly chanting "down, down, down, down..."
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  • Jack "Prime's" body is nothing short of Body Horror, as he turned into a grotesque, orange muscle monster, with a disgusting infested ear. His personality change is scary as well, going from a sweet artist to a furious, vengeful shell of his former self.
  • Durkin, the sweetest of the soldiers, was kidnapped and taken to Vid's creepy church. Vid proceeded to do... something to him, which resulted in what sounded like an agonizing Demonic Possession. From there, Durkin spent the entire time flailing around, speaking in a throaty growl while saying some very strange and unnerving things. He also became extremely strong, strong enough to nearly kill Gravesite. The jarring personality change, and his clear discomfort as he writhing around on the floor, was quite unsettling.

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