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A friendship that will save the galaxy.

In Final Space, no one can hear you squee!

     Season One 
Episode One
  • All the moments between Gary and Mooncake, after the former gets past the initial shock of Mooncake crashing into his helmet.

Episode Two

  • Avocato gradually going from tolerating Gary's presence in an attempt to bargain with the Lord Commander for Little Cato's release from prison to genuinely offering to be his friend.

Episode Three

  • Even after witnessing Mooncake's planet-destroying abilities for himself at the colosseum, Gary assures Mooncake sincerely that they'll still always be friends.

Episode Four

Episode Five

  • Fresh off of learning that the Infinity Guard became corrupt under the Lord Commander's plan to activate Final Space, Quinn is shocked and despondent, and believes there to be no more good guys or anyone to fully trust, not even herself. Gary and co. are able to convince her otherwise, though. Really, Avocato sums up the moment best:
    Avocato: We're the good guys now.

Episode Six

  • For all his goofiness during his tenure as "captain," Gary is nothing if not genuine in taking both of his friends' points into consideration: He hasn't forgotten the promise he made to Avocato to help rescue his son, but also recognizes Quinn's point about how much more lives in the universe could be lost in the rift's opening, and how much he broke her trust in him (made especially apparent in the last video message he sends her after arriving on Zetakron Prime).
  • HUE convincing Quinn not to abandon ship in episode 6 by showing her all of the hundreds of video messages Gary made for her everyday during his prison sentence. It's enough to convince Quinn to stick around and meet back up with Gary, Avocato and Little Cato.
  • Avocato getting through to his possessed son and freeing him from the Lord Commander's control with a Cool Down Hug.
    Avocato: I've been a terrible father. The Lord Commander ruined me, and I lost you. Don't let him ruin you!
    Little Cato: What if it's too late?
    Avocato: It's not. You're still right here.
    • Towards the end of the confrontation, Little Cato is able to fight off his mind control briefly enough to recognize his father before he's freed. He's also genuinely relieved and happy to reunite with Avo, though he can't resist letting him off without one more punch to the face.

Episode Seven

  • HUE admits in this episode that Gary was the only real friend he has had and that he feels as though his "life" would be meaningless without him as Gary's prison sentence had ended.
  • Gary and Little Cato forming a rapport with each other after three days of the latter avoiding everyone, especially through remembering Avocato.
    • Misguided though his reasoning might have been at the time, it's really sweet to see that Avocato's devotion to Little Cato definitely wasn't one-sided— in fact, the latter clearly loved him right back Warts and All, enough to attempt to pilot Nightfall's time-traveling ship to rescue Avocato in return.

Episode Eight

  • With two minutes of air left, Gary asks HUE to change the countdown to something more comforting. The latter obliges, and makes it a cookie timer.
  • Gary and Past!John's interactions with each other, once they get past hostilities. Doubles as a CMOF when they bond further over jumping and beating up a time-frozen pre-Lord Commander (who used to be called Jack), and later triples as a Tear Jerker when Gary realizes he's in a closed time-loop, thus can't do anything about preventing Past!John's Heroic Sacrifice.
    • The last exchange Gary has with his father as an adult, which also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
    John: Make me a promise, son? Save Earth. Nah, you're right— universe is much cooler.
    Gary: What if I can't [save the universe]?
    John: Just try your best.
    Gary: What if my best isn't good enough?
  • After Gary returns from the time-loop, Quinn and Little Cato lie down with him in a breather moment.

Episode Nine

  • With a minute left of oxygen, HUE assures Gary that he would be remaining with him until the bitter end. Talk about Undying Loyalty.
  • When HUE brings up the video log of John leaving the anti-matter bomb at New York City's Infinity Guard outpost, Little Cato immediately puts a reassuring paw on Gary's shoulder.
  • Quinn and Gary's brief first date at the bar they met at.
  • After Quinn saves Gary from getting crushed by the hideout's debris and gets knocked unconscious, what does Gary do? Hand off the bomb to Little Cato and Tribore and immediately head down after her, reinforcing that no one on his crew will be abandoned to die. In a subversion of his Spock Speak, HUE even encourages him to keep going. Doubles as a moment of awesome.
    HUE: Gary, there is a zero percent chance you can make it to Quinn's position before the pressure increase of Earth's core kills her. Knowing you will not listen... hurry.

Episode Ten

  • When discussing who will back Quinn up to get her to the breach, Little Cato immediately volunteers. Three of the SAMES also decide to watch Little Cato's back, and one is even quick to apologize for accidentally and casually bringing up Avocato's loss.
  • Though Gary is very understandably concerned for Quinn's safety, he ultimately supports her choice to let her finish what she started with her investigation of the time-space breach. She gives him a Big Damn Kiss in return, and wishes him luck with captaining the assault. For only a matter of days of re-adjusting to each other after episode 4, it's pretty awesome to see how much Gary and Quinn's relationship progressed.
  • Mooncake shows genuine concern and horror at KVN's death, and attempts to get his body out of the shield room even though it gets him captured by the Lord Commander.

     Season Two 

Episode One

  • HUE being overjoyed at Gary being alive and eagerly hugging him with his new body
    • Gary being equally overjoyed by seeing HUE still functional after having feared he had been destroyed along with the rest crew
      HUE: I missed you so much
  • Gary and Little Cato's reunion at Clarence's planet. Little Cato literally cries from joy while throwing himself into Gary's arm
    Gary: My little spider cat...
  • KVN hugging Gary, with KVN mentioning how he only managed to rebuild himself through concern of his safety. Of course, Gary on the other hand...

Episode Two

  • When Gary is feeling low due to his guilt over failing to save both Quinn and the Earth, the rest of the team squad, led by Little Cato and Nightfall, reassure him that he’s not to blame and are still on his side.
    • Nightfall, of all people, asks Gary what he saw in his happy place. Despite her serious demeanor, she’s encouraging some relief for Gary.

Episode Three

  • Little Cato comforting Ash.

Episode Four

  • For awhile, almost everyone having a little dance party and enjoying the music of Kenny Loggins.

Episode Six

  • Besides being hilarious, there's something bizarrely sweet about the scene where Gary, upset that he missed a chance to rescue Mooncake, starts punching a wall in frustration, only for the rest of the crew to join in.
    KVN: Take that, wall! You've been cruisin' for a bruisin'!
    Fox: Stupid wall!!!

Episode Ten

  • Gary offers to adopt Little Cato as his own until they got his biological father back from Invictus. This even leads to the gang Little Cato joined to call off their attempts at killing him having been touched by the offer.

Episode Eleven

  • During the Carnivolo dinner, Ash praises Gary for his warm heartedness. And before that, she starts to praise Nightfall (before Clarence cuts her off). Ash now refers to them as "family".
    • KVN praising Mooncake, and Fox praising KVN count as well.

Episode Twelve

  • Despite the way she mistreated him, Gary nevertheless saves Sheryl from the destruction of the planet.
    • "She's my mom."

Episode Thirteen

  • Sheryl realising the errors of her ways and pulling a genuine Heel–Face Turn, joining the Team Squad in order to spend more time with her son.
  • Thanks to Ash blasting him with her powers, Invictus is forced to let go of Avocato, which means that the latter is finally back for good ! He and Gary celebrate with a Clasp to end all clasps, directly referencing the famous handshake between Dutch and Dillon.
  • When the Aracnitects open the portal to Final Space, they also inform Bolo and the Crimson Light crew that they will be sealed inside. Realizing the risks, Gary looks to his teammates who, without a single word, look back to him with expressions that say "We've come this far. Let's do this!" By this point, they truly have become more than a team.
  • Upon entering Final Space, the heroes are shocked by the hundreds of dead Garys, but our Gary only has eyes for one person: Quinn. Defying the odds of the multiverse, Gary reaches out to her, and she takes his hand.

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