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Recap / Final Space

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Season 1

  1. Chapter 1: Gary, a man left alone in a spaceship as punishment for a crime, stumbles on a cute little alien that makes him a target for bounty hunters.
  2. Chapter 2: Gary joins Avocato in a quest to stop a bounty hunter from giving important information to Lord Commander.
  3. Chapter 3: Looking for a safe place to hide Mooncake, Gary and Avocato fall in the trap of a group of weird alien beings.
  4. Chapter 4: Gary and Avocato rescue Quinn, and in an attempt to impress her, wants to harvest the power of a dying star.
  5. Chapter 5: Gary, Quinn and Avocato investigate an anomaly that is only getting worse.
  6. Chapter 6: Gary and Avocato get into a mission to save Little Cato.
  7. Chapter 7: Little Cato wants revenge against Lord Commander. Meanwhile, Gary's sentence comes to an end and a new visitor causes trouble in Galaxy One.
  8. Chapter 8: Nightfall tells Gary and the crew about a possible help they could receive. The journey brings revelations about Gary, his father, Lord Commander and Mooncake.
  9. Chapter 9: Gary and the crew return to New York to find an antimatter bomb that can be vital to fight Lord Commander.
  10. Chapter 10: Sacrifices and hard choices must be made when the crew of the Galaxy One face off against Lord Commander to close the disturbance and save Mooncake.

Season 2

  1. The Torra Regata: Gary survives the battle and reunited with some of his friends, but sees himself involved in a dangerous race when he becomes subservient to Clarence.
  2. The Happy Place: While figuring out a way to rescue Quinn, the crew of the Crimson Light finds themselves in a strange construction inhabited by an overly happy species.
  3. The Grand Surrender: The Team goes to Ash's homeplanet, a strange world ruled by a serpent god, in order to find a powerful stone that might help them find Quinn.
  4. The Other Side: The Crimson Light is parted in half by a time shard that leaves Little Cato leading a fragment of the crew, stranded 60 years in the future.
  5. The Notorious Mrs. Goodspeed: Gary reunites with his estranged mother, a wanted criminal set for execution, after breaking her out of the high security planet that kept her prisoner.
  6. Arachnitects: Mooncake gets taken away by mysterious forces, which causes the team to run to find him.
  7. The First Times They Met: Nightfall attempts to create a clone of Gary from her past memories, a power surge causes chaos in the Crimson Light.
  8. The Remembered: The Crimson Light find themselves three years in the past after being eaten by a time worm.
  9. The Closer You Get: Gary discovers a way he could contact Quinn through Final Space.
  10. The Lost Spy: After losing his father again, Little Cato reaches his breaking point and runs away, forcing Gary to find him. Meanwhile, Clarence, Fox and Ash pull off their biggest scam while Sheryl’s secret on her past is revealed.
  11. The Set Up: Someone betrays the Crimson Light Crew and they are forced to deal with the fallout. HUE and Mooncake go on a fun excursion.
  12. Descent Into Darkness: The Crimson Light Crew locates the stolen dimensional keys on a planet about to be absorbed into the dark zone and go there to reclaim them. HUE and AVA grow closer in their relationship.
  13. The Sixth Key: After finally retrieving all five of the dimensional keys, the Crimson Light travels to inner space so they can try to free Bolo.

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