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Recap / Filly Funtasia

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The is the recap page for episodes of Filly Funtasia.

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    Season 1 
  1. The Cupcake Mystery: When Bella accidently messes up the cupcakes that she promised to keep safe for Will, Rose covers up for her by lying that they were stolen.
  2. The Blue Rainbow: A blue rainbow appears with an important crystal, so Rose, Zach, the academy's top student and Fabian are sent to bring it back to the academy.
  3. Wranglum in Disguise: Through use of a Magical spell, Wranglum disguses himself as a Filly to infiltrate the school.
  4. Alone at Last: Upon getting lost in the woods after trying to be alone, Lynn soon sees what it's like to not have fun to be scared while Rose comes to her aid.
  5. The Evil Garden: Rose, Will and the other students needs to have clean a yard in the academy for a garden, until Battiwigs places some crystals in with the seeds which sprouts out a giant living plant.
  6. Dream of Doom: Seeing events that resemble his dream and fearing of what might happened to Rose, Cedric sought to make sure that she stays safe.
  7. Bijou on the Loose: When Battiwigs finds a crystal to turns anything or anyone invisible, Rose uses on Bijou to show she can make a special spell and accidentally turns her pet invisible, leading to her and her friends, including Battiwigs to find Bijou.
  8. The Magical Maze: Rose and her friends end lost in the maze, giving Wranglum the oppertunity to get rid of them.
  9. Teacher for a Day: In order to avoid detention, Will is force do all the teaching in very class, which also gives Battiwiggs a chance to get the crystals.
  10. Hide and Seek: When Will and Lynn borrow a crystal that teleport anyone, the two careless tricksters accidentally release Wranglum.
  11. The Lost Mermaid:
  12. The Star Crystal:
  13. Farina, the Fire Dragon:


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