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Talk about getting up close and personal

  • Nancy/Bree: Nancy and Bree are best friends who are close like sisters, though some of their interactions go beyond that.
    • In the case of Nancy's imagine spots, whenever Bree is nearby, she often plays the role of Nancy's most trusted partner, like in "Tea Party Trouble" or "Nancy's Sacre Bleu Fondue". They're also completely in sync as detectives in "The Case Of The Disappearing Doll".
    • "La Danse Of Friendship" milks this for all its worth. It involves Nancy and Bree trying to come up with a Pas De Deux for ballet class. The former wants to do a sun and rainbow routine while the latter wants to be a peacock, which they struggle to compromise on. When Nancy off handedly says that her ideas are better than hers after constantly shooting her down, they fight, and don't speak to each other for a whole week. After they eventually make up with each other, they're in perfect sync with each other, and are not afraid to have physical contact with each other. Replace this with a breakup and make up scenario, it would be largely unchanged.
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    • In "Camp Fancy", before coming up with the idea for camping, Nancy is bored out of her mind. Why is that the case? It's because Bree and her family are on a vacation and she has no one to play with. She's really melodramatic about it.
    • In "Toodle-oo Miss Moo", when Nancy's father accidentally sells Miss Moo to Bree for her younger brother's birthday , she's desperate to get her back for a "mystery customer". Bree obviously knows Nancy wants her back, and has a bit of fun with her, being pretty much flirtatious with her. Nancy also mentions how no one understands her like Bree does.
    • In "Ice Skater Extraordinaire", Nancy is too stubborn to admit she needs to take beginning lessons in ice skating, which strains her friendship with the more willing to learn Bree. They even briefly leave each other, much like in the ballet episode, which is also treated like a breakup.
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    • In "Vive La Resistance", the first scene has the two of them holding a picnic basket to relax under Oaky the oak tree, much like a couple. When Nancy tries and fails to convince her mother to not fence Oaky, everyone is down. Nancy then says they shouldn't give up , and communicates her idea by grabbing Bree and moving her, and does not hesitate to be very close to her face.
    • The episode "What's Bugging Nancy?" is so full of this that it's easier to break it down. The basic plot is about Nancy struggling to accept Bree's passion for entomology. Lets see how it is:
      • When Nancy comes across Bree nervously trying to hide her passion, Nancy tries persuading her to tell the truth, all while getting really close to her.
      • Nancy then sings a song on how she shouldn't be nervous about telling her the truth, spinning her around and holding her hands.
      • Upon finding out that Bree likes entomology, Nancy tries hiding her disdain before revealing the truth rather insensitivily. They argue, and Nancy storms off, shedding a tear in the process.
      • Upon seeing that Bree hid her love of bugs from her for as long as they've known each other, Nancy then acts rather distraught and apologises to Bree's doll Chiffon and then Bree herself. Nancy says that she wants to accept the true Bree without hiding anything from her.
      • We close out the episode with them bug hunting and holding hands while singing a reprise of the song.
    • "Nancy's Friendship Faux Pas" has quite a bit of this. It involves Bree's summer camp friend Megan coming to visit, and Nancy doing what she can to make her happy. However , their Innocently Insensitive behavior from inadvertently excluding her makes her jealous and very clingy, acting much like a jealous ex-girlfriend. During a conversation with her mother Claire, she shows her a picture of Nancy and Bree with their arms around each other and looking at each other happily. She feels very forlorn about it, having a heartfelt apology in the end.
    • The second half of "Nancy's Parcel Purrrsuit" also shows this. The episode involves Gus' cat Parcel going missing, and everyone tries to find her. Nancy tries to do it on her own so she can be seen as a hero, and sends everyone on a wild goose chase when she finds her up a tree. She tries hiding this fact from Bree, and resorts to hugging her to distract her. When the truth is discovered, Bree is not happy with her, acting much like a spouse telling off their partner for doing something behind their back. Her strict, yet disappointed tone is what gets through to Nancy, and she tells Gus they all found her. The two then embrace and hold hands as Bree congratulates her for sharing credit.
    • The Fancy It Yourself short, How To Have A Fancy Tea Party , has both of them call each other darling.
    • "Nancy's Parfait Pony" also shows quite a bit of this. Nancy and Bree look after Grace's pony Pepper after he accidentally leaves due to the gate being unlocked, and they think he willingly went to them. The conflict of the episode, where they try to find a good place to hide him, is rather reminiscent of two parents trying to care for a child. Particularly , Nancy holds her hands at saying they'll take care of him together, and Bree squeals and hugs her. Nancy even calls her one of the most important people of her life. At the end of the episode, where she allows them to visit and care for him now and then, Nancy even says that she and Bree are like aunts.
    • Both the season 2 poster and the How To Have A Fashion Show show them striking some flirty poses with each other. They even almost kiss in the latter.
    • "Nancy And The Mermaid Ballet" shows quite a bit of this. Nancy and Bree both want to play the mermaid for the mermaid ballet. When Bree gets the part, Nancy becomes jealous. There are quite a few moments that evoke some interesting behavior from them:
      • During the beginning of the episode, they're both quick to complement each other during the ballet and how they'd be happy if the other got it .
      • When it's revealed that Grace got the part, they're both unhappy with this. It's then revealed that Nancy made a mermaid themed lunch in case either of them got the part. Bree is touched, and they both talk about their feelings over lunch. It plays out a lot like a date. It then leads to the song "We've Got Rapport", where they're very touchy feely with each other.
      • When Bree gets the part after Grace injured her leg, Nancy becomes jealous, and while acting strangely around Bree, there's a sense she's trying to hold back for her sake.
      • When her mother says that she's jealous and it's natural, Nancy feels bad since she feels terrible for taking something away from Bree.
      • When Nancy tells Bree what happened, she apologizes. Bree then says that she's struggling with her pirouettes, and Nancy helps her out. She even gives her a special tiara to boost confidence.
  • "Nancy And Bree Take A Vacation" plays out a lot like a couple going through hard times. The basic premise is about Bree feeling exhausted lately and Nancy trying to make her feel better. It's simple enough, though they definitely have interesting moments:
    • We start the episode with the revelation that Nancy and Bree have been playing with each other for 2 whole days. When Bree later reveals that she wants to go on a vacation, Nancy thinks of some solutions for her, but it involves only the both of them spending time with each other.
    • The times where Bree tries relaxing and Nancy inadvertently makes her feel worse by trying too hard to cheer her up plays out a lot like a romantic partner trying too hard to please the person they love.
    • When Bree briefly talks with Rhonda about spending too much time with Nancy, her tone is very worrisome, feeling like she would betray Nancy if she told her about her real feelings.
    • When Bree does eventually confess, she sounds very sorrowful and leaves Nancy's tree house forlorn.
    • When Nancy eventually realizes she came on too hard, she then sends an apology note to Bree, with the scene being reminiscent of sending a love letter confession.
  • "Goodbye Dolly" plays out like a breakup episode, as shown with these moments;
    • When Nancy and Bree disagree over how to play with their dolls, they break off their friendship. They're both shown to be very crushed by this.
    • Nancy then holds a doll party for Marabelle to make new best friends with, Bree sounds very distressed. She says it as if Nancy is wanting to date someone else even when she talks about Chiffon.
    • During the doll party, they both struggle to maintain their composure, and at the end, they let their dolls work things out. They then sing an apology song to each other, where they're very affectionate with each other. They then hang out together.
  • "Pajama Drama" shows quite a bit of this:
    • Nancy and Bree spend quite a bit of time setting up a sleepover with their friends just by themselves, exchanging some flirtatious small talk. They're both also in sync with each other about how Grace can be a handful.
    • When Grace asks them to admit one thing they don't like about each other, they're both very hesitant to make the other feel bad. Once the secrets are out, they're both very uncomfortable with each other, and while they try making it work, they both argue. Nancy then leaves the room, and both feel terrible for what they said.
    • After talking with Claire and Grace respectively, both Nancy and Bree talk about how much they admire each other before letting the other know, and both are touched. They're also very affectionate.
  • "Chirp Trouble" shows plenty of this.
    • When Nancy accidentally breaks Bree's special box that's holding her cricket, she tries hiding the truth. When Bree comes into the room, she acts very affectionate with her, holding her and moving her out of the way. She even uses a hug for distractions.
    • When Nancy pretends to have the hiccups to cover up the cricket chirps, Bree acts very distressed, and drops what she does to help her.
    • When Bree finds out what Nancy did, she firmly asks her to leave, making both of them crushed.
    • When Nancy eventually makes up for what she did, both girls decide to have a tea party. It's almost like a date.
  • The conflict of "Jo Jo Does The Dirty Work" is kicked off with Nancy agreeing to square dance with Rhonda, but Bree, unaware of what happened, just automatically assumes they'll dance together like always and looks forward to it. Later, when Nancy tries contemplating how to tell her she's dancing with someone else, we're treated to a a fantasy of her telling Bree, but she acts very forlorn and tells Nancy to go away. The lighting and the fact that it took place outside the house is staged in a way where it looks like a breakup.