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YMMV / Fancy Nancy

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  • He Really Can Act: Mia Sinclair Jenness has had quite a bit of experience in Broadway, hence why she captures the many facets of Nancy's personality really well.
  • Jerkass Woobie: "Mon Amie Grace" does this for Grace. Yes, she's rather stuck up and prideful, but considering she doesn't have any true friends and once had to deal with a friend who didn't mean to give her a valentine, you feel sorry for her like Nancy does.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped:
    • A series wide message is about how it's good to think big, but not at the expense of your friendship with others.
    • "Le Cafe Parfait" says that while it's good to impress others, you shouldn't bend over backwards for people who don't appreciate your work.
    • "Au Revior Jean Claude" shows that you can't shield others from death, while also saying you can't bottle up how you feel. It's about how you move on from that and honor their memory.
  • Uncanny Valley: Maybe not as much as Sofia, but the animation still suffers from this at times, particularly in closeups of the child character's faces.
    • The show is animated at Toiion Studios like Sofia, so its not too much of a surprise.


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