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  • Despite Word of God saying that while Static's best friend and sidekick, Richie, was gay but they couldn't bring it up in the series, there seems to be a lot of stuff they got past the radar concerning Richie's intense fanboying over Virgil.
    • One of the earlier episodes consists of Richie becoming intensely and obviously jealous when Virgil starts spending more time with a girl than with him. The girl in question finally gets fed up by the end of the episode and tells them to get back together.
    • The episode Sons of the Fathers reveals that Richie's father is a racist bigot, and his disapproval of Virgil plays out very much like a Romeo and Juliet-esque "why don't you like my boyfriend!" sort of thing.
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    • The end of the 'Wet N Wild' episode. Static zaps Gear's ass on purpose, grins flirtatiously, and says "Ahh, that's better." End episode. 'Nuff said.
    • In the second-to-last episode, Virgil's father finds out that his son and his friend are superheroes. He's not sure what to think of this, so Static and Gear try to win his approval. Dialogue then goes as follows: "But, pops, we've been doing it for a really long time!" Gear smiles and adds, "Yeah, and we're pretty good at it, too!"
    • In the episode "Attack of the Living Brain Puppets, " Madeline reads Richie's mind and all he's thinking of is Virgil.
  • To double as Foe Yay, in the episode "No Man's an Island", there are some moments between Virgil and Hotstreak, including Virgil saying "How about what I can do for you?"

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