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  • Also doubling as a Tear Jerker — the episode "Flashback" opens with a statue being erected to honor the heroes who died in the Dakota riots, including Virgil and Sharon's mom, Jean Hawkins, a paramedic who died after getting hit by a stray bullet in the crossfire. Later, Static and Gear see Ebon chasing a girl who turns out to be a bang-baby with the power to move through time. They rescue her and she decides to become a superhero to use her powers to help people. Static convinces them to go back five years to the riots in Dakota to save his mom. In the past, Virgil meets his mom and tells her he is her son from the future. She says how proud she is of him. He warns to her stay put because she is in danger and she promises. Meanwhile, Ebon kidnaps Timezone and steals a truck full of Big Bang gas to create an earlier Big Bang. Static and Gear stop him, but Static sees his mother back to work pulling a Heroic Bystander before the remote Timezone uses shorts out and they are pulled back to the present. Virgil runs home and realizes that his mother still died in the riots. However, the kicker is his dad tells him that on the night she died her coworkers heard her saying she was very proud of Virgil and kept referring to him as "my son, the superhero." This is what finally helps Virgil come to terms with his mom's death.
  • "Frozen Out" qualifies as well. While it may be par for the course for a Christmas episode, it is very touching, especially when the "villain" is just a little girl lost.
    • Static hugging poor Permafrost, and him wiping away a tear at the end are just two touching moments from said episode.
    • There's also the end of the episode, where the various people in town get together for a massive holiday celebration, even though they're all of different religions. Cheesy? Possibly. But it's still very sweet! Especially when one scene shows Richie's dad in the group (keep in mind that before his Character Development, he was a narrow-minded bigot who likely would've laughed at the idea of attending such a function).
    Preacher: I want to tell you that, despite our differences, we all have in common certain basic human beliefs. Whether you are a disciple of Muhammad, a child of Abraham, or a member of the Body of Christ, you know that you are called upon to care for the needy and the poor. This great country of ours is so very blessed—yet for some, the blessings are out of reach. Therefore, it is our duty to offer them safe conduct through life's difficult journey. To be their ambassadors of compassion.
  • At the end of "Static in Africa", Virgil talking to Anansi, telling him how being one of the few black superheroes made Virgil feel like a valid hero himself is heartwarming enough. Then when Anansi tells him that Static is a great hero and that he is a hero not only to the people of Dakota but to Anansi as well... *wipes away happy tears*
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  • Then end of "Bad Stretch" where Adam (who has since become Virgil's sister's boyfriend) shows up with a bouquet of flowers to apologize to a very angry Sharon is great—Virgil points out that it might actually be easier to go up against the Meta-Breed than try making up with his sister, but Adam simply smiles and says, "Some things are worth the risk."
  • In "Kidnapped", it is extremely satisfying to see Robert Hawkins both deduce Virgil's identity as Static and then support him in his endeavors, especially after watching Virgil spend so much of the series maintaining a double life (and occasionally coming into conflict with his father as a result). Although hesitant at first, he realizes that letting Virgil and Richie do good outweighs his own worry and comes to trust his son.
  • In "Sons of the Fathers", Richie's dad starts out as a racist bigot who causes Richie to run away from home after he drives Virgil out during a sleepover. He actually goes to Virgil's dad for help to find Richie and spends most of the episode being berated by Robert for his bigotry and ignorance and how he let it come between him and his son and it's clear his words are reaching him. When the two dads find Richie being held hostage by the Meta Breed, they actually work together in a Moment of Awesome along with Static to save Richie. His dad apologizes to Richie for what he did and the two make up. In an even more heartwarming moment, at the end, Richie's dad is more friendlier to Virgil, even taking the boys to a comic convention. Cheesy and maybe quick? Sure, but it does work for the show.
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  • In "Future Shock," Virgil worries he might not become as competent as his future self, but Future!Static tells him to believe in himself, since that's his greatest power.
  • The Season 4 episode "No Man's an Island" where Edwin Alva tries to cure his son who turned into stone due to being exposed to Quantum Vapor back in "Junior". Kidnapping Bang Babies to cure his son by wiring them to machines was very antagonistic to say the least, but Alva clearly regretted treating his son like garbage and he had little time before Edwin Jr. turns to stone for good. Seeing the two reunite with Alva crying tears of joy was very touching.

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