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Nightmare Fuel / Static Shock

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  • The government is fully willing to use an untested radioactive element on a large group of teenagers.
  • Many of the Bang Babies have mutated in rather disturbing ways:
    • In the immediate aftermath of the Big Bang, we see some victims in the hospital, including a guy whose body was melting. It's possible that some of them didn't survive their transformations. The original comic series at least makes that clear, but it's left vague in the cartoon.
    • Ebon, who became a shapeshifting Living Shadow who can phase and teleport through walls. You can barely recognize his former human form.
    • Royce Axelrod steals some of the gas and sniffs it. At first he's impressed by his gains in height and strength, but he mutates into a hideously deformed purple monster.
    • The Night Breed get burned by sunlight, one of them implying it could be fatal if prolonged.
    • In the final episode, after all the Bang Babies lose their powers, Ebon and Hotstreak steal another canister of the Quantum Vapor to regain their powers. They inhale so much of the gas that they somehow merge their bodies together, transforming into some kind of two-headed Eldritch Abomination that looks like a Living Shadow covered in flames. The Ebon-Hotstreak monster even tried to eat Static and Gear alive.
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  • "Jimmy" is both this and a Tear Jerker, as it's about a more realistic problem uncommon in kids' shows: bullying and gun violence. Virgil and Richie befriend a loner named Jimmy, who's repeatedly harassed by a gang of bullies; he becomes so depressed and enraged, that he steals his dad's gun and tries to murder his tormentors. Instead, he accidentally (though non-fatally) shoots Richie by mistake.
  • During the two-part crossover with the Justice League, Brainiac (one of Superman's worst enemies) seizes control of the Justice League's Watchtower, intending to destroy Earth while the League is distracted by a fake distress call elsewhere. Brainiac later hijacks Richie's body, and then continues his plans to destroy the world. Poor Static is so troubled about being forced to fight his best friend.
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  • There's something deeply unsettling about Ebon's kidnapping of Richie in "Sons of the Fathers". It happens right after Richie tells Static he can get home on his own and since that episode was early in the show's run, Richie is powerless and alone with no one realizing he's been kidnapped until much later. Plus Ebon finally gets sick of waiting for Static to show up and Richie's Defiant Captive act so he apparently decides to kill his prisoner.
  • In "Duped", Replikon kidnaps A.J. McLean and steals his identity. Eventually, when he decides he doesn't need A.J. anymore, he shape shifts into a werewolf, says, "All you're good for is lunch meat!", and attacks him. Fortunately, A.J. untied himself and was able to run until Static showed up.

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