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Wild Mass Guessing for Static Shock.

Lex Corp and Alva Industries are business partners.
Both of them seem to be mega corporations involved in creating advanced and futuristic technology, and they both happen to be run by rather unscrupulous businessmen; although Lex Luthor is far more evil than Edwin Alva, who just seems to be a bit amoral. It would make sense that these two companies are sharing some resources with each other.

Sharon eventually finds out that Virgil and Richie are Static and Gear, shortly after "Power Outage".
Or, Robert revealed the secret to Sharon sometime during the events of the finale.
  • Only when she's in the right mood to take it all in.

Richie eventually finds a cure for Dr. Todd's Bang Baby cure.
He's got superhuman intelligence, it was bound to happen eventually.
  • But isn't making a "cure for the cure" redundant, when they could just re-inhale the Quantum Vapor again?
    • There's no guarantee that Quantum Vapor has consistency between batches, meaning that exposure to one batch might yield different results than the last. Nor is there a guarantee that it would always be available should re-exposure be necessary in the future. Richie's idea of "a cure for the cure" would basically mean immunizing himself and Static against the antidote so they retain their powers. Think like a flu vaccine.

Ebon-Streak survived and are still lurking around somewhere.
  • Even Static and Gear expressed doubts that they died in the explosion.

Virgil knows Richie is gay.
  • He’s obviously cool with it, he just wants Richie to come out when he’s ready.
    • Dwayne McDuffie stated here that Virgil didn't know yet in the cartoon.

Jimmy Osgood's motive had something to do with gang violence
There are several hints to suggest this such as his journal literally being called "the battle journal", being obsessed with the idea of protection hence him trying to show off his father's gun that he bought to protect his family (it's even implied that he did that at least once before he met Virgil & Richie) well those two things on the surface just imply that he's just a terrorist who may or may not have anything against gangs think again because he has his own Motive Rant "lots of things aren't funny gang violence destroying this city isn't funny, the authorities doing nothing about it isn't funny" why would he state that if that wasn't his motive for doing what he did and if that is the case then why was he so willing to use a gun? Well it really comes down to circumstances the gang violence that he experienced that lead him up to that point had little to nothing to do with guns since not all gang violence involves guns and it comes in many forms so we honestly have no idea what form Jimmy's experience with gangs was so that combined with his dad probably installing the idea in him that guns can be used to protect people you get someone who is willing to murder people so that Dakota City can finally be free from gang violence once and for all. Am I saying what he did is right? No well he may have a good motive him trying to murder all gang members without stepping in their shoes first or even considering the idea that he may accidentally harm an innocent bystander beforehand pretty much confirms he is an extremist so that is what he meant by "they had to hurt me humiliate me" but after he accidentally shot Richie he suddenly realized that his way of dealing with gang violence may harm people that that had nothing to do with gangs in the first place and tries to find a better way to stop it.

Genetics Has A Noticable Influence In Bang Baby Effects.
While it's entirely possible for siblings to get different power sets, two Bang Babies with similar power sets means it's very likely they're closely related by blood. The pair with the most similarity to each other are brothers after all.

Shaquille O'Neal was a former member of the Hoop Squad.
In the Hoop Squad's titular episode, the NBA players already seem to know Static's identity. While it's possible Virgil revealed it to them offscreen, another possible explanation comes from Season 2's "Static Shaq", in which Shaq winds up becoming a Secret-Keeper to Virgil's identity. Assuming the Hoop Squad already existed at that point, it's likely that O'Neal, being one of the NBA's biggest names at the time, was a founding member of the group and entrusted his teammates with the secret in the event that they and Static ever wound up teaming up with each other.

Shortly after the incident with Jimmy, and losing his popularity he decided to start a racing career to reclaim his popularity, after the show ended.

Johnny Morrow, Barney Stinson, Doctor Horrible, The Music Meister, Count Olaf and The Celestial Toymaker are all the same person.
He's not sure which one he really is anymore. He doesn't know how old he is or what species he's from, if his super powers are real, if they come from his inventions or if he's just that good a magician. It's possible all these characters are from Barney's playbook, or roles Count Olaf assumed as part of his schemes, maybe Johnny Morrow duplicated himself so many times they started taking on identities of their own or they could all be different games The Toymaker's playing with people, different civilian identities of Doctor Horrible, maybe it's all just an excuse to perform a bunch of elaborate musical numbers. It's equally likely none of them are real and the true identity of the person playing all these roles has been lost to time. He might have an actual doctorate but if so he got it years ago and hasn't really used it in a while, or maybe he's just a magician with severe schizophrenia, he could be a boy who was horrifically muted by a nuclear bomb creating new realities for himself with his telepathic powers but most likely of all he's a washed-up child actor, inventing tons of different characters while trying to meet women.