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Heartwarming / Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

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  • In the censored version of the events leading to Jokers death, Tim immediately tosses the gun given to him by Joker to kill Batman aside, causing Bruce to smile with pride.
    • Moments later he jumps the Joker freeing Batman from Joker's grasp.
    • In the uncensored version, he shoots the Joker instead when he orders him to murder Batman. He then slowly returns back to his senses.
  • How Batgirl tries to snap Tim out of his senses by not referring to him as Robin.
    • She also refers to herself not as Batgirl in this interaction.
    Batgirl: Tim, it's Barbara! Can you hear me?
  • How Batgirl hugs Tim when he's in tears after he kills the Joker, and how Tim leans on her shoulder.
    Batgirl: It's okay, Tim. It's okay.
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  • While Tim says it bitterly, he says Bruce did him a favor by retiring him after what happened with the Joker. It's easy to forget that he was probably sixteen at best when he went through horrific Mind Rape, and being able to choose a new path proved that he could move forward and not backward. For all that happened, he never hated his adoptive father or blamed him for the trauma. It was Bruce's guilt that kept him away.
  • The ending scene at the hospital, where the Bat-Family are together again after nearly 40 years apart.
    • Bruce gives Terry this advice before entering the hospital room:
    Bruce: Terry... I've been thinking of something you once told me. And you were wrong. It's not Batman that makes you worthwhile. It's the other way around. Never tell yourself anything different.
    • Right after that, Bruce and Tim talk to each other for the first time in almost half a century:
      Bruce: Hello, Tim.
      Tim: Hi, old man.
      • It should be noted that the "old man" part was not sarcastic at all... which makes it even more heartwarming.
  • Subtly, bear in mind that the Joker really did die, and Harley was childless at the time. She moved on.
    • Not only that, but she really is pissed that her granddaughters were engaging in criminal activities. Not only did she move on, but she broke out of her own criminal mindset and wanted her family to be on the straight and narrow.
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    • A blink and you miss it one from the flashback, but Harley actually seems to try to protect JJ (brainwashed Tim) at one point. Perhaps the desire for children was more genuine on her part?
  • After being attacked by the resurrected Joker and his gang, Ace recovers by watching classic WB cartoons.
    • And Terry makes it a point to check up on him.
  • When Terry visits Tim in the hospital after the crisis is over.
    Tim: For what it's worth, Bruce couldn't have chosen anyone better to put on the mask.
    Terry: Coming from you, that means everything.
  • Earlier in the film, Terry makes it clear that being Batman is important to him because it helps him make up for his past, and makes him feel like a worthwhile person. Later, Bruce makes a point to tell him that being Batman doesn't make Terry worthwhile - it's the other way around.
    • Additionally, after the Joker's return, Bruce tries to make Terry stop being Batman, and says that he's done the reputation of Batman proud. While he might just have been saying it - at least in part - to get him out of the suit and out of harm's way, it's not something he'd say lightly.
  • The scene where a police officer gives Batman a salute, it wasn't even in any of the original storyboards but kept in anyway.
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  • Earlier, when Terry wanted to ask Barbara about the Joker since Bruce refuse to talk about it, she too won't say anything about it and just tells him to drop it. While it seems that she still refuses to accept Terry, it was really to protect Tim. But after Joker attacked Bruce, Terry calls Barbara for help. Then Terry begged Barbara to tell him the whole truth since he's part of this now. After a moment, Barbara complies.

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