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Heartwarming moments in Batman Beyond.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.


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    General/Multiple Seasons & Episodes 
  • The first time Bruce calls Terry by his first name. It hits you right then just how much Bruce cares about Terry and keeping him safe.

    Season One 
1x01/02 — Rebirth, Parts 1 & 2
  • Terry convincing Bruce to let him stop Powers from shipping the nerve gas, and to confront his father's killer.
    Terry: I read up on you, Mr. Wayne. I know how you lost your folks. The guy who murdered my dad is on that hover transport. This is my one chance to nail him.
    Bruce: ...the hover-pad is in the northeast sector.
    Terry: Thanks. Wish me luck.
    Bruce: ...good luck.

1x03 — Black Out

1x04 — Golem

1x05 — Meltdown

  • Fries gets attacked by a assassin whose family had been killed by Fries in his criminal identity as Mr. Freeze decades ago before Terry stops him. Terry is about to take him to the police before Fries tells him to let him go, saying "I've done this man enough harm." Then Fries frees the man from Terry's bolas and earnestly vows to make amends for his past crimes.
  • Bruce is convinced that Fries is still a bad guy. Throughout the episode, he's warning Terry that Fries is no good, but Terry stands up for him. At the end of the episode, after all he's seen, Terry says that Bruce was right, but Bruce says they were both right, indicating that he now believes that Fries sincerely intended to reform and that, on some level, he's forgiven his former foe.
  • Freeze's final words "Believe're the only one who cares...", since from his first appearance in BTAS's "Heart of Ice" to this point, both Terry and Bruce had been the only ones who genuinely cared about his well-being.
    • Then to top it off, Freeze's last act is to save a life, by creating a barrier of ice to force Terry to flee the collapsing building rather than risk his own life trying to save him.

1x06 — Heroes

  • There's an absolutely adorable scene where Matt and Terry are at the mall, and Matt is looking at Terrific Trio merchandise when a store clerk indirectly insults Batman by saying it's "nice to have some good, wholesome heroes the kids can look up to", causing Matt to say that the Trio's nothing compared to Batman (not realizing his big brother is in fact Batman). This prompts Terry to buy Matt some ice cream.

1x07 — Shriek

1x08 — Dead Man's Hand

  • Terry apologizes to Bruce for blowing up at him earlier.
  • Terry and Melanie's Caught in the Rain moment. Judging by the music and their expressions, they're very genuinely happy to see each other.
  • The moment between Bruce and Terry at the end, after Terry watches Melanie/Ten get hauled away to prison:
    Terry: This kind of thing ever happen to you?
    Bruce: [smiles] Let me tell you about a woman named Selina Kyle...
  • Also the very fact that Bruce is right there to comfort Terry, and his first response is to kindly commiserate - and actually open up for once.

1x09 — The Winning Edge

  • Terry's mom finds a slapper that he took for an investigation and suspects that the reason that Terry is so worn out all the time is because he's been juicing. The truth is that he's just worn out from being Batman, but obviously he can't tell his family that so he has no alibi to give her. In the end, Bruce shows up at Terry's house to present a negative drug test to clear Terry's name and also to assure her that he's going to take better care of her son.

1x10 — Spellbound

1x11 — Disappearing Inque

  • Bruce comes to save Terry when Inque captures him and threatens to kill him if Bruce doesn't show up. He does it in the exosuit that puts dangerous levels of stress on his heart, as he explains earlier in the episode. Terry's clear dread and panic when he sees the suit in action, and when Bruce finally goes down, make it even more heartwarming.

1x12 — A Touch of Curare

1x13 — Ascension

    Season Two 
2x01 — Splicers
  • Terry and Ace have been having trouble getting along, but then they work together to fight a mutated Dr. Cuvier. When Cuvier attempts to kill Ace: "DON'T. TOUCH. MY. DOG."

2x02 — Earth Mover

  • In a way, Earthmover's last act: Saving Batman, his daughter Jackie, and Bill Wallace, the man he believes killed him, by destroying a boulder that had trapped them. Think about that: A man driven mad by anger, sorrow and, most likely, fear (he was severely mutated by radioactive chemicals while trapped underground) put it all aside to save his daughter and his friend in his last moments.
  • Bill steps up to show how much Jackie means to him. He's ready to face death at the hands of his fallen friend but he begs that Jackie to be let go. By the end, Jackie embraces Bill, acknowledging him as her father.

2x03 — Joyride

  • The Jokerz initiate realized his leader's insanity and helps Batman in taking him down.

2x04 — Lost Soul

  • Robert Vance's AI is making all computerized things in Gotham (which is almost everything) go berserk. Terry discovers this while on a date with Dana, and they end up trapped on an elevator. After he stops the elevator, he is frantically fiddling with the controls in order to get down to the ground quickly so he can go check on Bruce.
  • There's a subtle one at the end of the episode. After Vance hijacks the Batsuit, Terry admits to Bruce that sometimes he wonders if he really matters or if the suit does all the work. At the end, after Terry has to trash the suit to destroy Vance and Bruce mentions it'll take time to rebuild the suit, Terry replies it'll be nice to have a break, only for Bruce to say that only the suit's out of commission, not Batman. On the surface, it sounds like Bruce just being a taskmaster, but it's also him assuring Terry he can still be Batman without the suit.

2x05 — Hidden Agenda

  • A bit of a subtle one at the end of the episode: Max jokingly claims that Terry is not allowed to call her "Robin," to which Terry responds by referring to her as "Alfred." Which implies that Bruce has talked about Alfred to Terry.

2x06 — Blood Sport

  • At the end of the episode, after Batman had saved him from the Stalker, Matt excitedly tells his mother about his rescue and playfully ribs Terry by saying Batman was cool and "not a loser like him". Terry playfully ruffles his hair and tells him they can't all be Batman before tickling him, with the brothers laughing together as the episode ends.

2x07 — Once Burned...

  • Melanie/Ten coming to Terry and apologizing for hurting him, along with them (temporarily) rekindling their relationship. Goes into Tearjerker territory by the end of the episode.

2x08 — Hooked Up

  • The end, when Max apologizes for getting both herself and Terry/Batman in trouble, and Terry forgives her.
    Max: I just wanted to be a part of something.
    Terry: Well, congratulations, because you're a part of it now, but we'll take it a little slower next time.

2x09 — Rats!

  • At the end, after Batman and Dana escape from Patrick's lair, Terry shows up and starts to apologize to Dana (whom was mad at him for missing a date earlier) until Dana hugs him and tells him to shut up.

2x10 — Mind Games

  • Midway through the episode, Terry goes into Matt's room and pulls his blanket over him as he sleeps. Aw.
  • The ending, when Tamara, the little girl Terry saved, sends a psychic projection to him, just waving and smiling.

2x11 — Revenant

  • The end, where Terry and Matt are going through pictures of a trip they took with their late dad, and Terry assures his brother that he hasn't forgotten what their father was like, as Matt expressed earlier in the episode.

2x12 — Babel

  • Bruce's willingness to give himself up to Shriek in Terry's place, and then standing up for his protege.
    Bruce: That kid's done a lot for this city. It's time for this city to do something for him.
  • The ending: Bruce thanking Terry for reminding him why he protected Gotham.

2x13 — Terry's Friend Dates a Robot

2x14 — Eyewitness

  • Bruce believing Terry's claims that he didn't kill Mad Stan and helping to clear his name.
  • Terry thanking Bruce at the end.

2x15 — Final Cut

  • A subtle, off-screen one: Bruce clearly has enough faith in Terry to let him keep operating as Batman while he's out of the city.
  • Terry is threatened with a bomb that could level an area of Gotham if he doesn't keep a member of the Society of Assassins alive. When Max is attacked by Curare, Terry, for the sake of a friend, risks all of Gotham to save her, knowing that, in his absence, Curare could easily get to the man.
  • The end of the episode after they both save the day:
    Max: How do you do it?
    Terry: [dabbing a wound on her forehead] It's easier for me. I've got the suit.
    Max: No, how do you save the world and not tell anybody?!
    Terry: I can tell you. You can tell me. That's why I'm glad you found out, partner. [they grin at each other, and the episode ends]

2x16 — The Last Resort

  • Terry finding Chelsea at Wheeler's correctional facility. Despite him being a pretty bad boyfriend for her best friend, she's still glad to see him because of all she's been through, and he still cares about her despite them barely interacting.
  • It's stated that parents are sending their children by the roves to the facility, even when they aren't truly troubled. Notably, however, Terry isn't. Keep in mind that Terry used to be a troubled kid, having spent three months in juvie, and in "The Winning Edge," his mother incorrectly believed that he was using drugs, so the fact that she didn't send Terry to the facility shows a subtle but clear improvement in their relationship.

2x17 — Armory

2x18 — Sneak Peek

  • When Ian Peek threatens to reveal Batman's identity, Terry kicks himself for not checking the Batmobile for potential bugs. Bruce's response is far gentler than one might expect.
    Bruce: I always assumed I'd be found out sooner or later. It's just galling that a piece of garbage like Peek had to be the one.
  • Terry tries but fails in persuading Peek not to reveal Bruce's identity to the world.
    Terry: I don't care what you do to me. But he doesn't deserve this. He's done too much for this city to wind up in the middle of a media circus.
    Peek: He means a lot to you, doesn't he?
    Terry: Yeah, he does.
  • While dark, Bruce's nonchalance about Peek's impending doom shows how much he's willing to look pass his "No-killing" rule to protect Terry.

2x19 — The Eggbaby

  • Eggbaby laughing and giggling as Ace licks its face.
  • While most of the episode with Eggbaby is played for comedy, the ending where it turns out Terry got the best grade out of everybody because he was the only parent who provided enough "intellectual stimulation" for his eggbaby in addition to meeting its basic needs. It doesn't hurt that Dana gave him a very heartfelt little smile to boot, either.

2x20 — Zeta

  • Most of Zeta's interactions with Max are pretty sweet, with him causing her no injury when he takes her prisoner to impersonate her and even brings her food. Max eventually convinces Zeta he can prove he's more than a machine by discarding his myriad weapons. Zeta does it, and all to prove to her that he means no harm.
  • The reason why Zeta turned against his superiors? The target he's supposed to impersonate had a daughter and Zeta couldn't bear to let the man being unable to watch his child grow.
  • When he overpowers Agent Bennet and holds Bennet's own gun on him, it appears that Terry may have been right about Zeta only being programmed to kill. Regarding the weapon, Zeta crushes it in his hands and states "I decide who I want to be.", bringing a smile to Batman's face.
  • When Zeta fakes his death by using his holoprojector and appearing to be shot to pieces before falling to his death, he and Batman share a final smile as Zeta, in his new disguise, runs off. Batman throws an explosive down as he flies away (helping Zeta by pretending his remains were buried in the blast) slowing down the agents who were seeking to recover his body while Zeta boards a train out of the city.

2x21 — Plague

  • A small moment but Agent Bennet's determination in stopping Kobra shows there's more to the man than being obssesively hunting Zeta.

2x22 — April Moon

2x23 — Sentries of the Last Cosmos

  • The fans/Sentries coming to Eldon Michael's house to ask questions about the game. Eldon, usually cynical, allows them inside and begins to answer their questions.

2x24 — Payback

  • Doctor Stanton admits responsibility for his son Kenny's transformation into Payback. Rather than blame him or get angry, Bruce tells him to go to his son now and look after him.
  • Bruce and Terry get a moment, with Bruce complimenting Terry and Terry admitting Bruce was right and accepts he still has more to learn.

2x25 — Where's Terry?

  • This episode focuses on Bruce and Max teaming up to find a missing Terry. Despite Bruce's best to push her away, Max refuses out of care for Terry and Bruce.

2x26 — Ace in the Hole

  • The flashback of Bruce bringing Ace home in the first place. It's especially heartwarming given that it happened during the reclusive years between Bruce hanging up the mask and passing the mantle to Terry; as bitter and alone as he became, he remained basically good-hearted.
    • Once Bruce discovers Ace's past, he promises his missing dog that no one else will abuse him ever again. He'll probably go out there and hunt down Ace's abusers. Old age be damned!
  • After Terry finally brings Ace back from a dog-fighting ring, Bruce is so clearly relieved even though he'd spent the episode telling Terry not to worry.
  • Also, Bruce apparently named Ace the dog after Ace of the original Royal Flush Gang.

    Season Three 
3x01 — King's Ransom
  • After taking down most of the Royal Flush gang, Bruce pats his dog, telling him that he's a good boy.
  • The ending of the episode: Melanie bails out Jack and gets him a job. note 

3x02 — Untouchable

3x03 — Inqueling

  • This exchange:
    Terry: So how mad was Dana that I blew off our date?
    Max: Actually, she wasn't mad at all. Since she understands the "special nature" of your job.
    Terry: What?! She found out?!
    Max: Relax. She was talking about your relationship with Mr. Wayne. She says that with your dad being gone, it was important for you to have a positive father figure. Bruce Wayne. Some father figure.
    Terry: [smiles] Maybe she's not so far off.

3x04 — Big Time

3x05 — Out of the Past

  • Bruce storms out of the musical making light of his career as Batman when it begins making a mockery of Jim Gordon.
  • Bruce reminiscences his glory days on his birthday, viewing photos of the women of his life on the Batcomputer, including Zatanna, Lois Lane, Selina, and Barbara. note 
  • Terry mentions the "Near-Apocalypse of '09," and that Talia turned on her father and aided Batman in putting an end to Ra's al Ghul's scheme. If what he's referring to is Ra's and Talia's last appearance in the Superman episode "The Demon Reborn" (in which Talia showed "no" sign of reforming), it could be that Bruce made arrangements after her apparent death that she be kindly remembered in history.
  • Bruce's final goodbye to Talia in the final scene. Might also count as Tear Jerker, depending on the viewer.

3x06 — Speak No Evil

3x07/08 — The Call, Part 1 & 2

  • Bruce and Superman meeting for the first time in years, complete with Terry watching on.
    Bruce: What're you smiling at?
    Terry: Nothing.
    • Superman remarks that Bruce will outlive them all because "you're too stubborn to die."
  • Near the end of Part 2, Starro and his kind are allowed to go home because, as Superman himself puts it, they never asked for what happened to them. After what he'd been through, Superman's still the All-Loving Hero.
    • Starro himself is more than happy to cooperate; all he'd ever really wanted was to go home.
  • How everyone's attitude towards Terry changes over the course of the two part episode, Warhawk especially. At first they were insulted by Superman for not informing them about bringing Terry as Batman, and show little to no respect towards him. As time goes on and Terry proving himself to them, it's Warhawk who begins to show open appreciation. At the end, everyone comes to accept Terry as a worthy successor to Batman and offer him a full time position with the Justice League.

3x09 — Betrayal

3x10/11 — The Curse of the Kobra, Parts 1 & 2

  • Max has been kidnapped by KOBRA to be their queen, and Terry is desperate to find her despite his loads of injuries, including four cracked ribs that hurt when he breathes. When he and Bruce finally locate her whereabouts, there's this exchange:
    Bruce: What about your breathing problem?
    Terry: [pulls on the mask] I'll breathe on the weekend.

3x12 — Countdown

  • Zeta comes back with a close human friend named Rosalie who knows who he is and deeply cares for him, as seen in The Zeta Project.
  • Mad Stan sees a human-looking Zeta being attacked by federal agents, and immediately jumps in to rescue him. The guy might be a lunatic and a terrorist, but he can care about people.

3x13 — Unmasked



  • The entire "The Trigger Man" arc is about Mad Stan trying to reclaim his lost doggy. Preferably, with large quantities of explosives, but still. He gets caught in the end, but is allowed two visits a month with his dog, which is implied to be Batman's work.
  • In the conclusion of the Justice Lords arc, T thanks Terry for his actions by arranging a surprise meeting with Warren McGinnis, who did not perish in the Lords' timeline. What follows is a conversation where Warren apologizes for the current state of their relationship, hoping to make things better (of course thinking Terry is T). However, it is a statement which Terry needs desperately to hear, considering how their last interaction went the night Warren was killed, and wouldn't be far from what the main timeline's Warren would have said to Terry if he had the chance.
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  • When Diana reunites with Bruce. She's still not used to the fact that it's been years since she's seen Bruce or Batman, never mind him being an old man now. Bruce smiles wistfully and tells her it's okay before they embrace.
  • The Bat Family finally reconciles in the final issue. It's most poignant with Dick finally forgiving Bruce after Dick's near-death experience.