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Funny moments in Batman Beyond.

WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

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    Season 1 

1x01/02 - Rebirth, Parts 1 & 2

  • This exchange after Bruce comes upon Terry being cornered by the Jokerz:
    J-Man: Who do you think you're talking to, old man? We're the Jokerz!
    Bruce: Sure you are.
  • As Terry escorts a weakened Bruce back to Wayne Manor and Ace barks threateningly at Terry:
    Terry: Nice dog.
    Bruce: Not really.
  • Bruce falling asleep in his chair after taking his heart medicine.
  • Terry's attempt to leave Wayne Manor is thwarted by Ace, who barks at him the moment he opens the front door.
  • In Part 2, Powers' amusement after receiving word that his security force is pursuing Batman.
  • Bruce demands the Batsuit back after Terry steals it, but Terry refuses, saying he's having too fun fighting Powers' Mooks. Bruce then smiles as he asks "Fun, huh?" and activates the Batsuit's kill switch.
    • Bruce then faces away from the screen and calmly listens as Terry gets beat up.
    Bruce: It's a fail safe device. Paralyzes the suit. In case the wrong person gets into it.
    Terry: But you can't!
    Bruce: I just did.
  • This exchange:
    Bruce: There's a broom closet on the north wall. Can you get to it?
    Terry: A broom closet?
    Bruce: DO IT!
  • The end of the second part has Bruce come round to Terry's house, ostensibly to invite him to be his assistant. While this, in and of itself, is funny, watching Bruce pretending to be a nice and normal kindly old man is absolutely hilarious. He even calls Terry "Terrence."

1x02 - Black Out

  • When Bruce visits Powers at Wayne-Powers:
    Powers: Why, hello, Bruce. How are you holding up?
  • Terry ignoring Bruce's order to get out of the Foxteca lab, which results in him getting his ass handed to him by Inque.
    • After Inque escapes, he can only ask "What the heck was that?!"
    • And after the return from commercial break, he's next seen griping at Bruce for not warning him.
  • When Terry increases the speed on the Batmobile, Bruce warns him:
    Bruce: You scratch it, no allowance.

1x03 - Golem

  • Crossing over with Moment of Awesome, we have a small moment when Nelson is bullying Willie Watt and Terry interrupts:
    Terry: Lay off him, Nash. Don't you have something better to do?
    Nelson: You think I'm afraid of you, McGinnis?
    Terry: [lifts his eyebrow and smirks] I dunno. Are you?
    [Nelson ponders it, then backs down]
  • Terry's line about people with a grudge against Nelson, cementing Nelson's Asshole Victim status.
    Terry: The line starts with me and goes around the block...twice.

1x04 - Meltdown

  • Batman calling Powers to troll him after he puts a stop to an illegal shipment by his mooks.
  • Blight getting defeated by Freeze almost in the same vein as Team Rocket.
  • "Meltdown" should not be funny; in fact, it's one of the most tragic, heart-wrenching episodes in the Batman mythos. However, there's a moment of comedy at the end in between two moments of poignant remorse for maximum Mood Whiplash, where the newly-shown Walking Wasteland Blight is recovered by his henchmen after having been blasted into a frozen river.
    Henchman 1: Mister Powers! Thank heavens.
    Henchman 2: We used an infrared scan to locate you.
    Henchman 1: Not that you would've been hard to spot without it.
    Henchman 2: [offering blankets to the radioactive, super-heated Blight] We also brought these. Just in case you were cold.
    Blight: [glowers at them for a long moment] ...You are idiots.

1x05 - Heroes

  • A case of Mood Whiplash, but after Magma wrecks a police car in frustration and stalks off, there's an exchange between two onlooking police officers:
    Gotham Police Officer #1: Hey! That's police property!
    Gotham Police Officer #2: You tell him!
    [Gotham Police Officer #1 looks back fearfully]
  • Matt’s confusion at Terry buying him ice cream when he compliments Batman.

1x06 - Shriek

  • Powers' panicked cry of "SHREEVE!" when Shreeve demonstrates his sound device, making Powers think a train is about to hit him.
  • Bruce's smug grin to Powers after the board meeting discussing the future of the old Gotham district.
  • When Terry and Bruce first encounter Shriek:
    Bruce: Sorry, not one of mine.
  • At the hospital, Terry overhearing Bruce yelling at a nurse to get out, followed by the nurse screaming as she flees the room and a bedpan landing on the floor, having been thrown by an irate Bruce.
    • Terry himself looking amused as he enters Bruce's hospital room, as well as Bruce's petulant attitude.
  • Terry attempting to use the Batcomputer.
    Terry: Computer, find out the metal this thing is made out of.
    Terry: Computer?
    Batcomputer: Incorrect command.
    Batcomputer: Request for spectro-graphic analysis?
    Terry: Yeah, that's it.
  • After Terry breaks into Bruce's cell to bust him out and finds Shriek's audio transmitter:
    Bruce: Still think I'm insane?
    Terry: It never occurred to me.
  • Terry and Bruce's conversation at the end.
    Terry: Tell me something—why were you so sure those voices weren't coming from you?
    Bruce: Well, first, I know I'm not psychotic.
    Terry: I hope your other reason is more convincing.
    Bruce: The voice kept calling me "Bruce." In my mind, that's not what I call myself.
    Terry: What do you call yourself?
    [Bruce just looks at him for a moment]
    Terry: Oh, yeah. I suppose you would. [Batman voice] But that's my name now.
    Bruce: Hmm. Tell that to my subconscious. [walks off]

1x07 - Dead Man's Hand

  • The Royal Flush Gang's first appearance is robbing a yacht. When Bruce explains to Terry that their crimes all revolve around cards, Terry asks how the yacht fits, in a pun so hurts.
    Bruce: It was part of a yacht club.
    Terry: Ouch.
  • Melanie grabbing onto a pole and pole-dancing out of the blue as she and Terry keep talking like nothing is going on.

1x08 - The Winning Edge

  • Terry kvetches to Bruce about his mom grounding him and asks his mentor for advice on how to handle it, leading to this brilliant reply from the erstwhile Dark Knight:
    Bruce: Arch-criminals I know how to handle; mothers are something else.
    • And it makes perfect sense in a tragic way via Fridge Logic, seeing as Bruce hasn't had a mother since he was eight years old.
    • When Bruce says Terry is going to meet Bane:
      Terry: Sure. [checks watch] Just as long as I'm home by nine.
      [Bruce gives him a look]
      Terry: I told you I was in trouble!
  • When Bruce cautions Terry about Bane:
    Terry: C'mon, he must be a zillion years old! What trouble could an old geezer—
    [Bruce makes a sour look on the Batmobile's computer screen]
    Terry: Never mind.
  • At the end, Bruce's expression when he looks to see that Terry has fallen asleep on the couch.

1x09 - Spellbound

  • When Terry finds it impossible for Chelsea to steal her father's artifact and drop it on the river, Bruce simply says that she's just making an encounter to lash out on him.
    Terry: Guess you're an expert on troubled kids. You collect them.
    [Bruce gives Terry a Death Glare]
  • While Spellbinder making Jared's mother believe she is trapped in a world of giant insects is not funny, there's the bit at the end where Batman catches her. Since she sees him as an insect, she screams and hits him, trying to get away, but when the hallucination ends and her vision goes back to normal, she screams and hits Batman again.
  • Bruce investigates a security alert upstairs to find Terry, hypnotized by Spellbinder to believe he's a contestant on a shopping game show, stuffing expensive items into a sack with an idiotic grin on his face.
    • Even better, as Bruce confronts Terry, the game show music plays in the background.
    • Bruce gives a defeated Terry a firm slap to bring him back to reality. As Terry regains his senses, Bruce snarks "Telling tales in school, were we?"

1x10 - Disappearing Inque

  • Inque meets Aaron, the person who freed her. (This is after Aaron got fired for kissing Inque-in-an-ice-cube.)
    Aaron: How did you know where I live?
    Inque: How could I not know? All those months of you prattling on and on about your pathetic life.
    Aaron: You could hear me?
    Inque: Yes, Aaron, I could hear you. And see you, too.
    [Aaron Facepalms]
  • After Inque escapes capture, Terry sets to work sealing up the Batmobile's entrance to the Batcave, believing Inque knows the way there. Bruce doesn't believe she's coming, pointing out that it was dark that night and "There's the way you drive."
  • In a minor moment, while Terry is held captive by Inque and Aaron, Inque tells Bruce where they are and orders him to come or Batman dies. When Terry tries to tell him not to come, Inque silences him by forcing a deep kiss on him. It is so sudden and comes out of nowhere due to her never showing a romantic interest in him before or afterwards. She could have easily gagged him any other way thanks to her powers, but chose to do it via a "Shut Up" Kiss. Given how many female villains Bruce kissed in his day as Batman, perhaps it proves Terry really is his successor.
  • After defeating Inque, Bruce actually cracks a joke. As Inque is washed down the drain by rainwater, he remarks in perfect classic Batman deadpan, "Poor deluded [diluted] fool." Terry visibly double-takes just before the camera fades to the next scene.

1x11 - A Touch of Curare

  • Terry panicking after Barbara appears in the Batcave, contrasting with Bruce's totally unruffled demeanor.
    • Terry's surprise at figuring out Barbara's past just moments later:
      Terry: You're Batgirl! [turns his head to Bruce] She's Batgirl!

1x12 - Ascension

  • Terry, as Batman, saves Bruce from Blight at a Wayne-Powers board meeting. Bruce thanks Terry, referring to him as "Batman," since they're in public. However, his tone has just the right level of hesitation and awkwardness to tell how weirded out he is from not being Batman anymore.
  • Terry's pleasure at seeing all the protestors against Powers before being told they're mad at Paxton, not Derek.
  • Terry giving Paxton a Death Glare for a long moment after responding to his summons using a Bat Signal.
    Batman: Next time, use email.
  • Black Comedy with Blight, asking who Batman is:
    Blight: ...Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?
    • What makes it funny is that he isn't even being boastful; Blight sounds irritated in a way that says "Dude, just freakin' tell me."

    Season 2 
2x01 - Splicers
  • Terry needs Ace to track down Cuvier:
    Batman: Look, Wonder Dog, I don't like you and you don't like me, but how about cutting me a break this one time? [holds claw up to Ace] Bad guy. You find, me stop.
  • Terry's put-down to a troublemaking Splicer with ram horns:

2x02 - Earth Mover

  • This little gem can be overheard when Dana and Jackie are in the locker room.
    Cheerleader: So Nelson expects me to drop everything and go out with him tonight as if I don't have a life. What do you think I should wear?
  • When speaking about Bill Wallace, Bruce brings up how a previous crime of Wallace's was all over the papers. Terry hadn't heard about it, and this conversation ensues:
    Bruce: Didn't you read the news? It was only ten years ago.
    Terry: I was seven.
    Bruce: Oh. Well...back then, the DA accused Wallace of illegally dumping waste.

2x03 - Joyride

  • This exchange when Coe and Scab are aboard the stolen government vehicle.
    Coe: It is a UFO, isn't it?
    Scab: Wake up, Coe! All the writing's in English!
    Coe: You can read?!
  • Batman's steady Death Glare at Dr. Price as she rants about being forced to work on a poor budget to build the nuclear-powered vehicle.

2x04 - Lost Soul

  • The exchange between Terry and Bruce when Vance's AI spreads its code throughout the city, and Terry touches Bruce's computer console to open the entrance repeatedly.
    Bruce: The door's not working. I had to shut down the computer so that Vance's program couldn't get in. If you want out of the cave, you're gonna have to do it the old-fashioned way.
    [Bruce points to a steel door with a handle]
    Terry: You're kidding?
    Bruce: None of the Robins ever complained. [smirks]
  • After Terry's Shirtless Scene:
    Terry: By the way, can I borrow a pair of pants?

2x05 - Hidden Agenda

  • At the end, after Max discovers Terry's secret:
    Max: One more thing. You call me "Robin," I'm outta here.
    Terry: No problem...Alfred. [leaves]
    Max: [confused] "Alfred?"

2x06 - Blood Sport

  • While Terry's fighting a gang of goons, Bruce, with a slight smile, informs him via radio that his mother called and wants him to pick up some milk on the way home.
  • As Terry investigates a museum break-in:
    Terry: You should see this place. Antiques. Relics. You'd be right at home.
    Bruce: Cute.

2x07 - Once Burned

  • In this episode, young people are stupid. Terry hasn't learned from his past experiences with Melanie, and Terry's brother believes that they're going to do an instant replay of the sunset.
    Bruce: Ah, to be young again. And gullible.
    [Cue sour look on Terry's face]
  • The exchange between two Derby members, Benny and Tyrus, after the latter dope slaps the former following Ten's attack:
    Benny: Ow! What was that for?
    Tyrus: For saying "I told you so."
    Benny: But I didn't!
    Tyrus: [with a clenched fist] But you were gonna!
  • One of the unnamed Derby members, frustrated at Benny taking so long to make a bet, says that he has places to go and people to rob.
  • Tyrus and the "places to be, people to rob" Derby Player get stuck in the doorway when they both try to chase Ten through it at the same time.
  • During the final shootout, Benny is charging after the Royal Flush Gang Guns Akimbo then trips over a rock and falls in a puddle.

2x08 - Hooked Up

  • Terry informs Bruce that Max wants to be more involved in their crime-fighting:
    Bruce: Over my dead body. And if you think you're gonna overrule me on this—
    Terry: Will you relax? I feel the same way you do! For once. But she's been a big help to me. How do I tell her no?
    Bruce: [smirking] You're asking me for advice on handling women?
    Terry: [dryly] Ah. I see your point.
  • Batman confronts Donny Grosso, who had just stolen a purse.
    Batman: [Completely deadpan] Give back the bag. It doesn't go with your shoes.

2x09 - Rats!

2x10 - Mind Games

2x11 - Revenant

  • After Terry's encounter with the alleged poltergeist:
    Terry: Naturally, you don't believe in that sort of thing.
    Bruce: [crosses his arms] Of course I do. I've seen it all: Demons, witch boys, immortals, zombies. But this thing...I don't know, it just feels high school.
  • When the girls were talking about being chased out of the bathroom by a supposed ghost, Terry has this little epiphany:
  • When the culprit is revealed and the school is shut down until he's caught, by a court order delivered by Barbara Gordon, the students start cheering and Terry gets this gem.
    Terry: You're a hero to my people.

2x12 - Babel

  • If "Babel" shows us anything, it's that Shriek makes a very good Straight Man. In the first act, he berates his henchman Ollie for assuming his plan to cause chaos across Gotham by manipulating the sound waves across the city is for credits, after he was rendered deaf. After he turns on TV to watch the news, he reveals his real aim is revenge against Batman. Ollie then earnestly asks what Batman did to him. One wishes you could see his face under mask, but if it was obvious he was annoyed at the question, that he gave him "the fork" to shut him up. Unfortunately, for him (and the audience), it didn't work too well.
    [Shriek activates the massive underground sound controls powering up the device]
    Shriek: Ollie, it's time.
    [Cut to Ollie playing around with "the fork"]
    Shriek: [off-screen] OLLIE!
    [Ollie runs off towards him]
  • After Shriek issues his ultimatum to the GCPD.
    Barbara: You're insane.
    Shriek: Duh! [hangs up]

2x13 - Terry's Friend Dates a Robot

  • When Howard is trying desperately to get the "cool kids" to come to his party, Terry has this line:
    Terry: Calm down. Only politicians chase after people who don't like them.
  • When Terry investigates the boys' locker room to see if there's any evidence of Nelson's "accident" being foul play and Max walks in to do the same thing. The look on Terry's face is priceless.
    • To top things off, after they find a hand print, boys start walking in and Max hides in a locker, begging Terry to sneak her out. He instead leaves her there and says he'll tell the teacher she's gonna be late, which infuriates her. Terry's such a troll.
  • This hilarious exchange:
    Blade: Where are you two going? Private party?
    Howard: [dragging Cynthia into a room by the arm] Yeah! [to himself] ...I'm going to jail!
  • An obviously drunk dude at the end of the episode watching Cynthia and Batman duke it out: "This is totally awesome! Cynthia's a robot and Batman's kickin' her butt!"
  • How does Howard try to calm down Cynthia? He says "We can still be friends..."
    Cynthia: [makes a You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! face] Friends? FRIENDS?!
    Howard: [to Batman] Wrong thing to say?
    Batman: Is it ever the right thing?!
  • The ending. Cynthia explodes, blowing up Howard's house. Howard asks how things are gonna get worse things. Cue his parents pulling up.
    • His dad then proceeds to chew him out something fierce while Terry, Max, and Dana make a quiet exit, and he continues as the scene fades out.

2x14 - Eyewitness

  • Barbara compliments Bruce on the tea he serves and he replies, "I learned from the best. Now if only I could figure out how [Alfred] made those little tea-cakes."
  • After Terry's apparent murder of Mad Stan is revealed to be an illusion by Spellbinder, we find that the real Mad Stan is in one of the virtual reality simulators from "Hooked Up", where he dreams of blowing up city hall with no one there to stop him. The manic look on his face when it's revealed to only be a simulation is what sells it.
    Mad Stan: No more graft! No more payoffs! NO MORE JURY DUTY! [continues laughing as we fade to the real world]
    Cop: Wonder what he's so happy about...

2x15 - Final Cut

2x16 - The Last Resort

2x17 - Armory

  • In the end, Max flirts with Jared and offers him a ride on her car. Terry looks annoyed that he never got invited.

2x18 - Sneak Peek

  • Bruce cautions Terry to be careful as he enters City Hall, commenting that Terry's never had to deal with politicians before.
  • A bit of Black Comedy when the various secrets of important people are being aired by Peek. Right after Terry covers Matt's eyes as Paxton Powers makes out with a woman, a boxing coach is exposed for flirting with his fighter's girlfriend (complete with Spit Take at the TV screen), at which point the fighter bursts through his door while he watches.
  • Terry jumping to the conclusion that Ian Peek is the culprit, but Bruce isn't convinced.
    Terry: So what do we do, call Commissioner Gordon and have him arrested?
    Bruce: Arrested? For what?
    Terry: Well, he...he...trespassing.
    Bruce: Peek isn't really a criminal, unless being a reporter counts.
    Terry: Yeah, but, um... [becomes lost for words]
  • When the Jerkass investigative reporter Ian Peek finds out Terry and Bruce's secret identities and plans to reveal them on his show, Terry decides that it would be better for his family to hear the truth from him first rather than see it on TV:
    Terry: Mom, Matt, there's something I need to tell you.
    Mary: After the show, dear.
    Terry: No! It can't wait! I-I'm...Batman.
    [His mother and Matt both burst into laughter]
    Terry: [annoyed] Seriously, I am!
    Mary: Terry, please.

2x19 - The Eggbaby

  • While robbing a house, Carl tries to raid the fridge, then Ma drags him away by the ear.
  • This exchange:
    Slim: This isn't my first time busting a vault.
    Ma: Well, it'd be your first time doing it right.
  • In the first robbery, Ma only takes the one ruby ring and leaves. The butler then calls the police and reports the theft of the ring...and the 20,000 credits which are just lying on the floor, with an evil smile on his face.
  • Terry and Bruce discussing Ma Mayhem:
    Terry: What would she want with gems?
    Bruce: Good question. But I have a feeling she's not making slippers.
    Terry: Slippers? From rubies?
    Bruce: Before your time.
  • Terry mentions to Bruce in passing that he's failing Family Studies. After cutting the connection, Bruce just looks at Ace and asks him "How does somebody fail Family Studies?" Stop and think about that. Bruce Wayne, the man who hasn't had a family since he was eight, just asked how someone could fail Family Studies.
  • Terry is forced to babysit an electronic egg-baby for school. Over their radio, all Bruce hears is a baby crying, which leads to this exchange:
    Bruce: What's going on there? Is that a baby?
    Terry: Uh-um...
    Bruce: You brought a baby with you!?
    Terry: It's not what you think, really.
    Bruce: Terry, is there something you need to tell me?
    Terry: It's not a child! It's...turn on your vidlink. See? It's not a real baby.
    Bruce: Why am I not reassured?
  • Ma is full of Hypocritical Humor in that episode, 1/2 Mood Whiplash, the other half pure hilarity. Such as Ma, in full Mama Bear mode after witnessing her biggest son, Carl, being utterly thrashed by Terry, says "Nobody hurts my boys," then proceeds to break his back as she walks over high heels.
    Ma: Let's get out of here before pointy-ears shows up again.
    Batman: Too late.
    Ma: This is getting old, Batman.
    Batman: Look who's talking.
  • When Terry has to rescue the Eggbaby from a dumpster before it gets dumped in the garbage truck, it leads to this gem:
    Rubbish Collector 1: Was that Batman? Dumpster diving?
    Rubbish Collector 2: [shrugs] A fella's gotta eat.
  • Nelson doesn't understand why his baby isn't eating.
    Nelson: Something's wrong. He's not eating. Why isn't he eating?
    Terry: Maybe because you're trying to feed him through his nose.
    (*Cut to the eggbaby looking angry*)
  • The wonderful moment after Blade ditches Terry with the Eggbaby yet again: "I WANT A DIVORCE!"
  • After Terry brings the Eggbaby into the Batcave:
    Bruce: Do you have to keep lugging that thing around with you?
    Terry: I need the grade.
    Bruce: Even real parents with real children find ways to get away for a night.
    Terry: I tried leaving it with my mom, but she said she was too young to be a grandmother.
    Bruce: What about your brother?
    Terry: I tried that, too. Then I caught him shooting rubber bands at it. Hey, maybe you could—
    [Bruce gives him a flat look that plainly says "Don't even think about it"]
    Terry: ...never mind.
    • Terry assures Bruce he got the Eggbaby to sleep...only for the Eggbaby to start laughing in joy as a result of Ace licking it. Terry gives Bruce an apologetic look, and Bruce just turns toward the camera with an annoyed look on his face.
  • Terry ranting at Bruce while frantically searching for the Eggbaby after it's unknowingly taken by Ma Mayhem and her sons:
    Terry: I'll have to take Family Studies...AGAIN! Have you ever taken Family Studies?!
  • Terry, in full Batman costume, sticking out his tongue at Carl after rescuing his eggbaby. The baby even mimics his expression!
  • Turns out Terry gets the best grade to boot, as the only "parent" in the class who provided entertainment and "intellectual stimulation" for his eggbaby in addition to meeting its basic needs. Seems babies like badass dads.
    • Also, Terry is happy upon getting the best grade...until he notices Dana smiling at him and he realizes she wants to have a baby with him.
    • And when Terry and Blade are getting their scores, Blade is just filing her nails and ignoring the teacher.
  • This episode won an Emmy, and really, is anyone surprised?

2x20 - Zeta

2x21 - Plague

2x22 - April Moon

2x23 - Sentries of the Last Cosmos

  • "Big smoking hole. Could be a clue."
  • Terry goes out to look for Eldon Michaels, whom he is told is an alien Eldritch Abomination from outer space. After a brief shootout at Michaels' apartment, Batman manages to knock the gun out of his hands with a batarang.
    Michaels: [in a very nasal voice] Ow, that hurt!
    Batman: "Ow, that hurt"?
  • Michaels begging for his life by offering to take less money rather than drop his lawsuit altogether.

2x24 - Payback

  • Bruce's wry look after Terry remarks that some people need some place where they can talk about their problems.
  • At the end, Bruce asks what Terry said to get Payback so riled up against him:
    Bruce: You must have given quite a convincing performance.
    Terry: [smug look] Who said anything about performing?
    [Bruce lifts an eyebrow]

2x25 - Where's Terry?

  • Bruce and Max grudgingly work together to find a missing Terry. In the subway, Bruce encourages Max to go ahead into the tunnel while he distracts a group of construction workers, employing Obfuscating Stupidity. THEN Bruce sets the workers on Max, allowing himself to venture on alone.
    • Bruce's smug grin tops it off.
    • At the end, Bruce tells Terry he and Max worked together, and Terry wonders if they were able to find some common ground. They then see Max being escorted away by police, yelling all the while.
  • Bruce's Pre-Asskicking One-Liner upon finding Terry and Shriek:
    Bruce: Why do they always talk so much?

2x26 - Ace In the Hole

    Season 3 
3x01 - King's Ransom
  • This exchange:
    Paxton: Bruce Wayne is my mentor! He's like a father to me!
    Barbara: Except he doesn't glow in the dark.
    Paxton: Hey! I resent that! Where's my lawyer? I'll sue!

3x02 - Untouchable

3x03 - Inqueling

3x04 - Big Time

3x05 - Out of the Past

  • Ladies and gentlemen, Batman: The Musical!
    • Made all the better with Bruce's reaction:
      Bruce: You hate me, don't you?
      Terry: Lighten up, it's your birthday!
      Bruce: Don't remind me.
    • And then a play on the Future Slang:
      Terry: Come on, it took me weeks to get tickets for this show. It's schway!
      Bruce: It's schwarbage. [gets up and leaves]
    • "A superstitious cowardly lot!" Bonus for the fact that it's actually Kevin Conroy also portraying the theater actor.
  • Bruce reminisces by looking through photos of all of his past girlfriends. Among the photos are Selina Kyle and Lois Lane.
    • During this video, one commenter voices Bruce's thoughts:
      Bruce: [Zatanna's photo] Did her. [Lois' photo] Did her. [Selina's photo] Did her. [Barbara's photo] Almost got in trouble for doing her.
  • When discussing the possibility of Bruce becoming Batman again after a dip in the Lazarus Pit:
    Terry: I'll tell you right now, I am not putting on the Robin suit!
  • Despite the darkness of the episode, Bruce telling Ra's al Ghul in Talia's body that he hits like a girl is worth a giggle.
    • On a related note, Ra's flips her/his hair after slapping Bruce.
  • This exchange:
    Terry: [to Ra's, who is in Talia's body] Lady, that's the sickest thing I've ever seen. You're creeping me out.
    Bruce: You? She kissed me!

3x06 - Speak No Evil

  • A cabby thinks Fingers is just an actor in a gorilla costume and not an actual gorilla. Even funnier is that Fingers goes along with it.
    Cabby: Must be hot in that costume.
    Fingers: You get used to it.

3x07/08 - The Call, Parts 1 & 2

  • Superman coming to the Batcave and seeing Bruce in who knows how many years:
    Superman: [warmly] Good to see you, Bruce.
    Bruce: ...It's been a while.
    Superman: You seem to be holding up pretty well.
    Bruce: I could use some of that Kryptonian DNA.
    Superman: You'll outlive us all, Bruce. You're too stubborn to die.
  • This tidbit when Superman, being controlled by an alien, starts chasing after Terry in the Batmobile:
    Terry: How fast does this thing [the Batmobile] go?
    Bruce: Mach 3.
    Terry: Is that faster than a speeding bullet?

3x09 - Betrayal

  • The moment when Max and Bruce are trying to find Terry, and Max has his Batsuit in his backpack. There follows a short phone conversation and then by a long shot of Max looking at the costume and perfectly timed just when you begin to hope you're going to see Max-As-Batgirl, the phone rings again:
    Bruce: Don't even think about putting that on.
    • To make it better, after Bruce asks Max if she has the Batsuit and she confirms it, he tells her he'll be right over to pick it up and we see him standing up from the Batcomputer and starting to head off. When he calls Max again to warn her against suiting up, he's clearly sitting down again, meaning the thought of Max donning the Batsuit occurred to him when he was probably a few steps toward the entrance to the Batcave. Makes a pretty funny visual.

3x10/11 - The Curse of the Kobra, Parts 1 & 2

3x12 - Countdown

  • Batman leaving Ro in the Batmobile with the radio playing soft music.
  • Inside Mad Stan's hideout, Batman suddenly grabbing Ro who had been sneaking up on him.
  • On finding Mad Stan fast asleep, Batman slaps him a few times while irritatedly going "Good morning, Mary Sunshine!"

3x13 - Unmasked

  • At the end, a bit of serious Black Comedy occurs when it looks like Kobra has won and all of Kobra knows Terry's face. The Kobra branch leader leaps to his own death via cobra pit, laughing triumphantly and content that he has done well and that Batman is doomed, only for Terry to realize that they hadn't gotten his face at all. The face the kid pictured was that of the kid's favorite action figure. The Kobra leader just sent an absolute joke of an image to his comrades, who are in for one hell of a hilarious rude awakening when they realize the mistake, and the leader will be remembered (if he's remembered at all) as a laughingstock.

  • Terry's outright stolid attitude in "Future Shock" compared to his usual portrayal was downright hilarious at times.
    Static: Batman's not going to be happy about how you're treating his guests.
    Terry: First off, we don't have guests here. Second off, I'm Batman.
    Static: Yeah, and I'm Beyoncé.
    • Later:
      Bruce: What's going on here?
      Terry: [oblivious] He says his name is Beyoncé.
    • The fact that Terry plays the Straight Man to Virgil's wise guy.