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Wild Mass Guessing for Batman Beyond.

The Beyond Suit and Bruce's training is at least in part a tribute to Dick Grayson (as Nightwing).
Don't know if this has been noticed, but check the design of the suit. Very similar to the Nightwing outfit. It's been shown that Bruce and Dick never reconciled, and its understandable if Bruce considers that a failure and is trying to make up for it by training Terry. Terry himself shares a lot with Dick (and other teen superheroes) with his attitude and sense of humor (we are shown that he's fundamentally different from Bruce in that he likes to talk )), except he's still fairly dark and serious (like Nightwing, compared to Robin). It can't be definitively known if Bruce's training would have had any effect on this, but its not too much of a stretch to think that Bruce acknowledge's some of Dicks better points (he is kind of a young Ace in the DCU) and try to instill those into Terry.
  • He also played by the JL's rules, tried for teamwork, and won their trust in decent time. Bruce was generally a bit more reticent. Of course, Terry's backing down in the end does show that he has some of Batman's loner nature, but it's not defining him like it did with Bruce.
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  • If it is because of Nightwing, it has nothing to do with Terry. The suit Terry steals at the beginning of the series is the one Bruce was wearing when he retired. It must have resizing technology to fit snugly on Terry's slighter frame.

Nightwing was horribly injured.
That's why he quit.
  • Barbara's line seems to suggest that he's still operating though. Otherwise she would have told Terry to "Look up a guy called Dick Grayson."
  • No, she didn't want to assume that Terry knew Nightwing = Dick Grayson. It's bad form to just give out a secret identity, and he didn't know that she was Batgirl until she walked into the Batcave.
    • Except their initial conversation where Barbara told Terry about why she quit being Batgirl started with "So you and Dick Grayson..."
    • That still doesn't make any sense, why would she tell him to look up someone who's not operating under that name anymore? Dick's as good at covering his tracks as Bruce and if he doesn't want to be found he won't. And she told him about Tim pretty easily.
    • Go back and watch Return of the Joker again and pay particular attention to just before the flashback starts. Barbara straight up tells Terry that Nightwing is Dick Grayson when she mentions he'd left for another city.
      • Come now, everyone knows that the Joker is the only one allowed to harm a Bat and let is stick. Not even Darkseid can break that rule. It had to have been the Joker.
      • Besides, Dick wouldn't have come up. Barbara was uncomfortable talking about his near death. They had been close. But the severity of the injuries combined with it not being the impetus for Joker hatred meant it was relatively unimportant. The Joker shot up Dick. These things happen. Birds fly, fish swim, The Joker shoots machine guns at people. But he crossed the damn line with Tim. Anyone who's ever been psychologically tortured will tell you it's WAY better to catch a bullet then to get brainwashed and abused. Plus, Dick was basically an adult. Tim Drake was a kid. Batman has a thing about victimized kids.
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    • Somewhat confirmed in the comics, except with a very severe plot-hole attached to it: the Joker shot at Nightwing and Batman, and as it had been years since Dick had worked with Bruce, he forgot to never stand behind Bruce in a fight. His field of vision restricted, Dick gets pelted with bullets, with one dangerously close to his spine that couldn't be removed. Plot hole as it was described as a time when Bruce hadn't worked with a partner in a long time, which implies post-Return of the Joker, which is impossible considering the Joker's fate in the movie. While Higgins' run on the book has rectified the plot hole (changing Dick's reasons for quitting to breaking ties with Bruce for a different, if not more shocking, reason), there's no mention of Dick's back injury sticking. However, he is happy to run Mission Control while Terry does all of the grunt work.

Nightwing is still operating.
Why would Barbara tell Terry to go looking for someone who doesn't exist anymore? Dick simply changed his costume to keep up with the times, and Bruce just put the old one on display because he likes to keep things. It's not like Nightwing was identified solely with Batman; he's a fairly well known and respected superhero in his own right, and in the mainstream comics he's pretty much considered the linchpin that holds the whole damn mess together. There isn't a single superhero that wouldn't answer his call or bow to his experience, and yes, that includes Superman and Batman.
  • Semi-confirmed/semi-jossed in the comics

The chair was evil
It's obvious.

Aquagirl is Arthur Jr.'s daughter
The Aquaman seen in the picture in "The Call" has his old look, rather than the new one he got fortysomething years earlier. Also, he had a son back then. Do you really think he would have two kids with an age difference of a few decades?

Obviously, the Aquaman seen in "The Call" was the new Aquaman, aka the old one's son, Arthur Jr, aka the guy whose dad cut his own hand off when the evil uncle nearly had him killed. Retcons apply to animated adaptations of comic books, too.

  • Jossed. Paul Dini specifically stated she was the daughter of Aquaman and Mera. Unless you're implying something Oedipal occurred, I think you're gonna have to chalk this one up to Atlantean lifespans.
    • When was this Jossed? If it was sometime during the Justice League run I'd understand. But if it was mentioned during the actual air time of BB I'd chalk that up to not having that stuff fully planned ahead.
    • Jossed in the Justice League Beyond comics

Bruce has a liver disease
His eyes look jaundiced. That generally means liver disease (such as Hepatitis, liver failure, etc.).
  • They pulled something similar when they redesigned Commissioner Gordon in the earlier series. Bruce does have obvious heart problems that could contribute to that.
    • Also, doesn't Bruce sport "liver spots" on his hands?
  • It's possible that he has chronic viral hepatitis (likely Hep B or C). Given how frequently he got bloodied up in fights with criminals back in his days in the cowl, it wouldn't be that unlikely for him to have contracted such an infection during one of these events. Alternatively, he may have been infected after receiving a blood transfusion (not an uncommon occurrence back in the 80s before blood banks started screening for diseases).

Mad Stan was originally part of The System.
More specifically, he was the Chief of the Army. After being fired by the Vice President for nearly starting a war with Mars, he became disillusioned with the establishment and its incompetent leaders and made them his new enemy. This is the only thing that changed about him.

Terry's younger brother will be Robin

It's bound to happen sooner or later. He will be inspired by his older brother, Terry, to the point that he might end up wanting to be a superhero himself and assist him.

  • Executive Meddling actually tried this at one point (except making Matt Kid Batman instead of Robin). Thankfully, it didn't work out.
    • Kid Batman would have sucked, but Matt as Robin could have been awesome.
      • Matt LOOKS like Robin. Grow him about a foot and give him a costume, he's Tim Drake. Minus the dead da... Well, he doesn't have the hyperactivi...oh. Shit. I think he might be Tim Drake. Oh well. Could have been Jason Todd. THAT would suck.
  • This troper accepts this as his personal canon. And it happened some time between the series and "Epilogue". He could very well take on the name "Red Robin".
  • Word Of God says Matt is also genetically Bruce's son.
  • Possibly confirmed in the comics.

Max will be either Robin or Oracle

She already helps out sometimes with the research part, which makes her fit the Oracle role. On the other hand, if she ever gets a strength-enhancing suit like Terry she could conceivably become Robin.

  • Or Batgirl.
  • I was praying for this when I first watched Batman Beyond. Although, for some reason it seems like she would be sexier in the Robin style costume...
    • No I do not want to analyze what that says about me.
  • I always had Max pegged as Batwoman (she explicitly says she doesn't want to be Robin), Melanie as Batgirl (in keeping with the DCAU tradition of romantic attraction between Batman and Batgirl), and Matt as Robin.

Superman knows the truth about Terry being Bruce's biological son

  • At the end of "The Call Part 2", Clark invites Terry to join the Justice League full-time, and mentions that Bruce had technically only been a part-timer. Terry replies "I guess we have something in common then," as he walks away. Superman quietly remarks "More than you know, son. More than you know."

Now obviously, he could have just meant that Terry had something in common with Bruce in terms of personality, but it's certainly possible that Superman was aware of Terry's true parentage. This is a guy who can see DNA after all.

Consider the fact that in the JLU episode "Epilogue", Bruce had apparently known the truth about Project Batman Beyond for quite some time by that point. It's possible that Superman also found out about Project Batman Beyond at some point but kept quiet about it out of respect for both Terry and Bruce.

Ivy is the father of Harley's children.
Look at the technology in the DCAU.

The Creeper is the father of Harley's children.
Inspired by the above WMG and a never-written fanfic by this troper, look at the facts. The only two people in the DCAU that Harley has sparks with are Pamela and Jack. After working as the Joker's henchgirl for so many years, it's obvious she wasn't going to be able to ever have a normal relationship. Perhaps she just so happened to run into Jack on a blind date or in his alternate persona, Creeper still recognized her scent. She decides that a guy whose similar enough to her last beau without all the abusive qualities is a pretty nice deal and they eventually get married. Thus, it also explains the Dee-Dees offbeat personalities, since some of those toxins and chemicals probably messed up the DNA down the line.

Tim Drake is the father of Harley's grandchildren.

Splicer Technology
Started off from the thing developed in On Leathery Wings that turned an unfortunate scientist into a bat like creature. It has been refined to work for any animal.
  • ...isn't that just canon? or at least heavily implied canon?

Who is Curare?
Well, let's take a gander. Best assassin in the League of Assassins, female, never see her face - could she be an alternate universe Cassandra Cain?
  • Here's a good one: Curare is Blade from Terry's high school. They have the same voice actress (Melissa Disney), and the girl's name is Blade, which is Curare's trademark weapon. Therefore, Curare is Blade wearing blue skin-paint and apparently an ugly facial mask under her veil.
  • She's actually a(n ex-)member of the Society of Assassins, not Ra's' organization.

Ghoul is, in some way, related to Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow.
Take a look at him. He's pretty lanky and he clearly modelled his costume after him.
  • He could maybe be his son, following in his footsteps.
  • He may have some relations to Penguin. Since his voice actor mimics Christopher Walken's voice. An early script revealed that Max Shreck was Penguin's older brother.

Ghoul is Carter Wilson AKA Terminal from ''Hidden Agenda''
  • Ghoul and Terminal were both voiced by Michael Rosenbaum (not that that means much in the DCAU), they both had vaguely skeletal Joker paint, both spoke in monotones. Maybe Carter decided to make himself scarier after juvie and adopted the appearance of Scarecrow, who would have been well known to Jokerz members as one of their idol's contemporaries. In one of the tie-in comics it mentions that for a time he was imitating Two Face, so maybe he went through villain "phases".
    • Yet for all the Scarecrow imagery, Ghoul is actually a substantially LESS frightening persona than Terminal...If anything, Ghoul seems kinda goofy. He's marginally creepier in the comics, which do show him to be quite intelligent, but Terminal overall is quite a bit more intimidating.

General Norman from "Heroes" is related to General Wade Eiling.
They both hate super-powered humans and costumed vigilantes. Norman could be Eiling's (illegitimate) son. Or even his nephew who respects him and joins the army in his honor.

Bonk is Bane's grandson.
This is just speculation but I'm just wondering how he was able to match the Batsuit's strength...personally I think it's because Bane was his grandfather.

Grandma Harley is not Harley Quinn.
They just happen to have the same name.
  • Jossed. Word Of God says Nana Harley is indeed Harley Quinn.

Bruce (of the main timeline unabused by Chronos) did remember traveling into the future by the time Batman Beyond took place.
And more importantly, he remembered meeting Terry McGinnis and learning he would take up his mantle as Batman. When the two finally met when they were chronologically supposed to, Bruce decided to wait and see how events unfolded. And then Terry stole his batsuit to go avenge his father. In all honestly, he really was going to let Terry get his way and take care of business in the end. He just wanted to make sure Terry learned his lesson about not running off with old Bruce's things behind his back.
  • He and John retained their memories of the time travel incident afterward, though Diana did not (presumably because she died). If John could remember his son from the future (he mentions Warhawk to Hawkgirl in a later JLU episode) then surely Bruce should also.

The new BatSuit was made for or by Batwoman
Am I the only one who noticed that the bat symbol for Batwoman and Terry are the same? Both share a similar color theme, mostly black with a few splashes of red.
  • At least part of the technology for the new suit is from the suits of the Batwomen in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman so it is possible that Bruce took some inspiration from the design as well.
  • Actually their symbols are slightly different.

The batarangs Terry uses were derived from Rocky Ballantine's programmable metal.
The metal is stored in liquid form in the Batsuit until the wearer performs a specific hand motion, then the metal comes out of the wrist in a pre-programmed form. It can even change color to red and black.

In fact, the whole friggin' suit is made of Rocky Ballantine's programmable metal.
Bruce specifically told Roxanne "Rocky" Ballantine that he had a "silent partner" who might have a use for her invention, and used one of her prototype devices on Bane during their last battle.
  • Fast-forward to the interlude shown in "Rebirth" and we see elderly Bruce Wayne surviving a severe beating with a wrench that would have killed him if he'd been wearing his original suit. (He was bleeding a bit from the mouth, sure, but only from being knocked around.)
  • Terry McGuinness, 20 years later, manages to take and shake off some hits as well, including (on one or two occasions) plasma bolts from those energy weapons everybody is using. (Even petty thugs trained at the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy don't miss all the time in the Gotham of the future.)
  • It's size-adjustable, fitting both Bruce and Terry perfectly though they have considerably different builds, and it has rounded fingertips that can automatically morph into claws that can tear through metal walls.
  • The fail-safe button Bruce installed also was able to paralyze Terry completely; if the suit were pliable, he should still have been able to move around without the strength enhancement.
  • That suit's not just a strength-enhancer and hi-tech integrated wearable computer; it's armor. When Terry puts on or takes off the mask, you can see that it's as soft and pliable as silk, but when he's got it on, you can also see that it's as hard and rigid as steel.
Yep, that whole suit's made of Rocky's liquid metal. It's a fair bet that she got a generous severance package, a glowing recommendation letter for her next employer, and her work record at Wayne Industries thoroughly expunged in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement and turning over all of her research notes and files on her brilliant new invention to Batman, who eventually put it to use to build a new suit. That's why Derek Powers didn't have sufficient technology to counter Batman even after his hostile takeover of Bruce Wayne's company, and didn't know to go looking for Mrs. Ballantine to try to squeeze the trade secret for making liquid metal out of her.

The stealth feature on the new suit is based on Lloyd Ventrix's invisibility suit.
Sure, the plastic that Ventrix used to make himself invisible still had some kinks to work out. (Prolonged contact with it would poison the user's brain, for one thing.) However, Bruce has had a long time to work out those kinks, and one obvious solution would be to overlay the plastic on some other substance, such as... Rocky Ballantine's liquid metal, for one. So long as the stuff's not in contact with anyone's skin for long, it shouldn't be a hazard. As for the stealth feature only partially rendering him invisible, maybe that's a necessary limitation that comes with being able to turn the feature on and off, or maybe he really is completely invisible and the shadowy outline shown is merely for the viewers' benefit. (Sure, Barbara Gordon once caught him even when he was in stealth mode, but that's because she's the former Batgirl, knows all about Batman's stealth and concealment techniques, and has a good ear. She wasn't even actually looking at him when she told him she knew he was there.)

Mad Stan is the son of Lock-Up.
This page pointed this out!
  • This would be very ironic, given that Lock-Up was a quasi-fascist vigilante, and Mad Stan is an anarchist militant. It would be interesting to see them clash ideologically.

Barbara Gordon becomes Oracle.
After she retires from her job as police commissioner, she becomes Oracle.
  • If she was, she'd have shown up in Epilogue. Safe to say that Bruce is the only one that ever does mission control in the Batcave,

Tamara is related to Ace
(Ace the girl, not Bruce's dog.)

They are visually similar. Both have black hair, spooky eyes, psychic powers of illusion, and are both pretty powerful. Ace is obviously more powerful, but she went through the Training from Hell with Cadmus, who experimented on her to enhance her power.

Tamara couldn't be a direct descendant since Ace died young, but (depending on whether Ace's parents ever recovered from their catatonia and had more children) she could be a niece or a cousin.

  • With Amanda Waller's willingness to create another Batman due to the old one's compassion the likelihood that she would want to create a copy of Ace unharmed by Cadmus's attempts to weaponize her to symbolically give Ace a better life is 100%! Needless to say Tamara's being put under witness protection helps with that plan despite being temporarily derailed by the Brain Trust (which is the reason Tamara was put into witness protection in the first place).

The T's were originally founded by Mister Terrific
Their face... thingies look really similar to the T-Mask. My theory is that Mister Terrific, getting old, realised he couldn't carry on as a vigilante (just like Batman), but decided to recruit a bunch of people who could. This might have worked for a bit, but eventually, Mister Terrific died, and the gang went off the rails. This is the source of their rivalry with the Jokerz - it began as genuine crimefighting but degenerated into pettiness.

This may also be part of the reason Bruce was so leery to let Terry on as Batman.

The villain of the Batman 75 short
Is Bat-mite. He's never been officially introduced into the DCAU, he's one of the only beings with enough inter-dimensional knowledge to accurately create alternate-reality versions of Batman, and as Batman's biggest fan, would probably love to see how this version stacks up against some of the others.

Either him or his son, Bat-mite Beyond.

  • I always pictured the villain to be Hardac, but this theory is fun, too.

Bruce named Ace after Ace
That is, he named the dog after the member of the Royal Flush Gang. Sitting with her as she died was a major moment in his life.

Joker is the father of Harley's children.
How would Harley know about the joy of childbirth unless she went through it already?
  • The fact that she was an M.D. before she snapped comes to mind.

Rat Boy was a splicer (a human/rat hybrid).
He was probably a homeless orphan who was unlucky enough to be picked up by Dr. Abel Cuvier, as an early test subject for his genetic engineering project.
  • Wrong: He's part-alien. There are two others like him in Superman episode "The Main Man".
  • Likely the radioactive containers seen in his episode, caused the giant rats and also his mutation into a rat due to contact with them. (Possibly a twisted shout out to the TMNT cartoon.)

Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis split up because of suspicions of infidelity on Warren's part
Since both of their sons have black hair despite neither of the parents having it because Terry and Matt are biologically the sons of Mrs. Mcginnis and Bruce Wayne, it seems likely that Warren suspected his wife of infidelity. They seemed to still be together until some point after Matt was born, so it's likely that two chocolate babies simply crossed the line for Warren.

Paxton Powers was originally going to give his father medical treatment.
It's clear that while Paxton was a nasty guy, he still had slightly more conscience than his father Derek. While Paxton did intend to set his father up to expose his condition to the world, he still wanted to cure his condition. Unfortunately, Derek continued to insult him, calling him a fool. The look on Paxton's face is pretty heartbreaking. Maybe at that point, Paxton realized his father never loved him, and finally sought to put him down after what is implied to be lifetime of abuse and neglect from Derek.

Nelson Nash is the grandson of Kenny Braverman.
Like the entry said: Nelson Nash is the grandson of Kenny Braverman who bullied Clark Kent during his time in high school. Both are Jerk Jock, have the same hair color and love to pick on everyone else.

The bat Terry freed from the clock was a sign
In the first episode a bat leads Terry to the Bat Cave. Perhaps some higher power decided the time had come for a new Batman to rise and put things in motion.

Max is a clone of Amanda Waller
Max's parents are not really her parents. In fact, they are actually employees hired by Amanda. Amanda had herself cloned to give Terry his own Robin/Batgirl. Waller is a great fighter and an amazing strategist, so why not create a younger version of herself to help the new Batman? Max's "parents" are purposely neglectful to her in order to turn Max into an anti-hero.

Terry would have his own Bat Family
After the original series but before Epilogue, Terry would have gathered kids who were inspired to fight crime, all of them were kids Terry helped. His brother would have become Robin after learning his brother's job was the coolest thing in the world but later became Night Wing to be his own man, Dak would have become the Red Hood and while he might be rough around the edges, he uphold the ideals Terry taught him, Tamara would be Oracle who stayed in the Bat Cave to help monitor the situations and aid her allies and Miguel will become Batwing.

There are other supervillain-inspired street gangs in Neo-Gotham
Like for instance:
  • The Rookers, who pattern themselves on birds and control the black market, like Penguin.
  • Double-Dealers, who pattern themselves on Two-Face.
  • Old Timers, patterning themselves on classic gangsters like Rupert Thorne and Stromwell.
  • Film Freaks, who ape Clayface, possibly by using an improved face-changing mutagen.
  • The Ghosts, who, embittered that Karl Rossum's vision of the future never came to pass, use tech that never took off.
    • Honestly, I could see The Ghosts fitting better as a gang in Neo-Central City/whatever Central City gets called in Batman Beyond's timeline set in the future, making them futuristic Flash villains for a possible Flash Beyond/Flash of the Future.
  • The Ghoulz, who modeled themselves after Solomon Grundy.
  • The Assassinz, who modeled themselves after Ra's Al Ghul.
  • The Plantz, who modeled themselves after Poison Ivy.
  • The Jesterz, who modeled themselves after Harley Quinn.
  • The Fearmongerz, who modeled themselves after Scarcrow.
  • The Puzzlers, who modeled themselves after Riddler.
  • The Wonderlanderz, who modeled themselves after Mad Hatter.
  • The Killerz, who modeled themselves after Victor Zsasz.
  • The Maskerz, who modeled themselves after Black Mask.
  • The Surgery Soldierz, who modeled themselves after Professor Pyg.
  • The Icerz, who modeled themselves after Mr. Freeze.
  • The Crosserz, who modeled themselves after the cult leader Deacon Blackfire.
  • The Puppetmasterz, who modeled themselves after Scarface and the Ventriloquist.
  • The Neo-Greekz, who modeled themselves after Maxie Zeus.
  • The Cluegiverz, who modeled themselves after the Cluemaster.
  • The Timerz, who modeled themselves after Clock King.
  • The Crocodilez, who modeled themselves after Killer Croc.
  • The Psychoz, who modeled themselves after Dr. Hugo Strange.
  • The Catz, who modeled themselves after Catwoman.
  • The Catcherz, who modeled themselves after Ratcatcher.
  • The Wilderz, who modeled themselves after the Terrible Trio.

Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered on Bruce's birthday.
Which goes a LOOONG way towards explaining Bruce's Birthday Hater issues.

Had Nelson Nash been given the opportunity, Nelson Nash would have tried to RAPE Cynthia.

Most of the Justice League were killed in the Near Apocalypse of '09.
That's why we only see a few members in the Batman Beyond "The Call" 2-parter. The majority of the JLU heroes were killed by Ras Al Ghul and Talia in 2009.

The Walker Family Royal Flush Gang was founded by one of the members of Joker's Royal Flush Gang
  • There's a bit of a resemblance between the two Jack's, and in Dead Man's Hand the way King talks about the Royal Flush Gang doesn't seem to imply that they ripped off someone else's gig. The meta human Jack (or perhaps King or Queen, Ten is likely eliminated due to the apparent lack of African-American ancestry among the Walker's) could have started the gang, while having kids who didn't inherit any powers.

If Talia's body survived the explosion in Out of the Past, then R'as conscious was expelled from it.
  • It never is revealed exactly how R'as took Talia's body and his behavior implies that he could lose it.

Ma Mayhem killed her husband for cheating on her and only let her sons think he ran off

The tie-in comics are just odd dreams that Terry and/or Bruce have
  • That would be one explanation for the poor continuity at times.

General Norman from Heroes was the figure behind the inadequate budget of the military vehicle in Joy Ride
  • He did seem to be in charge of the local military and prone to poor decisions.

Killer Croc's stuffed and mounted body would have at one point been loaned to Gotham's own museum
A gang that worship's Croc would have tried to steal the body to give it a proper burial, resulting in Terry having to decide whether the theft should be stopped or if he should lets the gang take their namesake and bury him.

One of Batman's old friends was the one to write the script for 'Batman: the Musical'

Someone would need to know Batman's somewhat...more private lines, though hard to say who. Barbara probably didn't, and Superman would still be Starro controlled. Perhaps the Martian Manhunter