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The Dee Dees are Harley and Ivy's granddaughters
Harley and Ivy somehow made babies together using science. They do have red hair like Ivy.
  • Jossed: Those are WIGS to make them look like dolls, not actual hair.

Alternatively, the Dee Dees are Harley and Jack "The Creeper" Ryder's granddaughters
Creeper was a Stalker with a Crush towards Harley, and his personality while not under the patch is similar enough to the late Mr. J's without the psychopathic tendencies for Harley to give the guy a chance.

Jordan Pryce became Paxton Powers' cellmate
It seems more than coincidental that Bruce Wayne had not just one but two sleazy, sociopathic, backstabbing business partners who had both secretly planned to kill Bruce.

Joker's plot to kidnap and brainwash Tim was a result of the events of "Wild Cards"
Joker's defeat at the climax of that episode, in addition to being his final chronological DCAU appearance before the flashback here, was a particularly humiliating one: Having Batman turn his pet Mind Rapist against him, shooting to spit his so-called Insanity Immunity and leaving him even more off the deep end than usual, and all on live TV to boot, thanks to him buying the airways so that Ace could use her powers on the entire country. Unfortunately, Ace's assault on Joker's mind
only left him even more crazier than usual, and blaming Batman for Ace turning against him (he was the one who revealed that Joker still had the immunity headband to her) and still having the other Cadmus tech he liberated when breaking out Ace and the rest of the Royal Flush Gang, decided to do to Robin a physical version of what Batman had Ace do to him as payback.
  • Alternatively, Batman and Ace proved that Joker was actually not insane but evil. Remember, the only reason he wasn't given the death penalty is because the courts think he's just misguided and thought it's possible to reform him. Now the truth comes in and the entire country now sees Joker as someone that deserves to be hanged, electrocutred, burn etc.

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