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Funny / Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

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"Break a grandmother's heart! I hope they throw the book at you!"
  • Two words: "Flag pole."
    • Even funnier is Bonk clinging to the flag pole in fear of falling after he crashes into it.
  • Perhaps a little on the dark side, but it was Hamill's performance that sold it.
    Joker: Dee Dee?
    Dee and Dee: We're with you!
    Joker: Boys?
    The other Jokerz: We're with you!
    Joker: Bonk? ...oh right. Dead.
  • Terry: "Like [Bruce] said, who sleeps anymore?"
  • The infamous scene in the car after seeing the Joker for the first time:
    Bruce: Shut up and drive.
    Terry: Yes, sir.
  • Matt's back in full force, being a charming little brat, as always.
    Matt: (points at Terry) There's a stranger sitting at our table!
    Terry: (totally deadpan) Ha ha.
    • A moment later the two are glaring at each other, when Terry flicks some of his cereal off his spoon, and straight at Matt's face.
    Matt: MOM!
  • When Batman finds Harley Quinn and the Joker, the latter makes a warm greeting, and they both act as if they were on a TV sitcom. Hilarity Ensues. Until Tim shows up, of course...
    • When talking about starting a family, we get this from Mr. and Mrs. J.
    Joker: And Harley and I have been thinking that it's time to start a family. Add a Joker Jr. to our merry brood!
    Harley: (looking disgusted) But rather than go through the joy of childbirth, we decided to adopt!
  • Given that the following line is spoken by the Joker, it doesn't surprise that it manages to be both a CMOF and terrifying:
    Joker: It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. (Beat) Oh, what the heck, I'll laugh anyway! (Evil Laugh)
    • Makes it even more sweeter when in the future Terry, albeit unknowingly, says a rephrase of the line when fighting Joker.
    Terry: You make me laugh, but only because I think you're kind of pathetic. (laughs mockingly)
    • Also:
  • "Sweetie, get mommy's bazooka!"
  • While the Joker's death in the flashback was pretty dark, it was funny how his last words in the uncut version of the film were "That's not funny!"
  • While fighting the Joker, Terry surprises him with a good ol' knee to the joy buzzer.
    Joker: What are you doing?
    Terry: Fighting dirty.
    Joker: The real Batman would never— (gets a knee to the groin again)
    Terry: Told ya you didn't know me.
    Joker: (grins in a mix of anger and amusement) Funny guy.
  • One that got cut from film but can be found in the script is when the Jokerz are trying to get away when it's obvious the Joker is beaten—only to run smack into the police.
    Police: This is the police, put your hands up and surrender.
    Woof: (The spliced up Jokerz who's done nothing but growl and laugh through the whole film) Aww, man!
  • The final scene where the Dee Dee sisters get bailed out of prison and bottom-smacked with a cane by their Grandma Harley Quinn definitely counts. It can also be a tear jerker moment.
    Nana Harley: You rotten little scamps! I struggled to make a good home for you and this is the thanks I get?! (smacks both Dee Dees in the behind with her cane)
    Dee Dee: Ouch!
    Nana Harley: Break a Grandmother's heart! I hope they throw the book at you!
    Dee Dee: Oh, shut up, Nana Harley.

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