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Funny / Batman: Under the Red Hood

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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

  • The otherwise tearjerking beatdown of Jason Todd in the beginning has one funny scene:
    (Jason mutters something.)
    Joker: (bends down next to him and grabs him by the hair, mockingly miming his muttering) A little louder, lambchop. I think you may have a collapsed lung. That always impedes the oratory.
    (Jason spits blood onto his face. Joker slams his head down, stands back up, and wipes his face off.)
    Joker: Now that was rude. The first Boy Blunder had some manners. (Jason smiles, blood covering his teeth.) I suppose I'm going to have to teach you a lesson so you can better follow in his footsteps. (Beat) Nah, I'm just gonna keep beating you with this crowbar.
  • The Joker naturally is hysterical but it's Black Mask that manages to upstage the Joker in hilarity. Every scene with him in it is either him vigorously eating the scenery, him punching his henchmen or him making hilarious faces to bad news. He's pretty much J. Jonah Jameson if he were a crime boss. It also helps that his female assistant never reacts to any of his outbursts.
    Black Mask: Maybe my last request was too mired in subtlety. I want this man dead. When I say dead, I mean seriously dead. Beaten, broken, "HIS-HEAD-MOUNTED-ON-MY-WALL" KINDA DEAD!
    Ms. Li: Understood. We'll be taking further precautions at every transaction...
    Black Mask: Screw that! Time he learns that this is a contact sport. We're going on offense. Rough up HIS business. Something BIG, something LOUD! When he shows up to shut us down, have a party waiting for him! And when I say party, I actually mean A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE WHO ARE GONNA KILL HIM!
    Ms. Li: (deadpan) I figured.
    Black Mask: Just being clear.
  • Red Hood showing up to threaten the drug cartels, even more so since it serves as an Establishing Character Moment.
    Thug 1: It's him!
    Thug 2: Batman?
    Thug 3: We didn't do nothing!
    Red Hood: Well, we all know that's a lie.
  • The Joker singing "I'm a Little Teapot" as he pours gasoline on a Bound and Gagged Black Mask, Ms. Li and several of their men — with the intention of burning them all alive inside a truck trailer — is equal measures horrifying and hilarious. Then there's his one-liner to Red Hood just before he drops the lighter:
    Joker: Well, here's to warm memories!
  • This one with Joker.
    Joker: Gotta give the boy points! He came all the way Back from the Dead to make this shindig happen. So; who's got a camera? Ooh, ooh, get one of me and the kid, first... then you and me, then the three of us and then one with the crowbar! Then- (Jason kicks Joker in the head and knocks him to the ground)
    Jason: (points a gun at Joker's head) You'll be as quiet as possible. Or I'll put one in your lap first.
    Joker: (plaintively) Party pooper. No cake for you.
    • Also this from Joker again:
      Joker: Ooookay, so what's the plan? Slumber party? Charades? A little truth or dare? Yes, I'll start with dare! (Red Hood takes out a crowbar) ...Well, maybe I'll just go with truth.
    • Later, Batman tells Jason how much he'd love to kill The Joker if he had the option, Joker pipes in:
      Batman: All I've ever wanted to do is kill him. A day doesn't go by when I don't think about subjecting him to every horrendous torture he's dealt out to others and then... end him.
      Joker: Awww, so you do think about me!
    • Joker just lives on these.
      Joker: I'm sorry, could you hold on? I was just in the middle of setting fire to your gang.
      • A bit later, Red Hood casually reveals that he manipulated Black Mask into breaking out Joker, and Joker into trying to bait Hood.
        Black Mask: You can't. Trust. Anybody.
        Joker: Sooo, I've been bamboozled. (drops his smile and assumes a deadpan tone) Oh, my.
    • And this sentence:
      Joker: You expert, rootin' tootin', eagle-eyed, Goth lovin' marksman. I love it. You managed to find a way to win. AND EVERYBODY STILL LOSES!!!
  • The part where Red Hood is aiming a rocket launcher at Black Mask from an adjacent building and Black Mask spots him.
    (Red Hood waves to Black Mask before taking aim)
    Black Mask: Oh, hell. (runs like a bat out of Hell to the exit)
    Red Hood: Wow, he sure can move when he really wants to.
    • When Red Hood waves at Black Mask, you can tell he has a huge shit-eating grin on his face, and it's almost like you can see it through his helmet.
  • Just after the Joker kills Black Mask's mooks, there's this Dark Humor-filled exchange:
    Joker: (pointing a gun at Black Mask) I'm going to need... something to wear. And a very big truck.
    Black Mask: Sure. Anything else?
    Joker: I'll need some guys. (Beat) Not these guys, because, well, they're kinda dead.
  • Nightwing has several. Of particular note was the bit where he stops to take a sip of tea during a conversation with Bruce. When he looks up, Bruce is in the Batmobile, with the engine running. Nightwing puts his cup down and starts towards it, saying "Could you just once say 'Let's get in the car'?! Is that so hard?"
    • Which itself is a Mythology Gag to "Hush", where Batman does say that & Nightwing's response is "Which one?" as a nod to the large number of Batmobiles used in the comic.
  • Batman grabs a harpoon gun from Nightwing and runs towards the edge of the building. "So, do you want me to...? Should I...? Okay, I'll just... take care of this."
  • "Yes, Batman likes to keep things."
  • Batman remembering how he met Jason Todd: specifically, returning to the Batmobile to see Jason stealing the tires off of it.
  • In the fight between Red Hood and Batman, the titular villain rushes Batman, prompting the Dark Knight to throw a bunch of bombs at him. They land at his feet, and you'd expect him to either scream "Oh, hell!" or pull off some impressive stunt to avoid them. Instead, he just stands there, and says:
    Red Hood: Crap.