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Funny / Batman: Assault on Arkham

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  • The Riddler playing riddles with Amanda Waller:
    Riddler: Riddle me this: what belongs to you, but others use it more than you do?
    Waller: Your name.
    Riddler: Huh? You've heard that one.
    Waller: No. I have Google; like the rest of the world.
    Riddler: Why do you talk to me like this, Waller?!
    Waller: Simple. I needed you to keep babbling long enough to pinpoint your position.
    Riddler: My- What?
  • When Amanda Waller commands the boisterous Squad to sit down and behave, Harley's the first one to do so, and she complies not unlike a little child being told by a grade school teacher to mind her manners. It's actually kind of adorable.
  • Harley, as per usual, is full of these.
    • When Black Spider manages to escape from his restraints on the plane and holds a knife to Captain Boomerang, threatening him, you can hear Harley going "Ninjas are AWESOME!"
    • Upon landing, after being airdropped into Gotham, Deadshot checks to see if everyone's okay. Cut to Harley lying upside down against a wall, grinning like a maniac and kicking her feet like a little kid.
    Harley: Don't worry! I fell on my head!
  • Deadshot's... "moments of intimacy" with Harley.
    Harley: ... Yahtzee!
    • Just how he reluctantly decides to go for it:
      Deadshot: Oh, what the hell.
  • Killer Frost using ice puns:
    Frost: The Joker has a dirty bomb? That gives me the chills.
    (Captain Boomerang and Deadshot give her a "you just didn't" look)
    Captain Boomerang: Ice puns? Really?
  • Killer Frost's comment here:
    Harley: I'm fine. We're done. He's a jerk. Whatever.
    Frost: (Beat) Well, I'm convinced.
  • Killer Frost kicking Captain Boomerang in the nuts since he tries to convince the guards that she's dead (when Killer Frost acts as a corpse) by knocking on her head thrice.
    Captain Boomerang: Me goolies!
  • Harley's irritated expression when Deadshot tells Penguin that he would kill Harley for him.
    • Penguin's initial reaction to seeing Harley with the rest of the Suicide Squad also counts.
    Penguin (a mix of horrified and enraged): CLOWN!
    Everyone draws their guns on Harley.
    • Frost meanwhile is unfazed by this.
    Wuh wuh.
  • Joker, as per usual. That is when he isn't being Nightmare Fuel.
    • Joker dodging the ricochet of bullets being shot into his bullet-proof cell.
    • A Black Comedy example when Joker escapes his cell and crosses path with an injured Batman (actually Black Spider wearing Batman's costume), who he immediately tries to shoot in the head. Right as he is doing it, Amanda Waller detonates the bombs, causing Spider's head to blow off, and Joker mistakenly believes this was the effect of his gun.
      Joker: ...Best gun ever.
      • To say nothing of how that, of all things, was Joker's reaction when he thought he'd finally killed Batman.
    • Joker's reaction to finding out that that it wasn't Batman who just died.
      Joker: Denzel! What have they done to you?
    • When Deadshot pulls his "you're out of bullets" bluff, the Joker tells him to stop the countdown at the last second, then point the gun at his own eye to look down the barrel.
      Joker: ...I know there are bullets.
    • The very thought that the Joker can immediately recognize the sound of people being electrocuted through the brain.
  • When Batman finally gets his hands on Joker's bomb, there is a helpful note indicating he should cut the red wire. Problem is, all the wires are red.
  • Harley vs. Batman. She runs at him while whirling her hammer acrobatically and screaming at the top of her lungs. Batman pauses and then clotheslines her, sending her sprawling into a bunch of storage crates.
  • Despite being a Brute Serial Killer with a taste for humans, King Shark has a lot of them.
    • For one thing he has a fear of heights. Just to see this big guy screaming "NO HEIGHTS!!!" is a laugh.
    • How he starts to like Killer Frost after said woman just kicked his butt when he tried to eat her.
      King Shark: You're feisty.
    • When the team come up to a large metal door. One comments that they can't get through it.
      King Shark: Not for long.
      (Runs up and bites down on a steel beam, doing absolutely nothing).
      Captain Boomerang: (Watching as King Shark is still struggling with the door) Now that's just pathetic.
    • The Irony of King Shark (not a well known DC character) comments how he has never heard of Firefly, Killer Moth or Maxie Zeus.
    • When he sees Deadshot and Captain fighting, what does he do? Root for the American (Deadshot).
      King Shark: (cheering) U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
    • King Shark is blindfolded because he's scared of heights, then does a Foe-Tossing Charge of the guards on the bridge, only to knock himself out after running headfirst into a door.
  • Killer Frost and the Riddler are surrounded by the Special Crimes Unit, who command the two to return to their cells. After a pause, Killer Frost flips them the bird, causing them to open fire on the two.
    Frost: That worked well.
    Riddler: (in an over-the-top dramatic fashion while miming being hanged) Then, like the Hanged Man, we are at the end of our rope!
    Frost: Wow, I hate you.
  • The moment when Captain Boomerang and Deadshot start squabbling with each other and Frost notices something that could pose a bit of a problem.
    Frost: (over Boomerang and Deadshot insulting each other) Uh, fellas? Guys? Guys, listen, I - GUYS! Batman's here!
  • Harley's analysis of Captain Boomerang:
    Harley: Anyone who throws boomerangs has some real issues letting go.
  • Commissioner Gordon's snarky response to Batman's trademark Stealth Hi/Bye:
    Gordon: We've got it under control, Batman, you can (sees Batman already flying back to Gotham) aaaaaand I'm talking to myself. Again.
  • Amanda Waller's reaction to finding out she's being jerked around by the Suicide Squad while they get the bombs in their necks deactivated:
    Waller: Those scumbags are trying to screw me.
    A few minutes later:
  • Black Spider has one when he is causing a distraction in the kitchen. He grabs a tray of silverware and heads to a microwave. There he puts all of the silverware in the microwave except for one piece. For some reason he just looks at the piece as if saying "maybe I shouldn't... ah what the heck" and places it in with the other pieces.
  • The POV shot of one of Waller's men, scanning the room in night vision. Pans left... nothing, pans right to where he just looked half a second ago, and Batman is suddenly just standing there, waiting for the guy to panic rather than immediately attacking him.
  • This exchange between Riddler and Deadshot before he uses electro-shock therapy to deactivate the squad's bombs.
    Deadshot: This'll work?
    Riddler: (Nonchalantly) Or give you a grand mal seizure.
    • And while they're undergoing said process most of the team is screaming in pain through the gags they were given. Not Harley. She spits her's out and starts laughing!
  • This line from Joker's Dynamic Entry:
    Joker: I'm here, bitches!
  • Poison Ivy's first appearance during the mass breakout:
    Guard: (commanding) Stop! (whimpering) ...please?
  • During the squad's fight with Batman, Killer Frost tries to kill Batman with Mr Freeze's gun... only to accidentally freeze King Shark's head. She then has a hilarious expression that screams "Oops...".
  • Shortly before the above, Frost yells out "It's Batman". Cue everyone realizing how FUBAR the situation just got.