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Funny / Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

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  • The Justice League's original name in the headquarters was Super Seven. Colonel Steve Trevor, Justice League's government liaison is on the phone telling his superiors that "Justice League" tested better in focus groups. Just as he stops below the recently set "Super Seven" sign at the headquarters.
  • While it's part of the joke on Aquaman (or it could be because he's drunk out of his mind), but Arthur is talking to a lobster when we first meet him. When they were about to take said lobster, he stops them and says, "We weren't done talking." The seriousness in his tone adds to the hilarity in the fact that he's mad that they interupted his conversation with a LOBSTER IN A TANK.
  • Flash goes out to bring in the Justice League, and he goes to Hal first. We find Hal asking a woman out, and she writes down her number on a sticky note. Before Hal can look at it however, Flash comes in and replaces it with a note that says "OUTSIDE: WE NEED YOU FAST!!". Hal is so not happy.
    "I'm gonna disembowel you, Barry."
  • "I love you, Shazam!"
  • When Shazam and Cyborg show up to gather Superman and Wonder Woman
    Shazam: Are they on a date?
    • Before that, Lois asks (almost hopefully) if Clark is actually interviewing Diana. Diana is quick to reply "No, it's a date."
  • In an also awesome moment, when Superman uses a Shockwave Stomp into the legions of Atlantean creatures, his eyes glow and he says one word: "Retreat". Cue Mass "Oh, Crap!", and the mooks scrambling into the water.
  • Also awesome; while Aquaman is fighting Black Manta, he summons a great white shark to eat Manta in the middle of his Evil Gloating, in a shot very reminiscent of one from the New 52 Justice League comic.
    Arthur: Outrageous.
  • Black Manta casually mentioning during his Motive Rant that Orm "Irks the shit out of [him]"... and then Aquaman calls in a Megalodon from out of nowhere.
  • Lois Lane, after seeing Wonder Woman fighting with many Atlantean Soldiers:
    I would not want to be on her bad side.
  • At the end of the battle, Superman and Wonder Woman share a kiss, and a crowd of bystanders watching this start to cheer... except for Lane and Trevor, their respective significant-others in the comics, who both look as if they're groaning instead.
  • Hal using a vacuum cleaner mecha to deal with Atlantean mooks.
  • During his coronation, Superman makes the suggestion to invite Arthur into the League. When it's time to choose his codename, Shazam mentions that everyone on the internet is calling him Aquaman:
    Arthur: I hate that name.
    Green Lantern: Aquaman it is!
  • Green Lantern in general, most of the time.
    "What would a mythical, mystical undersea world need with missiles? And I so dare you to say that five times fast."
  • This moment:
    Green Lantern: I'll tell you, Flash-Man, I have seen my share of weirdo crapola in this job. But Atlantis? Come on.
    Green Lantern: What can I say? Magic gives me the heebie jeebies.