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Funny / Batman vs. Robin

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  • The movie starts with the Batmobile speeding across a snowy road. But it's not Batman driving it, it's Robin. Damian wasn't lying when he said he knew how to drive.
    • Not to mention the exchange between them:
    Batman: (via radio) I've half a mind to report you for grand theft auto!
    Robin: I'd like to hear that call. "Hello, police? My son just stole the Batmobile."
    Batman: You find this amusing?
    Robin: A little.
  • Damian inadvertently interrupts Bruce's and Samantha's dinner. He almost introduces himself as Bruce's son, before Bruce interrupts and calls him "ward".
    • After Samantha leaves, Damian remarks that she's pretty attractive, but also a little shallow.
  • Dick was forced to call off his date with Kory due to having to babysit Damian:
    Dick: I'm sorry, Kory, really, but I'm stuck babysitting. No, I'm not kidding. You're wearing what? The red one? With the lace? And the thong? Please. Don't tell me any more. Tomorrow night, I promise.