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Awesome / Batman: Assault on Arkham

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  • Batman deals with Victor Zsasz, who has a woman at knifepoint and is his usual Ax-Crazy self, in classic Batman Returns fashion by firing his speargun into the wall behind him and then taking him out by smacking him with a piece of wall. Batman stops another would-be murder spree in all of ten seconds before letting the cops handle him and moving on to other business.
  • The introduction of each of the to-be team members that show off their skills and abilities. In order:
    • Killer Frost finishing up a bank job, only to find that her get-away driver's bailed on her. Mildly inconvenienced, she faces down an entire SWAT team single-handedly.
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    • King Shark, after another successful murder spree, rises out of a bathtub full of blood like the Creature From the Black Lagoon and tackles a squad of police officers out the second-story window of the hotel he's staying in.
    • Black Spider executing a known mob boss in a high-rise hotel, while the man is under police protection.
    • Captain Boomerang foiling an attempt on his life while in prison, using nothing but his bare hands, and a cafeteria tray as an improvised boomerang.
    • KGBeast attempting to bring down a U.S. military installation on his own. After being airdropped in on a motorcycle, with a sidecar designed as a missile.
    • Harley Quinn attending a meeting at a half-way house for women at the Roosevelt Support Center. One of the ladies is foolish enough to take away her iPhone while she's watching The Looney Tunes Show. Harley's response is to rip her ear off with her teeth before going back to watching her cartoons overjoyed at what she'd done.
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    • Deadshot attempting a break out from the supermax he currently resides in while under guard. Using only a "borrowed" ballpoint pen, he picks the lock to his handcuffs, stuns a guard with a well-aimed throw to the forehead before slamming the man into a wall, and then takes apart the other guard's gun with a single move and knocks him unconscious.
      • One for the old, clearly Non-Action Guy Deadshot brushes off when he injects Deadshot with sedatives, foiling his attempt.
  • The casual attitude of the "veteran" members of the Squad upon waking up to find they're back under Waller's thumb again. They see the whole thing as more of an inconvenience than a life-threatening suicide mission. Comes with the reputation of being a badass.
    Harley: AW CRAP! Not this again. (Falls back on the floor in annoyance)
    Capt. Boomerang (to Deadshot): You too? It's like a bloody recurring nightmare.
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  • Killer Frost being able to physically best the much larger King Shark, starting with a kick to his groin, followed up with a wicked bash from her hand-restraints, and finishing off with a slam to the Adam's apple while having him pinned to the floor. Bonus points for being shackled with a power-inhibitor and arm-restraints at the time.
    Killer Frost: You try it, "Fish-Fingers," and I'll show you the meaning of cold-blooded.
    King Shark: You're feisty.
  • Amanda Waller making good on her threat and blowing up KGBeast's head when he attempted to leave, as she dared him to do only moments before. As the Russian learned in his final seconds on this earth, "The Wall" doesn't make idle threats.
    • Before that, when KGBeast starts trying to break out of the facility, she completely shuts down not just his antics, but any other outbursts from the "new blood" with a single word in a "not-to-be-fucked-with" commanding tone. From that moment, everyone knows who's in charge, and they know not to mess with her. Amanda Waller is a force to be reckoned with, and everyone knows it, even hardened criminals and serial killers.
    Amanda Waller: Enough! Sit. Down.
    Everyone obeys.
    • Another moment for Amanda (she's just full of these, isn't she?) comes when she airdrops the team into Gotham in little boxes while they're strapped to chairs, with her whim the only thing deciding when their parachutes open. She again reminds them that she has complete control, regardless of whatever they might try.
    Amanda Waller: Remember this feeling, convicts. I hold your lives in my hands.
    • Amanda Waller, as usual, is a living embodiment of awesome. She has such complete confidence that she doesn't bat an eye even when things get out of control.
    • She even has the guts to talk down to Batman, when he's standing right in front of her. And her reaction, when he first appears in her office?
    Amanda Waller: (in an almost bored tone of voice) Oh, it's just you.
  • Black Spider somehow managing to get out of his mechanical restraints before they're dropped into Gotham via airplane. Keep in mind that these things are designed to hold people with superhuman abilities, as well as "normal" people with skills in breaking locks. Quite the accomplishment for a lesser known character, say nothing of his threat to Captain Boomerang when the Rogue starts bickering with Deadshot.
    Deadshot (to Boomer): Are we gonna have a problem this time around?
    Capt. Boomerang: I think we might, mate.
    Black Spider (knife to Boomer's throat): No. [...] I don't trust vermin. Honorless. Rudderless. Undisciplined. They'll never find your body.
    Harley (amusedly): Oh! Ninjas are awesome!
  • Harley's unmitigated fury upon laying eyes on the Joker, and one too many jabs at her from the clown. In one single move, she disarms Deadshot (undercover as an Arkham security guard), vaults over him and uses Lawton's own gun to try and murder the Joker. Even when the rest of the security team tries to restrain her, she shrugs them off like it's nothing and still tries to kill him. And the Joker still tries to taunt her. Hell hath no fury like a clown-woman scorned.
    Joker (in his cell): Sorry hun, (taps the glass) bulletproof.
    Harley: Even better, "Puddin'."
    Fires through one of the airholes, causing the bullet to ricochet off the walls of Joker's cell, forcing him to dance like an idiot and cower under his cot in order to not get killed.
    • Points go to Joker as well, for being disturbingly calm and collected during the whole thing, minus the freakout after Harley fires directly into his cell. Sure he's a heartless bastard, taunting her like he did, but except for that one moment, you never see him sweat.
    • Another one for Harley in that scene for managing to get under the Joker's skin to the point where he gets visibly angry. And just by taunting him with her current "relationship" with Deadshot, calling Lawton "someone better." And you know how Joker hates to play second fiddle to someone else, even if Harley's little more than a henchwoman to him.
    • Harley also gives Deadshot the opening to place the device while in the middle of all this by shooting open a wire, all while acting like her usual, mentally unstable self.
    • If you go by the theory that she really was trying to help the Joker escape, she managed to get the bullets to ricochet perfectly to damage his cell walls without actually hitting him. In a very small, enclosed room.
  • Deadshot convincing Penguin to not kill Harley or the team by simply explaining that it wouldn't look good for Penguin to break a deal with his clients.
  • Deadshot and Captain Boomerang's "friendly" game of darts. Not only is it an impressive display of markmanship on either man's part, but Boomer shows some real stones trying to kill Lawton like he did. Bonus points to Deadshot for catching the dart mere inches from his face before decking Boomer for being a dick.
  • Harley holding her own against the Batman. She even gave him a bloody nose at the start of the fight.
  • Batman, being Batman, takes out all of Waller's men without so much as a scratch on him.
  • Batman, knowing every detail there is to know about Arkham, needs only five seconds to realize that he's watching the security footage of the previous day.
  • During the breakout, Commissioner Gordan methodically empties his revolver at a charging Bane like he does this crap every day (and he probably does).
  • "Mate! You just out-crazied the Joker!"
    • To put things in perspective, Joker threatens to kill Deadshot for "touching his stuff" (i.e. Harley). With the clown in possession of his wrist-mounted machine-gun, Deadshot proceeds to walk up to Joker and put the psychopath's gun to his own forehead. He tells Joker that he's out of bullets, and when the clown pulls the trigger, nothing will happen and then he's going get his face beaten in. After a three-count, Joker insists Lawton stop because he's sure there are still bullets in the chamber. He fires once into the ceiling, which gives Deadshot enough of a distraction to punch him in the face, snatch his gauntlet as it falls, and open fire on the fleeing clown. Somehow, Deadshot knew Joker still had one round left, and bluffed him into wasting it. The man sure has one hell of a poker face.
  • The very ending, where Deadshot managed to catch Amanda Waller in her office, is setting himself to shoot, and has his daughter playing with a teddy bear while this happens. Talk about Earn Your Happy Ending.
  • Deadshot versus The Joker, the former outmatched through lack of tools (Deadshot ran out of bullets, but Joker had his knives and signature acid flower with him). Deadshot wins and The Joker of all people admits he's the only person not named Batman to give him a problem.
  • The Riddler sits calmly in his cell, waiting for the assassin that he knows Waller will send. It turns out to be Killer Frost. She promises to make his death quick. Riddler, unfazed, asks her if she wasn't the least bit curious why Waller wanted him dead. When Killer Frost says no, Riddler calls her on it. Then, never losing his collected calm, tells Killer Frost, even as she's starting the process of freezing him to death, that he had already figured out how to disarm the nano-explosives in their necks. And had already done so to himself. To also show himself to be Awesome by Analysis, Riddler needs only to see that "Black Spider"'s head was perfectly intact to realize that it was Batman.
  • The first fight Batman has against the Squad when he arrives at Arkham. The only one who manages to fight him almost as an equal is Black Spider. Him aside, he outclasses all of them. Better still, King Shark had just finished verbally dismissing some of his Rogues Gallery before he arrived, and yet as seen in the games, some of them gave Batman a better fight one-on-one than the entire squad did.
    • Let's not down-sell what Shark did. He rams Batman through half the warehouse, knocks the tasers away from him, catches a punch from one of those tasers, Bats had to go for the groin with the taser, and he gets back up after that without much trouble. Spider gets switched for Bats pretty quickly once the lights go down.