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Batman Beleagured

  • Batman defeating Captain Cold by reflecting his ice gun blast back at him. All thanks to a sheet of glass made from the Flash's speed turning some of the nearby sand into highly reflective glass.

Justice League vs Bizarro League

  • Plastic Man managing to apprehend Deathstroke.
  • Batman capturing Gorilla Grodd, with the help of some boy scouts.
  • The Bizarro League actually managing to hold their own in battle with Darkseid's invading forces.
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  • Batzarro and Cyzarro's plan to help Batman finish building a weapon to neutralize Darkseid's "Weirdiation" weapon. Which actually works.
  • Wonder Woman finding Bizarra to be a capable warrior, in her own way.
    Wonder Woman: By Athena's grey eyes, she is a dog of war!

Attack of the Legion of Doom

  • Despite the fact that it was a dream, Cyborg defeating Darkseid after he'd just defeated the rest of the Justice League.
  • The Trickster actually managing to evade the League, though not for long.
  • Deathstroke expertly beating Luthor's obstacle course.
  • The first battle between the Justice League and the newly formed Legion of Doom.
    • Sinestro manages to keep Cyborg on the defensive during almost all of their fight.
  • J'onn fooling Lex into confessing his true intent by posing as Manta.
    • He then tricks Sinestro into believing the exiled Justice League members had suddenly arrived to help Cyborg.
  • Cyborg converting the Hall of Justice building into a flying fortress. The Hall of Justice arsenal proves more than a match for Luthor's Legion fortress.
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  • J'onn defeating the entire Legion of Doom (save Lex) all on his own.

Cosmic Clash

  • The Justice leagues' first fight with Brainiac, the team easily defeats him. Superman finishes things up by flinging Brainiac's ship far away from the planet thanks to a power boost from the sun.
  • Batman using Wonder Woman's own lasso to force her into remembering the truth about herself.
    Batman: The magic lasso compels you to speak the truth, even a truth you've forgotten!
    • Before their duel starts, Batman is handed a spear by one of the Amazons. Batman quickly tosses the spear aside.
  • Just as Captain Fear is about to force Batman to Walk the Plank, Batman reaches out to Hal. Convincing him he's a not a coward, but a hero.
    Batman: Hal, you may not believe it now but I know you are the most fearless man alive. Be that man.
    • Hal reciting the Green Lantern oath once he regains his courage (and memories). He then creates a ship construct which sinks Captain Fear's vessel.
    Hal: I'm not your swabbie anymore Captain! And I don't take orders from fear.
  • Batman and Brainiac!Superman's battle in the Batcave of 2116.

Gotham Breakout

  • Robin single handedly rescuing the captive Superman, Cyborg and Wonder Woman from Joker and the other villains at the amusement park.
  • Superman getting some payback on the Joker during the battle at the Gotham police station.
    Superman: (knocks on the door) Knock knock.
    Joker: Who's there?
    Superman: I'ma.
    Joker: (leans against the door to listen) I'ma who?
    Superman: (punches the door so hard it and Joker are sent flying) I'ma send you right back to Arkham where you belong Joker.
    • Robin confiscating "Spoony".
  • Prince Grungle breaking the tubes of Bane's Venom injector, de-powering Bane.

The Flash

  • Ace the Bat Hound beating Cyborg's high score in the training room.
  • Flash easily stopping Captain Cold from robbing a bank.
    • On his way to Metropolis, Flash spots Captain Boomerang in a car chase. Flash catches him by using the Captains' own boomerangs against him.
  • The Atom creating a cure for the Joker's laughing gas.
  • During the first time-loop, Flash easily stealing the Joker's remote before he can set off his "Fun Cannon".
    • During the second loop, Flash tossing the already handcuffed, and completely confused Captain Boomerang to the local police.
  • The Atom taming a spider and a pigeon.

Aquaman: Rage Of Atlantis

  • Though the rest of his fight with Lobo goes badly, Aquaman ramming into the alien bounty hunter in his Aquajet to make his entrance was actually pretty awesome.
  • Mera rescuing Green Lantern Cruz from the corrupted Atlanteans.
  • Despite also being hilarious, the fact that Dex-Starr can go toe-to-toe with someone like Wonder Woman.
    Wonder Woman: That is one furious feline!
  • Aquaman standing up to Lobo in order to enlist his help.
    Lobo: If you don't tell me, I'm gonna pound you into minced fish!
    Aquaman: (dead serious) Go ahead, I've got nothing else to lose. But you'll never find out where you pal Fishy is.
    Lobo: …Mr. Jellyfish has a spine after all.
  • Cruz managing to work up the courage to save Robin and Batgirl just as the corrupted Mera is about to corrupt them. She then manages to negate the effects of the Red Lanterns' light, returning Mera and the other Atlanteans to normal.
  • Aquaman's fight with Atrocitus. Not only does pull the Trident of Poseidon from it's resting place, something only a worthy king can do. He destroys the Red Lantern power battery, weakening Atrocitus and Dex-Starr.

Batman: Family Matters

  • When Jason arrives to save Bruce from Two-Face. By pretending to be Batman, wearing the cowl and everything.
  • When Nightwing confronts Red Hood when he stops Robin, he's able to hold his really well against Red Hood thanks to his circus training. He loses, but still put up a fight.

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