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Awesome / Son of Batman

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  • Talia going all One Woman Army on the guys who intruded the League of Assassins.
  • Batman and Damian fighting off dozens of Man-Bat ninjas at the fairgrounds.
  • Damian putting such a scare into Ubu that it causes the man three times his size to flee for his life.
  • In the span of three minutes, Batman defeats a Gorilla-Bat monster, dodges the missile of a predator drone, and douses the ensuing inferno with some well-placed explosives.
  • Dick saving Ubu's life by performing a Dynamic Entry on Damian vis-a-vis dropkick. He then proceeds to, not without difficulty mind you, best Damian in combat. This makes him the only person in the film to do so.
  • No one would be crazy enough to swim several miles out into the ocean to infiltrate an oil rig loaded with trigger happy assassins. Except maybe Damian.
  • Damian and Deathstroke's final duel.
    • During the fight, Deathstroke impales both of Damian's arms to a boiler. He moves in to deliver the killing blow, only for Damian to kick him away and free himself by yanking one of his arms clean through one of the blades that held them and using his freed hand to pull out the katana emdeded in the other to use as a weapon against Deathstroke.
    • Shortly after, Deathstroke dislocates Damian's sword arm. What does the kid do? He tosses his sword into the air with his gimped appendage, catches it with his other hand and resumes fighting.
  • Before Deathstroke fights Damian, he has a short fight with Batman. And Batman crushes him. Effortlessly. If there was any question as to why Ra's would choose Bruce over Slade, this was the answer.
  • During their sparring match in the Batcave, Damian boasts how he was trained by Ra's al Ghul, and that Dick can do nothing except waste his time. He disagrees.
    Damian: I don't need to be trained by some circus clown, my grandfather thought me everything I need to know about personal combat.
    [Damian rushes Nightwing, who ducks under his attacks and catches his sword with his Eskrima stick]
    Nightwing: But I was trained by Bruce Wayne, and every time they met, he kicked Ra's al Ghul's ass...
    [Damian grimaces as Nightwing starts to overpower him]
    Nightwing: ...Just like I'm kicking yours. [Kick Damian square in the face]