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  • When Talia offers Bruce a drink
    Talia: Would you like a drink?
    Batman: Last time, that didn't go so well.
  • When the Batmobile pulls up.
    Damian: I'll drive.
    Batman: No.
    Damian: I know how.
    Batman: No.
    • Gets a repeat at the end of the movie.
  • Alfred is just wonderful, such as this gem when Damian is practicing his sword techniques against the shrub art in the garden.
    Bruce: Well, he was trained by the League of Assassins.
    Alfred: I myself am rooting for the shrubbery.
  • The aftermath of Damian vs Nightwing when the two first meet.
    Nightwing: (Calling Batman) Missing something?
    Batman: Not in the mood for games.
    Nightwing (shown sliced up over his body and bleeding from his barely won fight): I have a kid here. Says he's your son?
    (Damian is shown bound and gagged while also hanging from a lamppost. Glares at Dick and angrily moans)
    Batman (Sighs, in a resigned tone): I'll be right there.
    • While Alfred is stitching him up, Nightwing complains, "Really ticks me off after all those lectures he gave me about using protection..."
      • Just the fact that Batman gave lectures about safe sex to Dick.
    • The exchange between the two sons of Batman that follows:
    Damian: [mocking] Maybe you need more anesthetic.
    Dick: [utterly pissed] AND MAYBE YOU NEED TO GO FU-
    Alfred: Master Dick!
    Damian: Maybe you should remember who the blood son is.
    Dick: Bloodthirsty is more like it.
    • Even better, the credits give us stills of the fight since most of it occurs offscreen.
  • Batman takes Damian, now dressed as Robin, to meet with James Gordon, who's waiting next to the Bat-Signal.
    Batman: Jim.
    Gordon: (Turns around surprised) Is there any way you can show up without raising my blood pressure?
    (Batman jumps off the ledge, then Robin appears too)
    Gordon: Another one?
    Batman: I'll explain later.
  • Damian throws a few batarangs at Slade. The mercenary manages to expertly catch two of them, but the third ends up hitting him in face, almost taking out his remaining eye.
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  • Damian orders the two hookers (calling them "harlots") to leave. As they run, one of them says "I don't get paid enough for this!".

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