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  • Billy Batson returning home from a football game he snuck into, and after arguing with his adoptive siblings, he sees a Parademon running across his backyard. What does Billy do? Go outside and grab a baseball bat, and when said Parademon lunges at him, he says "Come and get some ugly," yells "SHAZAM!" and transforms into his alter-ego while batting away the Parademon.
  • During the attack on Air Force One, an unnamed Secret Service agent manages to blow the heads off two parademons before being dragged off.
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  • Any time Wonder Woman fights is one of these. Her action sequences are some of the most impressive in the film in technical terms, not to mention she tears through everything in her path with such enthusiastic glee that you can help but cheer her on.
  • Dr. Silas Stone taking a fire extinguisher and busting a Parademon across the chops with it definitely counts as one of these.
  • Batman ending the fight with Superman with not weapons but with a word: "Clark."
    • Of course, this is only after Superman kicks Batman and Green Lantern's asses all over Metropolis. (Literally.)
  • Cyborg's entrance deserves mentioning. Not even a full minute after being rebuild/cyberized, he grabs the Parademon that was about to kill his dad by the neck and then just squeezes until it goes limp, then tosses it aside like a rag doll. He then proceeds to cut a swath of destruction through the Parademons assaulting S.T.A.R. Labs' Red Room with incredibly ease for a guy who was knocking on death's door mere minutes ago. He even puts his fist through one's face and uses it as a club!!
  • Batman inflicting Why Am I Ticking? on a group of Parademons.
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  • Superman batting around waves of Parademons with a semi-truck!
    Superman: Come on! That's it, smile for me! [Heat-visions the semi and it explodes]
  • Basically the whole battle with Darkseid. Highlights include
    • All of the heroes blasting him into a Boom Tube.
    • Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern hitting him at the same time.
    • Diana stabbing Darkseid in the eye.
    • Flash using a crowbar to take out Darkseid's other eye.
    • Batman using his belt on Darkseid's chest as a jet pack to push Darkseid into the Boom Tube. Before the final victory, he gets closer than any of the others' solo efforts in getting Darkseid back to Apokolips.
    • Shazam using his lightning to boost the Mother Box's power so Cyborg can close the Boom Tube on Darkseid.
    • Superman's final hit before the Boom Tube closes.
    • And one for Darkseid himself for still being able to fight and taking enormous amounts of punishment to take down despite having both eyes gouged out.
      • Darkseid gets one earlier after Wonder Woman had taken out one eye: he merely smiles and attacks her, pushing her through several buildings before he starts beating her senseless.

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