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Heartwarming / Justice League: War

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  • All of Diana's interactions with a little girl named Hannah. After getting heckled by a bunch of protesters earlier, it's nice to see someone actually be nice to Wonder Woman for a change.
    Hannah: Cool! You're Wonder Woman!
    Wonder Woman: [smiling and kneeling to her level] My name is Diana.
    Hannah: Mine's Hannah Grace. [takes a lick of her ice cream cone]
    Wonder Woman: Thank you for speaking with me, Hannah. You're not afraid of me.
    Hannah: Nah, I wanna be you when I get big.
    Wonder Woman: [smiling sincerely] I would welcome your sisterhood, Hannah.
    • During the same conversation, Wonder Woman discovering the joys of ice cream.
    • Instead of mocking the protestor who had admitted to cross-dressing as her to make himself feel powerful, and who had heckled her earlier, she instead tells him to embrace his true self, and that her costume makes her feel powerful as well.
  • Shazam's attempts to ensure Vic that he has a place among the heroes.
    • Really Billy being a Fan Boy to 'Victory' Stone in general. Sure he stole a jersey, but he's a huge fan of Victor and likely loved every minute of spending time with him. Heck, Victor is the sole person outside of his adopted siblings that know who Billy really is.
  • The Flash having a Fan Boy moment over meeting Batman, and Batman praises Flash on the good work he does.
  • Diana warmly comparing the rest of the Justice League to the Greek Pantheon - Batman is Hades, Green Lantern Apollo, Flash is Hermes, Cyborg is Hephaestus, and Shazam is Zeus...but she remarks she's never met anyone like Superman.