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Awesome / Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

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  • A meta example: the film getting a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from 5 reviews.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Zoom places bombs on the Rogues in an attempt to destroy Central City. The Justice League proceeds to split up in order to deal with the bombs their own way. Two of them especially stand out:
    • Aquaman stops it by having millions of aquatic microbes eati the bombs' wiring before crushing what remains of it. Heart Is an Awesome Power at its finest.
    • Superman just contains the explosion. Within. His. Hands. While making one-sided small talk. The explosion doesn't even make him shiver.
    Superman: Waiting is the worst part.
  • Flashpoint Batman's fight with Yo-Yo near the beginning. It's not often you see a little girl give the Dark Knight himself such a hard time. Batman's ultimate victory is similarly cool.
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  • Lois Lane infiltrating New Themyscira, sending in reports for months before she's caught. By the time we've caught up to her, she's coolly commenting on how she's about to die while monsters and Amazons chase her, and she's still reporting as she runs.
  • Deathstroke and Lex Luthor (the latter of whom here doesn't even have his armor) take on a bunch of Atlanteans...and kick their butts for almost the entire fight. Sure, they both end up dead in the end, but they definitely went down fighting.
  • During the attack on Luthor and Deathstroke's ship, one of the sailors reveals himself as Clayface, and kicks Atlantean ass until he's taken down
  • The final battle, Tear Jerker moments notwithstanding. In particular Batman and Grifter teaming up to take down Black Manta. Grifter himself acknowledges that they make an excellent team. Not to mention the fact that Grifter is also able to take on Amazons and win. Of special note in the final battle is when Grifter finally bites it, taking arrow after arrow into his body and still killing his opponents. When one arrow takes him in the skull, his final act is to kill the Amazon that shot him!
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  • Etrigan heralding the Resistance' entrance into the fray of the final battle via a fireball drop from above, scorching the surrounding battlefield and setting it ablaze. Haloed in hellfire, he intones a quick, ominous rhyme that really sets the mood for how serious this fight is before joining his comrades against the Amazons and Atlanteans.
    Etrigan: Behold, man's final mad disgrace/He chops his nose, to spite his face.
  • The final battle between Aquaman and Wonder Woman, both monarchs of their respective kingdoms and both skilled and powerful warriors.
  • Flash vs Professor Zoom. Because nothing says badass like two speedsters having an all-out brawl in the middle of ruined London. Zoom ends the fight by brutally stabbing Flash in the leg with rebar.
  • Batman's Boom, Headshot! to Professor Zoom, who was really asking for it.
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  • Flash getting his superspeed back, after the first attempt left him covered in third-degree burns.
  • Kal-El proving that even in his emaciated state, in either universe, he is the most powerful. Neither the US government nor Aquaman stood a chance against him.
  • The Flash outrunning his mainstream self in order to prevent the Flashpoint timeline. Keep in mind that Flashpoint!Flash is battered and crippled from his battle with Professor Zoom, and he manages to overtake his past self, who was in his prime. A Determinator at his finest.
  • Flashpoint Hal Jordan charging Aquaman's ship to nuke it. When he gets eaten by a sea monster, he decides to detonate the bomb anyway, rather than try to escape. It takes some low-hanging balls to do that.
    Hal: Beware my power, asshole.


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