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Nightmare Fuel / Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

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  • There are so many horrific scenes of violence and deaths we can't list them all.
    • Grifter gets shot full of Amazonian arrows, with the last going through his head.
    • Among the most, if not the most horrific deaths of the entire film is that of Billy Batson, especially since he was in the form of a ten year old kid. Those shocked, fearful eyes are haunting, and even worse, the other kids, who were likely like siblings to him considering their powers, had to watch.
  • Let's start with the film's first tragic death. The younger Barry Allen returns home for his mother's birthday and finds the place has been broken into. He's horrified to find her corpse. Nothing Is Scarier works with the scene of the smashed window and splattered birthday cake. And the horrified look on Barry's face...
  • Professor Zoom is nightmare fuel incarnate in this film. Firstly, his appearance is menacing with pale skin and red pupils in black eyes to his soft, ominous tone. He's also pretty willing to destroy himself along with The Flash if it means he'll perish. Then there's how he'll allow the world to be utterly destroyed, just so The Flash will be miserable and suffer throughout every final moment. In his last scene, he also brutally manhandles the Flash on a ledge (which reminds one of the island scene in Superman Returns - only much more violent).
    • Even his death, facing the camera while a bullet flies through his forehead from behind, is nightmare inducing. Yes, he definitely had it coming, but how the heck did this get a PG-13 rating?
  • The Stinger wherein a boom tube opens over Earth and Parademons fly directly at the camera.
  • The flashback with Martha Wayne in the Flashpoint timeline. She's laughing crazily while coddling Bruce's body and using his blood as paint for the traditional Joker smile. And just before Thomas Wayne was brutally beating Bruce's killer to death.
  • The sort of grief that must have caused FP!Batman's extra brutality. Bruce as Batman is already a prime example of Good Is Not Nice, but when his father dons the cowl... Well, there's a reason why it is said that a parent should never have to bury their child. As mad with grief as Batman went after the deaths of his parents, his parents lost their own sanity even worse when he died instead.
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  • Barry's first attempt to get his powers back by recreating the experiment and zapping himself with lightning. It goes about as well as it would in real life. Afterwards we see Barry with all of his skin charred off and in considerable pain as Batman nurses him back to health. He eventually gets it to work and gets his skin back, but the whole ordeal is enough to make you cringe at what Barry must be feeling physically.
  • When Aquaman rips open Cyborg's casing, we can see his beating heart, encased in metal.
  • The hideous results of the government experimenting with Kryptonian DNA, one of which looks like an attempt to splice Kal-El's with Krypto's.
  • Seeing the bloody results of when superhumans simply do not hold back when fighting each other, even the heroes. This occurs most starkly with the normally pacifist Kal-El, who incinerates a battalion of soldiers (though that one was an accident) and removes Aquaman's arm.
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  • Ever wonder how dangerous Aquaman and Wonder Woman could be if they removed their moral obligations that holds them back in taking out their enemies? In this you see how terrifying they could be.
  • Diana, in general. She's so bloodthirsty she's not even herself. She takes pleasure in killing trespassers, unflinchingly guts children and has no problems knowing that's she's destroying the world. She literally lives in a hell-scape and honestly believes she's going to purify the Earth of all men and make it a better place. Yet, she has no problems with the females getting killed in the crossfire as well.
    • Special mention goes to Diana beheading Arthur's wife. Diana was having an affair with Arthur, and when his wife, in her heartbreak, dared to confront Diana on it... Yeah.
      • She also sends Mera's severed head to Aquaman as a "gift". One wonders what she did with Mera's headless body?
  • Basically the entirety of the 3rd act.
  • Aquaman himself can be quite frightening. In stark contrast to his personality in the main timeline, he's an utterly ruthless, revenge-obsessed Evil Overlord with no regard for human life. To clarify, this is a guy who sank all of Western Europe into the ocean, killing OVER 100 MILLION PEOPLE, all for the sake of destroying the Amazons.
  • Aquaman activating the Captain-Atom-powered bomb that kills the remaining characters engulfing the landscape after being fatally injured by Diana.

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