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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Anthony Ruivivar's voice acting. He's no Kevin Conroy, but he becomes a damn good Batman by the end of the show.
  • The fact that it was rescued by Toonami, who currently air during [adult swim] hours and give action shows more respect than Cartoon Network. Not only does it mark the return of Batman to Toonami (Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League are considered two of Toonami's staples), but it also marks the first western show to actually premiere episodes on the new Toonami (past western shows that Toonami has aired so far have already aired completely on Cartoon Network).


  • The full intro.
  • Batman taking on the two bank robbers in the beginning clearly showed off his competence, skill, and combat prowess, as well as his relative inexperience and the brutality of this series (he actually had to pop his dislocated shoulder back into place during the course of the fight).
  • Right off the bat, Professor Pyg shows that despite being toned down for television, he can still be just as ominous and intimidating as his comic-book counterpart.
    "I say, what a wonderful night it is for a Stagg hunt, wouldn't you agree, Mr. Toad?"
  • The quick analysis of the video Pyg and Toad posted on the Internet of their threat towards the kidnapped Simon Stagg and the other's on their list by Alfred and Batman definitely deserves a mention. It shows viewers how this series will have a lot more detective work to it than before, and that Batman will be using his intellect and wits as much as his gadgets and fists.
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  • Alfred's surprise attack actually looking very real, even though he held back on account of realizing Bruce's injury and lax reaction-time as a result of the first fight. Say nothing of Bruce' dispatching him in only five moves.
  • The car chase between Pyg and Toad's buggy and the Batmobile.
  • Michael Holt deserves some recognition here as well, for being willing to tell Stagg off and help Alfred try to keep the three of them alive while Pyg and Toad hunted them down, not to mention risking his own neck to help the wounded butler escape while Batman dealt with the villains.
  • Batman's battle with Pyg and Toad in the abandoned oil rig. Both hero and villains shine in combat, but Batman fares far better than Pyg, and shows just how brutal a fighter he can be by giving Pyg a knee to the face after the villain's bonesaw gets lodged in the floor.


  • Bruce pulling off an impressive Sherlock Scan on Tatsu. Even she admits it's quite the feat.
  • Gordon finding Batman through some good detective work.


  • Tatsu's workout session.
  • Bruce subtly telling Alfred that the only reason he wins in chess with him is because Alfred is good and nothing less than his best will suffice.
  • The Batmobile proving to be both chainsaw-proof and acid-proof.
  • Tatsu managing to steal Bruce's fingerprints to access the secret elevator.
  • Alfred driving the Batmobile via remote control.
  • Batman and Anarky's fight near the end of the episode, not to mention how Batman foils Anarky's plot.
  • The Batcycle transforming into a Batglider.
  • Anarky's entire Leitmotif, which consists of classical instruments and sounds as if it was pulled right out of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Tatsu passing Bruce's test at the end.


  • The fight between Katana and Silver Monkey.
  • Alfred driving off Silver Monkey with a shotgun.
  • The Batglider returns, only to explode, thus allowing Batman to burst through Wayne Manor's security.
  • Special mention goes to Silver Monkey keeping the fact that Katana still has the Soultaker Sword from Lady Shiva.
    • Another one in passing is the fact that Tatsu got out of the League of Assassins by faking her death and it actually worked, at least until Silver Monkey saw her.


  • A subtle one in the form of Batman hacking Gordon's cellphone.
  • Batman delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to Tobias Whale's goons.
  • Batman deflecting the cannonballs by dropping a lamppost.
  • Batman's fight against the toy soldiers in front of Gordon's house.
  • Batman saving Whale and Gordon while running through a hail of gun and cannon fire.


  • Batman exposing Simon Stagg as the culprit responsible for Rex's transformation into Metamorpho.
    Simon Stagg: You're done. I saw the whole thing. You murdered that poor, heroic man.
    Batman: Really? Those videos that you destroyed...
    (Plugs a flash drive into a computer which reveals Simon is behind Rex's transformation)
    Batman: Already sent a copy to the Gotham police. I'd get your affairs in order, Daddy.
  • Batman's fight with Metamorpho in Sapphire's penthouse.
    • Bonus points for Rex shooting lightning from his mouth.


  • Tatsu's fight with Silver Monkey in the limo.
  • Lady Shiva making her first physical appearance, then defusing Silver Monkey's attempted mutiny and showing just why she's a high-ranking member of the League of Assassins.
  • Tatsu telling off Batman after he explained that he used Tatsu to weaken the League of Assassins. She retorts that his plan failed, and that Bruce Wayne is dead, Bethanie Ravencroft is a soulless shell, and Lady Shiva has the Soultaker Sword. Cue Bruce revealing himself and saying that he regrets what happened to Bethanie, and that they'll get back the sword.
    • Also, although it isn't that surprising, Batman revealing that he knew the truth about both Tatsu and Bethanie.
  • Even after getting hit by two tranquilizer darts (in the neck, no less), Silver Monkey still manages to put up a fight against Lady Shiva's henchmen before being subdued.
  • Batman and Katana's Back-to-Back Badasses moment against the League's ninjas, then going head-to-head with Lady Shiva herself.
    • The Ninja's get two 1 for restraining both batman and katana and 2 for only 3 of them taking out silver monkey
  • Alfred saving Batman and Tatsu from Lady Shiva with a rocket launcher.
    Batman: You forgot one thing.
    Lady Shiva: Did I? And what is that?
    Batman: The rocket.
    Lady Shiva: What rocket?
    (Cue a rocket flying towards Lady Shiva who dodges it and it hits the ceiling.)
    Alfred: (holding a rocket launcher) That rocket.


  • Jim Gordon punching Tobias Whale in the face.
  • Tatsu's Badass Boast on why she choose "Katana" as her codename:
    Alfred: But that was your name in the League of Assassins.
    Tatsu: I know. When I'm beating the stuffing out of them, I want them to know who I am.
  • The Bat Signal's first appearance on the show.
  • Barbara mouthing off to Match and not showing an ounce of fear.
  • Batman finding the area where Barbara was being held thanks to trackers he put on Whale's men during the Humpty Dumpty case.
    Batman: I like to plan ahead.
  • Tatsu's first night as Katana with Batman. She not only fought very well alongside Batman, but she pulled two Big Damn Heroes to save him. Bonus points for utilizing Car Fu in both situations.
    • The first was saving him from the Ghosts that had their guns pointed at him by launching her motorcycle at them.
    • The second was driving a tanker truck into Phosphorus Rex's flame to extinguish it with a bigger fire, thus overloading his powers.
  • Batman and Katana's fight with the Ghosts as well as their battle with Phosphorus Rex.


  • Bruce and Tatsu's training session.
  • A subtle one with Gordon saying that he can tell when Batman's coming now.
  • Batman pulling off another awesome Sherlock Scan.
  • Batman derailing a train to force Cypher to release Katana and Burr.
  • Cypher gaining control of Batman.
  • Batman fighting off Cypher's mind control.
  • Katana managing to hold her own against a Cypher-controlled Batman.
    • Bonus points to the animators for the fight's brutal nature.


  • Anarky curb-stomping the League of Assassins ninjas in the beginning of the episode.
    • Also, stealing the box containing the frozen Ra's al Ghul, then going to Lady Shiva with this information and taunting her about it.
  • Batman and Katana interrupting a poker game between thugs to learn the whereabouts the League of Assassins.
    • Batman reminding Ralphie the Razor of this fact:
    Batman: You may be afraid of the League of Assassins, but remember: your boss, Tobias Whale, is afraid of me.
  • The entire break in sequence with Batcomputer monologuing each security measure and the League getting through each no problem
  • Katana fighting the mutated ninjas to save Batman, knowing full well that she could die. Bonus points for disproving Lady Shiva's insistence that they're Not So Different.
  • Everything Gordon does to save Batman and Katana.
    • Doubly so after Batman says that the police can't do anything to help.


  • Bruce pulling off another Sherlock Scan on spotting crimes while having dinner with Tatsu in a restaurant. He even managed to spot a pickpocketer on the street from a high level.
  • Batman's fight with Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad at their hideout.
  • Katana saving Batman and fighting off Prof. Pyg and Mr. Toad single-handedly.
  • The League of Assassins, with Jason Burr under their control, will soon have the Ion Cortex.


  • Katana digging her way out of a grave Magpie put her in.
  • Alfred and Tatsu calling out Bruce on the fact that he visited Magpie without telling them and that he doesn't think straight when it comes to her.


  • Batman vs Ra's Al Ghul. It's a Curbstomp Battle in favor of Ra's.
  • Alfred's Big Damn Heroes moment to save Katana and Bats from the League with his rocket launcher. Unfortunately, he doesn't manage to save Bruce from being taken prisoner.
  • Young Alfred and Kid Bruce vs three muggers.


  • Batman vs. a handful of his villains hunting after him. Particularly how he tricks them into fighting each other.
  • Batman admitting he can't defeat Ra's. So he enlists some back-up, courtesy of the multitude of pissed off souls in the Soultaker Sword, who drag Ra's off to his fate.

AloneBatman tells Katana to stay out of sight, he can handle it. Katana says "Screw that" and calls in a few favors to form the beginning of the Outsiders who end up saving the day.


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