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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Bruce telling Alfred he doesn't want him in the field because he wants to keep him safe from harm.


  • Tatsu still refers to Alfred as "The Major"- her childhood nickname for him when he worked with her father (and possibly his station in MI:6)- even though she's grown up.
    • Alfred revealing to Bruce that she's his goddaughter.


  • Batman complimenting Tatsu for solving his test.


  • Poor Jason Burr's attempts to woo Tatsu and the subtle hint that Tatsu may like him.
    • He even made her smile a bit.
  • Alfred and Bruce's talk at the fireplace.
    Bruce: I need to find out who's after Burr.
    Alfred: Perhaps you should search Dr. Burr's lab.
    Bruce: Thank you, Alfred. You know I've done this before, right?
    Alfred: And you're getting better at it everyday.
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  • Tatsu saving Batman and considering that he was right about sparing Silver Monkey's life.


  • The fact that Batman chose to hack Gordon's phone to communicate with him.
  • Barbara and Jim's interaction at their house.
  • Batman showing compassion to Humphry when says that he never wanted to hurt anyone. It also shows that Batman truly cares for members of his Rogues Gallery who are suffering from insanity and wishes to help them rather than just lock them up.
  • Tatsu telling Alfred to truth about why she took his job offer.
  • Gordon thanking Batman for not staying out of the case.
  • Humpty Dumpty proving true to his word about not wanting to hurt people by releasing his captives.
  • Batman comforting Barbara after Humpty Dumpty kidnapped her father.
  • When Batman breaks into the Gotham PD to talk with Gordon, he doesn't even attempt to arrest Batman or call for backup, which shows he's starting to trust him.
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  • It's small, but when Batman meets a civilian who tells him that two people are trapped in the toy-like machines, one of the cannonballs nearly hits him because of Batman knocking down a pole. The civilian doesn't react angrily, but compliments Batman, knowing that he's here to help.


  • Sapphire's love for Rex.
  • A subtle one, Katana was said to be shadowing Dr. Burr's move.
  • Batman's attempts to help Metamorpho.
  • Sapphire's defense of her father is all the more heartbreaking when the truth is revealed.
  • Bruce telling Ravencroft that "I'm glad I'm no longer your patient" on their date. Making it all the more of a Mood Whiplash when it's revealed she's working with someone for reasons yet revealed.


  • Tatsu selflessly going to save Bruce even after he fired her and Alfred.
  • Bruce telling Tatsu that she passed the final test and reveals his identity to her.
    Alfred: Welcome to the family.


  • Barbara finally meeting Batman and being happy to know that his partner, Katana, is a girl, meaning that she could possibly join him at some point.
    Barbara: Wow! Batman is so cool! And did you see? He works with a girl. I can totally be like her one day.
  • Batman framing himself so Gordon wouldn't be arrested for his actions of trying to save his daughter.
  • Gordon thanking Batman for helping him save Barbara.


  • Gordon working with Batman, showing that he now trusts him.
  • Dr. Burr and Tatsu having dinner together.
    • Also, he uses a prototype cortex to form Tatsu's face on another building. Something that left her speechless and later admitted she thought it was awesome.
  • Batman not fighting both Burr and Katana while they were under Cypher's control.
  • Katana talking Batman out of Cypher's control.
    Katana: You're stronger than he is, stronger than the rest of them... it's not me you want to fight.
  • Tatsu saving Jason from Cypher's mind control by kissing him and later even admitting that she did that because she has feelings for him now.
  • A quick miss, but Tatsu is seen staying by Dr. Burr's bed in the hospital at the end.


  • Batman covering Katana with his cape to protect her from the explosion. He put his secret identity at risk by using his Wayne Industries ID Card to save her life.
  • The lengths Gordon goes to to save Batman and Katana from the building's self-destruction.
  • Batman telling Katana that she is worth too much to sacrifice herself.


  • Batman visits Magpie at Blackgate and genuinely oversees her rehabilitation. Great to see he does care, even if this attempt haunts him later in the episode.


  • The flashbacks with Kid Bruce and Young Alfred, particularly the reversal of their training scene from the pilot.


  • Lt. Gordon taking a moment amid all the chaos to tell Barbara that he's proud of her for stepping up and doing her part in saving Gotham.
  • Near the end, Tatsu briefly reunites with her father's soul, recently released from the Soultaker.


  • Rex/Metamorpho accepting his status as an "outsider" and refusing a cure to help protect people by using his powers, even offering Batman and Katana his help if they ever need it.


  • After enduring Killer Croc, Matatoa, and the entire riot at Blackgate, Bruce is tended by a returning Alfred.


  • Bruce Wayne starts making positive connections again, amending his relationship with Alfred, befriending Dane Lisslow and Harvey Dent, and even actually BEING Bruce Wayne again after being stuck as Batman over the last two months.
  • Barbara training with Katana and officially taking the codename "Oracle".


  • After Barbara's turbulent night and having to deal with her father, her date Creed tells her he had a good time and continues to remain interested in her.


  • When Gordon notices how a deranged Harvey Dent is bullying the mayor into turning his police force into a lynch mob for Batman, he tries to stop it and even risks his job.


  • Despite Batman's insistence on battling Deathstroke alone, Katana recruits people he helped before, like Oracle, Metamorpho, and Man-Bat, to help him in the final battle. Batman remarks that he is no longer "alone" in his fight for Gotham City.


  • The show's cast and crew reunited on July 22nd, 2015 for a special charity event hosted by Combat Radio and Sheila E. They managed to gather over $1,000 to help out homeless children.

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