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Awesome / Justice League: Doom

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  • Superman vs Ace. Ace punches Superman hard enough to break his own hand off. Superman follows this up by catching the robot's remaining hand and crushing it, then delivering a Bond One-Liner and breaking Ace in two with a single punch.
    • Superman: "Say good night, Ace."
  • Green Lantern holding back a solar flare long enough for the team to put up the intangibility field.
  • The League finally confronts the Legion. Bonus points for Superman calmly saying "Take them."
  • In order to avert the current crisis, Superman mentions that he could try to physically push the Earth out of the way of the threat, indicating he thinks he might be capable of moving that much mass. Somewhat undercut in that he never actually does it, especially as Batman points out "If I had a week to explain, I wouldn't be able to point out all the ways that wouldn't work".
    • Along the same lines is him reaching Earth when the flare travelling at the speed of light is barely visible from Earth at that point. (Of course, if it's traveling at the speed of light, it wouldn't be visible until it had already arrived)
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  • Superman blasting Metallo's head off with the line "I've got work to do."
  • Batman asks Flash how far he is from an iceberg. Flash responds with "I'm never far away from anything."
  • What, no love for Bane? The dude wrestled an alligator and won!
  • I can't believe this moment has been added: Bruce with nothing but his car keys and resolve, managed to escape being buried alive. Inside a wooden casket. Under piles of dirt.
    • And when he got a little tired, what did he do? He looked at the skeleton of his dead parent and continued to punch the wooden casket with a steely, determined expression.
  • Every member of the League needs some physical help to deal with the attempts on their lives. As soon as Batman explains what's happened, Green Lantern snaps back into action without any further trouble.

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