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  • Broken Base: Although fans are ecstatic that the original voice cast returns for the Justice League, many felt disappointed that the Legion of Doom was altered. Either the Legion isn't as great because many of the original members are absent or it's better because we see other unappreciated characters shine in the spotlight.
  • Complete Monster: Vandal Savage is a conqueror with genocidal plans for Earth. He manages to steal the protocols that Batman designed to defeat the Justice League in case one or more members turn evil. Savage makes these protocols more lethal and sadistic and then uses them to take out the Justice League. After his Legion of Doom seemingly triumphs over the Justice League, Vandal Savage informs them he plans to Take Over the World by using a missile that will cause a solar flare that will kill half the world's population. This event will also render the rest of the world's population so weak and helpless that they will naturally accept his leadership.
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  • Crack Ship: Some fans ship Batman with Cheetah, for some reason. However, the two never actually interact at all together and are never even in the same frame. This is most likely heavily influenced by a scene from the Justice League cartoon where Batman seduces Cheetah while being held captive by Lex Luthor's Injustice Gang.
  • Designated Hero: Batman's Never My Fault Jerkass tendencies are dialed up very high here.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: All the Legion of Doom members, minus Vandal Savage, are very well-liked.
  • Evil Is Cool: The Legion of Doom has some amazing villains.
  • Foe Yay:
    • There's a brief scene where we see Cheetah describe Wonder Woman as "so hot". It's not actually Cheetah saying this, just a civilian who looks and sounds like Cheetah because Wonder Woman is hallucinating. But the subtext is there regardless, and there's nothing to suggest the civilian was a guy...
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    • Ma'alefa'ak attracts the Martian Manhunter's attention by taking the form of a seductive blonde woman and buying him a drink (laced with magnesium carbonate). He acts no less seductive even after revealing himself to his brother, explaining what the poison is by leaning into J'onn's ear.
  • Genius Bonus: When J'onn is told that poison he drank is largely magnesium which will sweat out through his skin, it creates a special Oh, Crap! for the audience who knows that that metal is special in that it's flammable. Magnesium flames also can't extinguished by water. Magnesium burns with a white flame!
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The whole plan falls apart because Bane succumbs to Bond Villain Stupidity. It almost seems like a precedent now.
  • It Was His Sled: Anyone who's read Tower of Babel will know that the movie ends with Batman quitting the League.
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  • Magnificent Bastard: Vandal Savage, the Big Bad, steals all of Batman's plans aimed at incapacitating the Justice League should they ever turn to darkness or prove too dangerous, taking them and making them far more lethal and dangerous. Recruiting his very own Legion of Doom, Vandal has them lure the League into traps before putting the countermeasures into placing, nearly killing every single member of the League in a single night. Vandal reveals his true plans to cause a solar flare to strike earth so he may cause the conflict that he feels is necessary for human advancement and cause the world to submit to his rule, offering to share the rulership with his new Legion. A charming, sophisticated villain, Vandal shows he has surpassed the savagery he has born into, nearly completely erasing the League in one fell stroke with the world falling perilously close to Vandal's utter victory.
  • Squick: Ma'alefa'ak is strangely seductive towards J'onn, taking the form of an extremely attractive blonde woman to lure J'onn in and buying him a drink. The movie doesn't mention it, but in the comics J'onn and Ma'alefa'ak are twin brothers.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • Some fans have expressed unhappiness at the decisions to replace Aquaman with Cyborg, Kyle Rayner with Hal Jordan, Ra's Al-Ghul (The Big Bad of Tower Of Babel) with Vandal Savage and the Legion of Doom, and the omission of Plastic Man. The fact that, despite Michael Rosenbaum voicing the Flash, that it's Barry Allen and not Wally West (whom Rosenbaum voiced before) has also taken some people aback. Some fans who were introduced to the Green Lantern through the animated Justice League also were left with the short end of the stick with what could feel like a random replacement of Hal Jordan for John Stewart, despite Stewart not appearing in "Tower of Babel".
    • Also the name was changed from Tower of Babel to Justice League: Doom, however, this was a edit that was changed by TMS to avoid legal issues with Bandai Namco Entertainment (link of the game here).
    • Lois Lane sports a starkly different model than other productions or comics, for some reason having Wonder Woman's distinctly Greek features, which has met with confusion and occasionally scorn from fans.
    • A lot of fans also hate the changes made to Batman's failsafes, in particular the Green Lantern and Flash traps (which were appropriately the most radically changed of the lot).
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Wonder Woman knocks Cheetah...into a gun rack.
    • Batman sees Mirror Master in his rear-view mirror, but brushes it over real fast.
    • In-Universe: Green Lantern was more peeved at Batman for having his contingency plans be stolen so easily.
    • At the end of the movie, Batman notes his own failsafe is the Justice League itself. It’s a nice idea thematically but seems to gloss over that numerous scenarios that would see him go rogue or be compromised would probably compromise the rest of the League, too.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: Despite (and likely because of) the several examples of Role Reprise, the fact that Khary Payton (Cyborg, Teen Titans), Malcolm McDowell (Metallo, DCAU), Henry Silva or Danny Trejo (Bane, DCAU and Young Justice respectively), Sheryl Lee Ralph (Cheetah, DCAU), and Dana Delany (Lois Lane, DCAU) weren't among them took many people aback. Also, again the fact that Michael Rosenbaum was voicing Barry Allen and not Wally West surprised many people.


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