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The reason Beware the Batman is focusing on lesser known villains.
Is because Batman's more popular villains are appearing in Young Justice. It would be an ironic reversal of the bat-embargo that prevented Batman villains from appearing in Justice League Unlimited because they were appearing The Batman, but this time it is the Batman series that can't use Batman's rogues gallery.
  • Joker, Riddler, Clayface, Poison Ivy, Ra's al Ghul, Bane, Mr. Freeze, and Hugo Strange have all been used in Young Justice, so they won't be allowed to appear in Beware the Batman until YJ ends. Beware the Batman can probably still use the rest of Batman's rogues (Catwoman, Penguin, Mad Hatter, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Talia al Ghul, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Firefly, Solomon Grundy, Hush, etc.), but they brought in some lesser known rogues to make up for the ones they can't use.
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  • This would also explain why Katana is being used as Batman's sidekick; they can't use Robin, Batgirl, or Nightwing because they are all featured in YJ.
  • It is most likely a creative choice if so, since issues like the Bat-Embargo have disappeared ever since Geoff Johns started to get involved in DC Entertainment. Young Justice, for example, had a few limitations that have vanished by the second season.
  • Seeing as Ra's al Ghul is confirmed for this, does that mean that the writers will go all Dropped a Bridge on Him?
    • Appearently, yes.

Professor Pyg will be a criminal genius instead of a disgusting psychopath.
Based on his appearance on the promotional image, he seems to be wearing a casual business suit instead of the scrubs and apron he wore in the comics, and the official website states that he leads the criminal underworld. This was likely done because Professor Pyg in the comics was a very dark and disturbing character who did some really sick things that would not be able to be aired on a show on Cartoon Network.
  • Jossed, Word of God said that the creators of the show revamped Pyg's storyline. For example, The Dollotrons will not appear on the show, Pyg is a prominent crime boss and he will work closely with Mr.Toad in defeating the Batman.

Joker will be The Man Behind the Man to Anarky.
Word of God already stated that they won't be doing a Joker story. If Anarky will have a Bigger Bad, it will most likely be Prometheus, which I'm hoping desperately to make an appearance in a cartoon.

The show will eventually become a Batman and the Outsiders series
Katana and Metamorpho are confirmed to appear. So is Tobias Whale, who was the original archenemy of Black Lightning, making it less of a stretch that they plan to bring him in at some point as well.
  • Batman Beyond showcased a younger Batman. The Batman series after that, The Batman, showed Batman when he was young. The last season of The Batman had Batman teaming up with DC Universe heroes. The next series was Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Brave and the Bold featured The Outsiders in several episodes. So the next cartoon...

This Anarky will be of a different brand than the comic book Anarky.
In the comics, Anarky is more of an Anti-Hero / Anti-Villain, whose goal is to bring about a society without hierarchy, exploitation or coercion. He is similar to Batman himself, in that he breaks laws and does not work within acceptable social norms to bring about his goals. He is the archetype of the noble anarchist, seeking to free the oppressed and downtrodden from their captors.How does leading the criminal underworld and working with villains and mobsters such as Tobias Whale and Professor Pyg square with that? It doesn't. This Anarky isn't the social libertarian, egalitarian kind. He's a nihilistic, amoral rational egoist who believes that one's possessions is what one can take and keep, through violence if necessary. He believes in a lawless and anarchistic society in which only the strong survive by stamping on all who oppose them. In other words, this Anarky isn't Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, he's Max Stirner.
  • Pretty much confirmed as of his first appearance in "Tests", albeit with a less political angle. He styles himself as an agent of chaos, fighting against order as embodied by Batman.

The show will feature no "classic" villains... for a little bit.
The production team's aim is to showcase the villains of lesser renown and expose general audiences to villains they have never seen before rather than retreading the same old stories. That's the plan, and they'll probably stick to it for a couple seasons. But given enough time, there's no telling how the direction could change. Who ever would had thought that The Batman would culminate in a Justice League season? Probably not even the show's producers or writing team. Beware the Batman probably will eventually decide to take on some classic villains, and their arrival will be all the sweeter because of that. Because we will have built up to that Joker story rather than just jumping into it. But until then, Anarky, Professor Pyg, Magpie and the rest should be interesting enough on their own that we won't have to wish for a Two-Face episode.

Beware The Batman and Green Lantern: The Animated Series are set in the same universe.
Both are CGI DC cartoons being produced around the same time. There may be an eventual crossover ("Beware their Power"?). Of course, they might not be, because while they are both CGI, they seem to have different animation styles (
Green Lantern is pretty much Timm Style in 3D. Beware the Batman has a more exaggerated, cartoonier style and characters are more elongated and thin rather than barrel-chested and square-jawed. In fact, it's almost comparable to what The Batman would look like in 3D, but less Anime-esque. But despite being cartoonier, it appears that Beware will have more realistic textures and surfaces).
  • A crossover between GL and Batman is rarely feasible in itself, and even less so between TAS and BTB considering TAS is 1: Primarily space based. 2: Already tied up in a storyline and 3: all but officially cancelled.
  • maybe Green Lantern could pop up in Batman for a done-in-one episode that kind of takes a break from its own ongoing story? Probably not, but this is the WMG, probability is not a factor.

Gotham City will have a consistent geography and map rather than sets being made and thrown away for single episodes.
They are literally building the city with 3D modelling. It would be a great opportunity for them to have defined locations and realistic geography rather than Simpsons Geography, where the city just magically changes to suit the episode. Obviously, they can't foresee every single set they will ever need and will have to add and change things, but otherwise, Gotham will be fairly consistent.

The in-universe reason Anarky is replacing Joker
Batman has already beat Joker. Anarky is out for revenge. The fact that they might possibly be father and son in the comics supports this.
  • Whenever I look this up I keep finding sources of the creators saying 'No, the Joker is NOT Anarky's dad, we were shut down before we could write that.'

Lady Shiva will turn out to be a Composite Character.
Of herself and Talia Al Ghul.

Victor Zsasz and The Flamingo will appear in the show and will be toned down like Professor Pyg
This show is focusing on lesser known villains and Zsasz and The Flamingo are more obscure than the likes of The Joker, Poison Ivy or Two-Face, so the creators will probably include them in the show. So how are they going to include these two characters, who are very brutal in the comics, into family-friendly show on Cartoon Network? The creators have already toned down Professor Pyg, a very disgusting villain, so they will probably do the same to Zsasz and The Flamingo. The writers might turn them into simple Psycho for Hire henchmen and they will be as kid-friendly as possible (think about toning down Carnage in 90's Spider-Man animated series).
  • After reading Flamingo's very short bio, I figure he'll be easy to tone down. He'll just wear all pink and act all goofy and flamboyant with a minor obsession with birds and fashion, but is still a rather competent career criminal despite his personality. Zsasz, on the other hand, is gonna be almost impossible since his brutality and psychosis are intregal to the character. The most logical way to make his backstory completely unknown to the viewers and make what he does to be as completely ambiguous as possible, leaving it up to the imagination every chance possible (ie, a loud noise occurs outside as he's describing his deeds in detail and/or some other cutaway). To explain the scars on his body, he would just say "make a mark for every score", with the show explicitly not going into any more detail than that.
    • Would they really need to go THAT far into 90s-esque Never Say "Die" territory? Bear in mind, in spite of having to change aspects of Professor Pyg, the creators have still said that they're aiming for a relatively dark show, and in an era where most of the recent DC cartoons have been rated TV-PG and deal quite openly with death and killing, there's probably no need to COMPLETELY defang every aspect of Mr. Zsasz. He'd still be a serial killer, for sure, but they probably just won't show any blood or anything like that.

The first Red Hood will appear in the series
His episode will end with him getting accidentally knocked into a vat of chemicals and a cliffhanger where his suit will have been colored purple and his hand is white. It'll be left ambiguous after that (unless Executive Meddling sets in). The Joker may be well-known, but the Red Hood is more obscure (unless you count Jason Todd).

"Classic" villains will appear in the series, but rarely and they will also be revamped.
Even though this show is focusing on lesser known villains like Professor Pyg, Mister Toad or Magpie, it it confirmed that Ra's Al Ghul will appear on the show. Batman's more well known foes will appear on the show, but they will rarely appear, only appearing in few episodes or so (with possible exception of Ra's and Talia, if she is introduced) since the writers don't want to overuse them. If the "classic" villains appear in the series they will be revamped in order to make them different from their previous animated counterparts. Possible revamps for classic foes:
  • The Red Hood will be used on the show instead of The Joker, as mentioned in WMG above. If The Joker appears in the series, he will be humorless criminal mastermind like he was in his first appearances instead of laughing maniac that we are used to.
  • Poison Ivy will be an assassin for hire, working for Gotham's biggest criminals. Aside from assassination tasks, she will also be used for espionage, kidnappings, infiltration and etc. Her design will be similar she had in Batman: The Animated Series or The New Batman Adventures or the combination of both.
  • Scarecrow will appear, but his origin will be a mystery, with hints that he might not be a human, but a supernatural creature and fear toxins would be implied to be magical in nature. Scarecrow will have the similar look he had in The New Batman Adventures.
  • Victor Fries will appear as greedy and completely unsympathethic Mad Scientist, as opposed to most portrayals of him as tragic Anti-Villain. Victor Fries will employ random villains to use his weapons and inventions to steal valuables and technology for him to sell on the black market. Batman will discover Fries' goals and will try to stop Fries, who will wield a freeze gun during their battle. During the battle Fries' lab will explode, leaving Batman to think that Fries died, but Fries will be revealed as alive and will become Mr. Freeze. As mentioned previously, Mr. Freeze will be complete opposite of his DCAU counterpart. Mr. Freeze will only care about the money and power, not caring about others or value of life. Freeze will be freezing his henchmen to death if they fail him in the slightest or simply For the Evulz, yelling at them, leaving them to die if he doesn't kill them first, double crossing his criminal partners, attempting to kill innocent people for no reason. Some of his goals might include threatening to freeze the entire city if his demands won't be met. Nora Fries will appear as his wife, but he will treat her horribly, yelling at her, threatening to kill her and at one point will attempt to brainwash her and turn her into his criminal henchwoman. This will be done to make him completely different from his sympathetic and noble DCAU counterpart. Freeze will have the similar design he had in The Batman to make him look more sinister and reflect his cold-hearted tendencies
    • Maybe he'll be called "Mr. Zero" in the show, like his first appearance.
  • Penguin will be underground crime boss, who resides in the sewers and has an army of circus freaks, orphans and animal themed criminals to help him take over the Gotham City. Unlike all other versions of him who still looks like human, he will literally look like a penguin. We already have two animal looking villains (Professor Pyg and Mister Toad) so the third one would make sense. He will also be very sadistic, loving torture his enemies and seeing other people suffer. Since he would probably look a little goofy like a penguin, he would abuse his henchmen if they would mock his appearance. He will also have the Flamingo (a villain from Grant Morrison's Batman) as his dragon and the Terrible Trio at his employ.
  • If Ra's will appear in the series, we can expect Talia too. Talia's personality will be more darker, less morally grey character. She would be no longer a woman torn apart between loyalty to her father and love for the Batman. She would be secretly The Starscream to Ra's, plotting to overthrow her father and take over his empire, while pretending to be his loyal daughter. Her feelings for Batman would also be questionable. She would date with him and say that she has feelings for him, but it won't be clear if she is truly in love in Batman or if he is using him as a tool to overthrow her father. At times she would even try to get rid of Batman, if he would stand in her goals to take over her father's empire or pit Batman and Ra's men against each other while she continues her schemes. The Leviathan group will also appear with Talia as their leader, but neither Batman nor Ra's would know that she is in charge. We already had Talia trying to chose her father or Batman in other adaptations, so this time she could be loyal to herself only.

This is all part of a plot to destroy the DC Nation block
From a business standpoint why would any station jerk around not one, but two decently rated shows the way they did Green Lantern and Young Justice, only to drop them and give almost no advertising for their upcoming replacements?This wouldn�t be the first time a popular show has been crushed just because one guy in management doesn�t like it as much as the fans do. Beware The Batman is only confirmed to air in DC Nation and, like Young Justice and Green Lantern, is a dark, tightly-plotted action show, while TTG! is a series of interchangeable comedy shorts. If the entire DC Nation block is pulled, as Cartoon Network has shown it can be, THIS show is the one that will be unable to build an audience and push merchandise.

Penguin will be the show's final Big Bad, with Joker as the Final Boss.
  • Sort-of confirmed. He was foreshadowed in the latter half of the season, and seemed like he was gonna play a major role. Who knows know.

Two-Face will not appear, but Harvey Dent will.
He'll just be the thoroughly non-evil District Attorney and will not become a supervillain.
  • Harvey has been introduced in "Nexus" as an antagonistic, but not evil, District Attorney. Time will tell if he'll become Two-Face later on.
    • Confirmed.

Anarky will be revealed as Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong instead do Lonnie Machin.
The General has always been a villain, while the traditional Anarky has walked the line between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Evil. And his role as The Chessmaster in this series would fit the General's Anarky better.

Anarky has one long, overarching plan that will span the series.
Greg Weisman's apparently attached to the series. This is an inevitability.

Cartoon Network isn't interested in Beware the Batman
Because Cartoon Network isn't interested in action cartoons with plots, they're going to try and hiatus Beware The Batman to death, just like Green Lantern and Young Justice. They replaced Young Justice with Teen Titans Go, a low-budget chibi comedy instead of a new season like everyone wanted. Not only that, they advertise it constantly, Young Justice, Green Lantern, and now even this show barely get advertised, they don't even get to air at any time other than Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings (rerun). TTG airs every day of the week. CN loves low budget comedies because they make millions because they don't have to put much effort in them, and shove all their action shows (including Beyblade and Pokemon) to early mornings. Beware the Batman will also get replace by another low-budget comedy that airs every day and is advertised constantly. It will probably even be a Young Justice spin-off instead of season 3.

Hush will appear.

Ra's Al Ghul is more of Katana's enemy then Batman's.
Word of God is that Katana is a former member of the League of Assassins. As such, things will be very personal between her and Ra's. Ra's will be reinvented as Katana's Arch-Enemy and as someone who doesn't much care for Batman. He understands that Batman is a threat and will fight him when necessary, but he regards him as "that strange fellow who dresses like a bat and works with Tatsu."
  • Expanding on this: Ra's wants Katana to be his successor, having trained her for the role before she suffered a crisis of conscience and left.
  • The previews for "Safe" seem to support this somewhat— according to Silver Monkey, the League holds a grudge against her for abandoning the organisation.
    • From her dialogue in the episode Broken she may not have even seen Ra's Al Ghul, she found the Soultaker instead
The Outsiders will be formed.
Katana's here, Metamorpho is confirmed to show up and Black Lightning's nemesis Tobias Whale is part of the Rogues Gallery.

Film Freak will appear
He's a minor villain, and he has a cool gimmick (imitating movies). Plus, he has those cinema earrings. How could anyone not want him in a Batman show?

The fact that Batman has based himself on an animal will not go unnoticed by Pyg and Toad.

The Argus Club is involved with...
  • ...Anarky. Alright, working with a club of wealthy socialites might be bit out of character for him, but it does start with an A.
    • Now that we've seen Anarky in action he'd be filling the "Dr. Hurt" role in a club of wealthy super-criminals.
  • ...Maxie Zeus. He's wealthy, the name's related to Greek mythology, and he's typically a B-Lister. Plus, he's often depicted as being an Outsiders villain.
  • It may be a front for the court of owls
  • The ten eyed man is their enforcer like the talon is for the court of owls

The Terrible Trio will appear
Like Mad Monk and Hugo Strange, they're lesser-known villains with potential.

Haley's Circus
For a season finale Katana decides to leave gotham and batman for some reason and alfred trying to cheer bruce up takes him to haley's circus to see the flying graysons
  • She'll leave with the Outsiders, who will be fully formed at this point (possible Spin-Off).

Batman's most well-known rogues are in this series...
But they are not the focus, but will sometimes be mentioned in an out of context fashion, possibly in a ridiculous manner.

Michael Holt will become Mr. Terrific at some point in the series.
Why bother specifically pointing out his name otherwise? He could become a potential ally to Batman and Katana later on.

Barbara Gordon won't become Batgirl in this series.
Instead she'll go straight to being Oracle. This series is trying to avoid giving Batman teen sidekicks, with the role of his partner being given to the adult Katana. She probably won't be in a wheelchair, but using Barbara as a teen computer genius instead of a vigilante seems in line with the writers desire to create new dynamics in the Batfamily.
  • Could be possible, as in her first appearance she seems to be more interested in crime solving than crime fighting.
  • Likely Jossed as Tara Strong refers to her role as Batgirl.
  • CONFIRMED. Barbara is Oracle and communicates directly to Katana, with the latter knowing her identity as the commissioner's daughter.


Bronze Tiger will appear
  • Although obscure to some a few know that he was at one point in time a member of The League of Assassins. So with Silver Monkey out of the picture this sets him up nicely for both a proper introduction to this martial arts master but also an eventual Heel–Face Turn and later Back-to-Back Badasses with Batman and Tatsu.

Mr. Toad is a genetically engineered toad.
When Pyg and Toad first appeared, it was quite obvious that Pyg was a big guy wearing a pig mask. However, Mr. Toad looked more like a Funny Animal and was the first character to have explicit superpowers (sonic croak}. Considering all the various medical advice and puns Pyg used, it would not be a stretch to say that the Professor did genetic experimentation on Toad when he was a normal toad in the hopes of creating a plucky sidekick. The sonic croak must've been a cool side effect.

Professor Pyg will team up with another ecoterrorist
Specifically either Poison Ivy if the creators were going for the traditional route with her or another plant based villain altogether. They'll initially team up due to their shared belief of sticking it against humanity for their crimes against nature, but they'll eventually turn on each other due to their fanatical beliefs clashing against one another, with Pyg wanting to protect only the animals with the plant obsessed villain wishes to destroy everything with flesh and bone and wants the Earth to be ruled by plants.

Anarky is still Child Prodigy Lonnie Machin and will have a tragic backstory mirroring Bruce Wayne's.
He most likely had overbearing parents who adhered to control, and even that did not save their lives, so their son lashes out at the world. Or more specifically, the order of the world. Considering his bratty attitude in "Tests", this is likely to be the case.

Jason Blood and Etrigan will show up later in the series
Batman, running up against a supernatural villain (most likely the Gentleman Ghost), will need the assistance of Jason Blood to defeat him.
  • Batman will have some discomfort dealing with magic and Etrigan's brash nature, but Jason and Batman will become Fire-Forged Friends.
  • Ra's al Ghul will have an emnity with Blood, having battled each other over the centuries.
  • Merlin Etrigan's half-brother may also appear
  • Etrigan's rhyming will annoy Batman

The Dating Catwoman trope will end tragically.
Specifically, Magpie is gonna continue having the hots for Batman, but the Caped Crusader will not be reciprocating the feeling. AT ALL. This sort of romantic stonewalling on Batman's part would fracture Magpie's already fragile psyche to the point where she'll be going full-blown murderous Yandere mode upon anything that would hold Batman's attention that is not her, leading her to target our heroes, other villains, and even civilians.It's probably gonna particularly brutal if the creators decide to introduce the actual Catwoman and play the namesake trope straight with her and Bats.....
  • Confirmed — In "Attraction" Magpie has gone further off the deep end, becoming obsessed with Batman, trying to kill Katana, and losing what little composure she has when Batman tells her that his only feeling for her was decent concern that she get the psychiatric help she needs.

Kobra will be a villain in season 2
In the 4th episode Jason Burr appears so it wouldn't be a stretch if his twin Kobra appears in season 2
  • another idea is Jeffrey is dead and the kult needs a new Kobra so they think Jason was the right Kobra

Robin will appear in a later season
Bruce adopts Dick Grayson and he later becomes robin to help batman but he will see Katana as a Cool Big Sis

The JSA will appear
  • The JSA decide to temporarily come out of retirement and test some of the new heroes batman will be tested by his old teacher wildcat and Gotham's previous protector Alan Scott AKA Green Lantern
    • Solomon Grundy returns forcing Batman to find the one person who defeated him Alan Scott... The Green Lantern

Superman references
When Batman gets a jetpack, Alfred will make a snarky remark like "You can fly like that fellow in Metropolis."

Lucius Fox doesn't work for Wayne Enterprises yet
  • Wayne Enterprises comes under attack financially by Ra's Al Ghul and Bruce needs someone to help him keep his company so he turns to the man with the midas touch for help
  • Or he is a tech genius who is unappreciated at wayne until bruce see's his abilities and have him design his tech
    • Or he already works there and already designs his gear

Nocturna will appear
She will benefit from Adaptational Heroism and be an ally to Batman and possibly a love interest.
  • She may also find out Batman is Bruce Wayne
  • She may be a vampire like super-hero and see batman as a kindred spirit and he vice-versa

Black Lightning will show up.
His Arch-Enemy, Tobias Whale, has debuted in "Broken", so it'd make sense for Black Lightning to appear as well. And since Metamorpho's in the show as well, we'll also have a new member of the Outsiders.

Season 2 Batman will meet the Martian Manhunter
  • J'onn J'onzz is hunting an alien super weapon that has come into the hands of anarky and batman must team up with him
    • Batman and j'onn will grow respect each other as detectives ahd he will help him get a human secret identity
  • Maybe then can portray him as more "alien disguised as detective" than "alien superhero".

Jason Burr will be Katana's love interest
  • He did make her smile and it would tragic for her to see him become Kobra.

Anarky isn't actually going to be Batman's Arch-Nemesis.
That was an attempt at disinformation. The real "main villain" will be Ra's al-Ghul and the League of Assassins, with Anarky being more of a Big Bad Wannabe.
  • Or worse Anarky will Take a Level in Badass and become a Not-So-Harmless Villain
  • It's always possible that the show will take a route similar to BTAS where Anarky is Batman's archnemesis but Ra's is simply the most powerful member of the rogues' gallery.

Connections to Batman: The Animated Series
  • Tobias Whale and Simon Stagg of this shows Suspiciously Similar Substitute of Rupert Thorne and Roland Daggett respectively
    • Confirmed as far as Stagg is confirmed. His attempt at murdering Rex Mason is similar to how Daggett transforms Matt Hagen into Clayface.

Katana will learn who Batman is at the end of the first half of the Season
  • This show will have arcs that take half the season like GL:TAS and it would make a hell of a cliffhanger with Tatsu accidentally walking on Bruce in costume
    • Jossed: She learns it in ep.7, before reaching the mid-season, and Bruce reveals his identity willingly to her after she passes all of his tests.

Cassandra Cain will finally make an animated appearance

Anarky and Humpty Dumpty will make an alliance

Q will appear and make a teamup with the Batman himself
  • And it will either be awesome for seeing two great detectives team up. Or Funny because now Bruce has to deal with a conspiracy theorist who may or may not be right about what he says.

All guns are Gauss guns
  • It's their way of using fire arms that shoot real bullets.

The stylized firearms in this show will at some point be explained in a casual fashion.
Mainly in that these laser firearms are much more efficient than normal firearms.
  • Perhaps they're by Lexcorp?

We only saw the real Humphrey Dumpler in the flashback.
Like his namesake, he became permanently crippled when the RPG round hit him. But he managed to build a perfect telepresence robot and a remote control system in his own likeness to exact his revenge. That's why he was so tough in spite of being a morbidly obese man who once took an explosive to the face.

Hugo Strange will be either the Man Behind the Man or Bigger Bad to Anarky
Anarky reeks of Big Bad Wannabe and Hugo Strange was actually a bigger villain than Joker himself in the early years. He's either working with Anarky (probably a Hidden Agenda Villain) or is manipulating Anarky without him even knowing it and will be Eviler Than Thou.

The Outsiders will appear in this show
  • We already have Katana and Metamorpho, all that is missing is Black Lightning.
    • Didn't need him, considering the finale ended with the implication of the group forming with Batman, Katana, Metamorpho, Man-Bat, and Oracle.

Superman will appear in the show.
To keep with the general theme of obscure or under-used villains, though, they will use one of Superman's obscure villains.

Gotham gang war
The Gotham underworld will get embroiled in one where all the crime families try to take over but they are being manipulated by Anarky just to sow chaos
  • The players in this war will include Tobias Whale, Black Mask, King snake and the Falcone crime family
  • the Roman returns after a stint in prison and using his connections gets an early release and plans to retake Gotham city
  • The argus club disliking the war and anarky for causing said war decide to back on of the families
  • Penguin was referenced a few times and Killer Croc was shown to control the prison. They could have had potential as crime factions.

Anarky and the Argus Club
  • Anarky has a past with them, his chest symbol is a personal parody of theirs symbolizing his unending hate for them.
    • Anarky's parents lives were ruined by the club for going against their strict rules and guidelines

Anarky is a robot
  • A robot controlled from afar by the real Anarky, who is a twelve-year-old kid. That would explain how he has such a bratty attitude but still be able to fight Batman. It would also explain how he survived falling off the tower at the end of "Tests." Heck, he may even appear as one of Barbara Gordan's schoolmates.
    • That would explain much also it could connect him with humpty dumpty being dumpty needed money for his revenge scheme and anarky had the money and needed a body
    • Furthermore, in "Unique" robots capable of fighting Batman appear, and are capable of remote control by humans. They even sort of look like Anarky.

Bruce and Tatsu...
  • ...won't have a romantic relationship most likely they will have a brother sister relationship since they share a father figure, Alfred
    • Pretty clear that Bruce does not seem attracted to her romantically and Tatsu seems to start to return Dr. Burr's affections.

A young woman with a baby will show up chased by The League of Assassins and a group of cultists..her name will be Arella Roth
Batman will spend the episode protecting her from them. We will get a Batman vs The Avatar of Trigon fight, Azar showing up, and finally a future vision of a team put together by Batman...The Teen Titans (with Raven and Robin specifically) thus cementing a "sequel" or off shoot series later on.

Anarky is a Fallen Hero.
He started out as a Well-Intentioned Extremist early on in his career, but succumbed to He Who Fights Monsters somewhere down the road, which made him into the villain that he presently is.

The League wants the Ion Cortex
  • 1} They plan to use it to overload electrical systems, crippling civilization,
  • 2} The Cortex can boost the power of the Soultaker Sword, making it into a Doomsday Device.
    • Well, they sorta used in in the former case, only to shut them down as part of a ploy to take over Gotham.

Ra's is dead dead, and his soul is in the Soultaker Sword.
Ra's aged beyond the point where his body could be revived by the Lazarus Pit, something which was a concern just beyond the horizon in the comics. Here? It's happened. But to cheat death one more time, Ra's had his soul absorbed into the Soultaker Sword. That's why the League of Assassins wants it so badly. Somehow, using the Ion Cortex which they also want, the League will super-charge the Soultaker Sword and use it to not only reinsert the soul of Ra's back into his body, but reinvigorate his body in a way that the Lazarus Pit no longer can.

Deathstroke will guest star in an episode called "Terminator".
Why? Rule of Cool, that's why!
  • No episode of that name, but he does appear as the main antagonist of "Hero" and also of "Epitaph," "Twist" and "Alone," not to mention appearing in disguise for most of the second half of the season, making him the actual Big Bad of the season.

The chemicals in "Sacrifice" will eventually be used again.
It will be refined, however, and turned into Venom. It might not be used by Bane, though.

The reason Bruce dislikes the police
  • will become a major plot point in another episode
  • A reason for this is because he knows there is too much corruption within GCPD

Cypher's tendrils
  • Batman said the materials that cypher tendrils where made of were unknown maybe they were made from the materials of the lazarus pit

Mr. Toad was once human

Of course, even before his transformation, he and Professor Pyg were still bent on bringing justice to those who harm the ecosystem. In an scheme to help them along with their goal, they worked on an experiment that would give normal toads supersonic croaks. Despite careful calculations, the experiment went horribly wrong and Mr. Toad ended up mutating into what he is today. Rather than being repulsed though, Mr. Toad took pride in his new appearance and abilities, believing himself to be closer to nature than ever before.

Beware the Batman will air on Saturday nights on Toonami when it returns in January
It's pretty much clear that Cartoon Network doesn't want to air this show anymore, most likely due to it being an action show, and also because they want to focus all their attention on another DC Nation show (hence why this show rarely if ever gets any advertising). They've put both Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series on hiatus, and both shows ended up getting cancelled. That being said, Beware the Batman hasn't even finished a single season yet. It's a slim chance, but it might end up being moved to Toonami on [adult swim] to air the rest of its season. If it does, it might even do better there than it did on Saturday mornings and end up getting a second season (it helps that the crew behind Toonami actually appreciates action shows and is willing to give them a chance, like they did with ThunderCats and Sym-Bionic Titan).
  • Jossed as it was postpone again.
  • Semi-confirmed, as the show has been picked up as of May. Toonami is even premiering new episodes.

The Electrocutioner will appear.
Presumably as a henchman for another villain. If not, than as a freelancer who ends up working for said other villain.

Cartoon Network wants us to forget this series
Thats why it keeps repeatedly postponing this series without reason.

Cartoon Network will cancel this series

Killer Moth will appear
And I don't mean the Joke Character he's been reduced to now (the sole reason being he's moth-based). I'm talking about the original Evil Counterpart Silver Age actually-a-credible-threat version.
  • Maybe Firefly will be his answer to Katanna.

The blackout in Gotham City will lead to a situation similar to No Man's Land
The producers originally wanted to do a No Man's Land-inspired show, and said that they would incorporate elements from their pitches into the final show. Perhaps this is one of them.
  • Not really. The blackout ends after an episode or two and Gotham's relatively fine after a 6 month Time Skip.

Knightfall will be adapted into a multi-part episode
Because it's high time somebody did that.

Ten-Eyed Man will appear.
Either as an ex-U.S. soldier freelancer or a member of the League of Assassins.

Batman Jones will appear.
With a different first name. He'll be Batman's biggest fan.

Anarky's true identity is Creed, Barbara's date from "Choices"
Combined with the "Anarky is a robot" WMG above. In the comics, Anarky is FAR younger than he appears, and his behavior in his first appearance resembles a temper tantrum when Batman refuses to be his archenemy. Creed reads Barbara's Batman blog and is relatively calm about all of the crazy stuff that happens on their date, saying only that it was "Cool to meet Batman." It would seem that his family is rich enough that he can afford a fancy car and order lobster without eating it, so he might have the resources to buy a lot of Anarky's tech.

Harvey Dent doesn't suffer from Adaptational Villainy, he suffers from being voiced by Christopher McDonald
Given that everyone he plays in an @$$hole. Ever notice that?

Two-Face would have developed a GOOD side
He never technically becomes Two-Face in the finale and he doesn't even remove the bandages in his face until the final scene. His already-deranged personality could have further split down from there.

Sapphire Stagg will become an energy being like in Birds of Prey #51-52
Given her Face–Heel Turn in "Monsters" set up her status as a villainess, she'll blame Metamorpho for it and the two will become enemies.

Max Shreck will appear in at least one episode
The idea behind this series is using obscure characters and Shreck only appeared in one film.

Mister Toad is actually an enhanced annunaki.

Sapphire Stagg is the Bigger Bad behind Rex Mason's transformation into Metamorpho and her father's arrest in "Toxic"
Due to acting outright villainous in "Monsters" and Batman's showing No Sympathy towards her when she express concern for Rex, it makes one (or Batman) wonder if she really did loved Rex or could have been possibly feigning compassion at the end of "Monsters" and in "Toxic" and set up the events in her debut episode by manipulating her father to believe Rex, who's been an Unwitting Pawn, and her are a couple, knowing all along Simon would never approve, just for him to try to eliminate Rex so that his criminal actions would be exposed and Sapphire would act as The Starscream to take over his company. Her facade as a concerned lover in "Toxic" would only manipulate Batman, who she sees as another Unwitting Pawn, into leading him to Simon for his crime so her father would be caught and she would take over.

Ship Tease will occur between Metamorpho and Katana

Following Katana's previous love interest Jason Burr having his soul sucked out in "Fall" and Bruce's attempt to ship Katana with Dane Lisslow in "Hero" failing due to Dane being revealed as Deathstroke, not to mention Metamorpho's love interest Sapphire Stagg failing to love him past his transformation in "Toxic" and then her Face–Heel Turn (or possibly being revealed to be Evil All Along) in "Monsters" when she becomes the new Corrupt Corporate Executive of her father's company, it could be possible Katana and Metamorpho would grow closer together during their crime-fighting partnership after losing the loves in their lives.

Had Season 2 happened, the ending wouldn't have been so bittersweet
Or rather, just as Batman Forever opened with Batman's name being cleared after Batman Returns, likewise, with Deathstroke defeated, Batman's name would've already been cleared in the Season 2 opener had it happened. Similarly, despite them not appearing later in what turned out to be the only season, the creators hadn't meant to imply Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad killed Magpie, Cypher, and Phosphorous Rex and the three of them would've turned up alive had future seasons happened.

Anarky would've become another villain at one point had the series not been cancelled
Picture this: the final battle between him and Batman at Ace Chemicals. It rages on for hours until finally, the Dark Knight gains the upper hand by shoving Anarky into a vat of chemicals. As soon as he says that might be the last we would see of him, explosives that he planted go off, reducing the building to rubble. Batman, stating that both the chemicals and the explosion might've killed him, was actually wrong. In the distance, Anarky wakes up to find his mask torn clean off and his costume now purple. As he examines his reflection in some broken glass, what's the first thing he does? Laugh.

The producers had plans to introduce Cassandra Cain as Batgirl
This show always likes to mess around and change traditional aspects compared to other Batman cartoons, and they likely planned to feature Cassandra as their Batgirl. There's a lot of clues that point to this, from the inclusion of Lady Shiva to Barbara being Oracle instead of Batgirl. There's also the fact that Cass was a member of the Outsiders, who were formed in the season finale, the fact that Cass's Batgirl suit has a similar color scheme to this Batman's suit, and the fact that the producers' previous Batman pitch for No Man's Land included Cass as Batgirl, along with their promise of integrating stuff from their previous pitches into the actual show.

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