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This film won't result in The New 52 being created, but rather everything going back to normal
DC animated movies usually cut off the parts that extend it to other major storylines, so it doesn't weigh the movie down. (For the sake of characters like Wally West, Stephanie Brown, and others, I hope this happens)
  • From the looks of it, this is Jossed.

The film will result in a Close-Enough Timeline similar to The New 52 but with less drastic changes to the pre-Flashpoint status quo
Barry will come back and find some noticeable differences (including costumes) that he sees no point in trying to change. The credits will show a montage of notable events from the New 52. Afterward, the DCUAOM line will begin adapting New 52 stories here and there or using New 52 design elements.

Either that, or Barry will not be pleased with the nonexistence of people like Wally West, leading directly into an adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths or Infinite Crisis.

  • Confirmed; Flash indeed returns to find New 52 costumes and a movie based on the first New 52 Justice League arc has been announced.

Batman Knight of Vengeance will get its own mini-episode
Because people want to see Martha/Joker and more of this versions Batman.
  • DC Showcase?

Walter Kovacs was in this
Anyone else notice the man wearing a sandwich board with The End is Nigh on it?

Zoom really did cause the alternate universe, at least in part
I mean really, a "Time Boom"? What kind of bullshit is that?

Movies that take place in the pre-New 52 timeline in this continuity (in chronological order):

Henry Allen is already dead in this universe
He wasn't in the flashbacks and during Nora's funeral, they speculated as to the cause of her murder, including the possibility of a break-in, which wouldn't have happened if, as in Flash: Rebirth, he were framed for the deed.

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