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The next movie will feature a Lantern, but will focus on a Corps other than the Green Lantern Corps
  • A large aspect of this Elseworlds story is to show a Justice League with basically the same members, but vastly different origins. They have a Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, and with a new movie on the way one of the next members, or maybe just a major character, will be a Lantern. However, instead of the classic Green Lantern, they will focus on one of the more underplayed Lanterns, like the Red Lantern Corps, Indigo Tribe, or the Blue Lanterns.
    • My personal theory will be that Abin Sur never crashed on Earth, and therefore not only was Hal Jordan never inducted into the Green Lanterns, the Green Lantern Corps has basically decided to completely ignore Earth, as when Hal joined they said outright they never planned on spreading their influence that far yet. That also means no Sinestro, since not only would he have no reason to come to Earth, but likely without Hal around never would have been kicked out of the corps in the first place. Instead, the next movie will feature Guy Gardner, and instead of him being a Green Lantern, he will be a Red Lantern of Rage.
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    • It's been confirmed that we are getting a new Green Lantern for Season Two of the Chronicles series, alongside a new Steel and a new Mary Marvel. However, it appears that they are still a Green Lantern, as well as an entirely new, alien character.

The bomber pilot in "Bomb" is the Hal Jordan of the Gods and Monsters universe
He's not just a skilled pilot who wears green, he's also voiced by Josh Keaton, Green Lantern: The Animated Series's Hal Jordan.

This universe's Bruce Wayne will end up being Robin.
  • I just think it fits. We know that Bruce's parents were never killed, so Bruce likely had a more stable and healthy lifestyle growing up. The entire point of Robin is that he serves as Batman's more positive counterpart. So this Bruce Wayne ends up filling that role to this Batman.
    • Or, alternatively, Bruce dons a costumed identity to oppose Batman.

This universe's Diana of Themyscira will end up being Terra.
Just a random thought. They're both princesses of exotic lands, sent out to the outside world on a quest for peace (see Atlee), named after major figures from Roman mythology and have a strong association with the Earth.

Bruce Wayne will become Man-Bat
Since Langstrom is Batman its only fitting if it became vice versa.

This universe's Heroes
  • Flash: Eobard Thawne as a scientist from the future who discovers the Speed Force and travels to the past and decides to stay to become a hero.
    • Flash: Hartley Rathaway gets hit by lightning while working with chemicals at STAR Labs, which gives him super speed and becoming a Composite Character of Pied Piper and Barry Allen.
    • Kid Flash: Professor Anthony Ivo, here a STAR Labs employee, creates an android that can mimic powers for military use. The android malfunctions and copies Hartley's speed powers permanently, which means "he" can't duplicate any other powers. Ivo abandons the android, but Hartley reprogrammed him to use his speed to fight crime as a second Flash the media dubs "Kid Flash".
  • Green Arrow: Roy Harper, Oliver Queen's step-son who joins the Justice League because he helped them from the Suicide Sqaud and their leader Deathstroke.
    • Green Arrow: Cindy "Sin" Lance, the adopted Asian-American daughter of famous singer Dinah Lance, becomes a bow and arrow wielding vigilante after her friend, a fellow archery student named Cissie Jones, is murdered.
    • Speedy/Arsenal: John Butcher, a young Lakota man, becomes an angry, reckless vigilante after his parents are killed by drug dealers trying to push a new steroid called "Venom". He goes to war with the dealers, where he encounters Green Arrow. She then takes the troubled teen under her wing, teaches him archery, and convinces him to help her in her crusade against organized crime.
  • Animal Man: Ryan Choi, grieving the loss of his friend and employer Ray Palmer, goes on a camping trip with his friend Buddy Baker. The two encounter a crashed alien spaceship, which endows Ryan with super powers before it blows up, which knocks Buddy into a coma. Ryan then becomes a superhero with his new abilities.
    • Alternatively, Ryan Choi could still be the Atom, but he becomes more cynical after the loss of his friend and employer, the first Atom: Ray Palmer, in addition to the loss of his partner-in-superheroism, Animal Man. Animal Man and Ryan Choi/The Second Atom would have a Batman and Superman-like friendship prior to the sequel.
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  • Supergirl: an attempt by the late Dr. Sivana to replicate Superman's powers through "cloning". The result was a teenage female humanoid that bears some resemblance to the Gods and Monsters Brainiac. She escapes his lab and meets a woman named Martha Kent, who educates her, cares for her and inspires her to use her powers to do good.
  • Detective Chimp: a robotic Chimp-like servant of the New Gods programmed to predict attempts to usurp Highfather. Luthor reprograms him to be a spy within Highfather's court for him and Wonder Woman.
  • Dr. Fate: College student Clark Kent discovers the helmet during a field trip to Egypt.
    • but Clark doesn't exist in Gods and Monsters.
      • Just because he isn't Superman doesn't mean there is no Clark Kent, he could be just a regular human born to Jon and Marta Kent.
      • Alternatively, since it's Zod's biological son that's Superman in the Gods and Monsters Universe instead of Clark, perhaps Clark is the superhero known as General El instead of Superman (basically, he'd function like a military version of the mainstream Superman.)
    • Theo Adam or an older Billy Batson is Dr. Fate after the Egyptian wizard Shazam gives him the Helmet of Fate.
      • Alternatively, Billy Batson could still be Captain Marvel, but with powers from Egyptian Gods plus a few powers from Lucifer instead of powers from Greek Immortals and one Heroic Biblical Figure.
    • A man named who is literally named Doctor Fate, who is an old college friend of Kirk Langstrom. He's a veterinarian who is a master of Muy Thai.
    • Alternatively, Dr. Fate could still be a magical superhero, but he'd also be a Muy Thai master who happens to be a veterinarian and it would NOT be Kent Nelson under the helmet. Kent Nelson died before the events of the first Gods and Monsters Movie, and this individual would be the son of Kent Nelson.
  • Booster Gold: a corporate owned superhero who acts as the company's spokesman. No one knows who is really behind the mask and he resembles the Ted Kord Blue Beetle in abilities and gear.
    • Alternatively, he could have both Booster Gold's and Ted Kord's abilities and technology, and he would still be egotistical....but only because it's a coping mechanism after the Gods and Monsters' universe's Blue Beetle's death.
    • Perhaps that corporation is Wayne Industries. Rumors could fly around Bruce Wayne himself is Booster Gold...until it becomes apparent that it isn't the case.
  • Plastic Man: a friendly, jokey, and repentant White Martian who comes to Earth to escape capture by his genocidal brethren and combats their disguised advance scouts in the guise of a stretchy superhero. His human identity is an African-American detective named Bennett le Blanc (derived from the old villain Commander Benn Blanx), with his partner being Renee Montoya. This makes a very Composite Character who combines elements of Plastic Man, Martian Manhunter, Ms. Martian, Blanx, and Crispus Allen.
  • Vixen: a girl who caught a rare illness called Sakutia as a baby at birth, which resulted in her parents abandoning her without even giving her a name. She was found by a government group called Project Cadmus, who cured her with a serum that unexpectedly gave her superpowers and altered her appearance to become similar to a red fox. She grows up under the thumb of Cadmus and given the name Vixen. She eventually rebels against them as a teenager after learning she is a shapeshifter who can become any animal, albeit with a fox's colorization.
    • Additionally, maybe she could still tap into the natural abilities of any animal, even if she does not morph into said animal. And better yet, she could combine the abilities of whatever animals she taps into, even if she's in another animal's form. This would give her even more of a variety in abilities then she already does in the Pre-Flashpoint DC Universe.
  • Batgirl: Kitrina "Kit" Falcone, a homeless teenage girl, found herself cornered by the human-eating "Catwoman" Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe, only for Batman to swoop in and save her. Kit is put into foster care and subsequently becomes the foster daughter of a professional tailor, Rory Regan, and changes her name to Kit Regan. Inspired by Batman, Kit convinces Regan to help her become the superhero Batgirl, with Kit providing her with a costume and lessons in being a detective and a fighter from retired private investigator Baxter Forbes.
    • The rags turn out to be haunted and give her abilities as well, making her a Composite Character with Ragman. Due to being inspired by this Batman, she tries to be scary like him, but just comes across as a kid trying too hard.
  • Hawkgirl: Jillian Conway was an archaeologist who was exposed to a meteorite that turned her into a near-formless blob. Her bodyguard Rex Mason, desperate to save her, brought her to her friend, Egyptologist Carter Hall, who has access to an ancient artifact said to be able to restore someone from any injury. They use it on Jillian and it works, but she first goes through a horrific display of gaining many strange characteristics, including a pair of hawk-like wings on her back, which stay with her when she's restored. Feeling that she's now still just as much of a freak, Jillian flees and goes to a desert, where she lives in self-imposed exile while learning to use her wings to fly, as well as discovering she has gained enhanced strength and enhanced vision. After saving a young girl who was dying of thirst in the desert after getting lost, Jillian flies her back to the city and the media dubs her "Hawkgirl".
    • More simplistic alternative; Jillian Conway was in an open lesbian relationship with heiress Sapphire Stagg. Simon Stagg, due to being very homophobic in private, decided to kill Jillian to "save" Sapphire and exposed her to a radioactive Nth Metal meteor to do it. Due to Thanagarian DNA inside the meteor, it instead transformed Jillian into a harpy-like being. After injuring Simon in a panic, Jillian flees and becomes known as "Hawkgirl", a term coined by Lois Lane.
  • The Question: After gaining a supply of artificial skin during one of his investigations, photojournalist Jimmy Olsen crafted a mask that made him appear to be faceless and is now dedicated to exposing the corruption of those in power as the vigilante known only as "The Question". Superman thinks he's insufferable and highly dislikes him, leading Olsen to jokingly declare himself to be "Superman's Pal."

This universe's Villains
  • League of Assassins: are a cult that worshipped the Justice League and are led by a being named Ares.
    • League of Assasins: a mercenary gang led by Talia al Ghul that includes the Gods and Monsters counterparts of Bane, Chesire, Sonar, and Merlyn.
  • Deathstroke: Oliver Queen as a rich activist who has his own mercenaries, the Suicide Squad, and protestes the Justice "Just-us" League.
    • Deathstroke: a former member of the League of Assassins named Ubu. After Talia's father died, he went solo in the Middle East and became the murderous Deathstroke, feared by many throughout the world.
      • The League of Assassins later defeats and kills Ubu and Talia, as a way to savor her victory, takes up the Deathstroke identity for herself.
    • Petty crook "Eel" O'Brian is forced to participate in a government experiment to create an anti-Justice League Super Soldier. The experiment gave O'Brian enhanced reflexes and agility as well as a powerful healing factor, but also drove him insane. He escaped and is now a wisecracking merc with a mouth who is convinced that he's in some kind of animated movie.
  • Doctor Polaris: Magnificus Sivana is the son of Thaddeus Sivana who is also a scientist. He creates a weapon that allows him to magnetically control metal to try and kill his rivals in the guise of Doctor Polaris, but is stopped by Superman or, more fittingly, the new Green Lantern character that will be introduced in Season 2 of Chronicles.
    • His sister Beautia invents a device resembling sunglasses that can make allow her to hypnotize people with her beauty, turning them into her puppets. She becomes known as the Puppeteer.
  • Riddler: a super intelligent Artificial Intelligence created by Kobra to cause mass hysteria by interfering with the world's computer networks, defense grids, no communications satellites. It projects on screens as a bright green background and purple question marks that bounce around the screen.
    • Riddler later rebels against Kobra and uploads its mind into a Fembot that vaguely resembles Circe. It becomes an enemy of Wonder Woman instead of Batman.
  • Red Hood: A vampire hunter who wants to hunt down Batman.
    • And the person beneath the mask? Emily Briggs, a woman who tragically had to kill her own husband Greg (whose Affectionate Nickname for her was Looker) after he was turned into a vampire.
  • Metallo: a robotic super soldier who goes rogue and tries to kill Superman.
  • Catwoman: Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe was a teen girl martial artist who had a bad case of I Just Want to Be Special. This led her to Professor Milo, who experimented on her and turned her into a werecat (like The Werewolf, Anthony Lupus). Horrified at what she became, Charlotte killed Milo and fled to the dark alleys of Gotham, eating homeless people to survive.
    • Or she could still be a Kyle. However she will be Magdalene Kyle, driven insane by Harley Quinn.
      • Alternatively, Magdalene will have been a survivor of one of Quinn's slaughterings, the victims being the other Kyles, including Selina and their brother Karl. This results in Magdalene developing an evil split personality...the Joker, who believes she's Harley's sister and now seeks to destroy Batman as "revenge".
  • Robert Queen: a Corrupt Corporate Executive who takes Lex Luthor's traditional role as an enemy of the Justice League. His company works with the military and he had a hand in creating the above mentioned Metallo. He's disowned his son Oliver, who now lives with his wife leading a normal, happy suburban life.
    • Queen will try to kill Superman by commissioning the creation of Lobo, a feral mutated soldier with the characteristics of a Mexican wolf. The test subject who is transformed into Lobo is Steve "the Slinger" Lombard, a former football star whose career tanked after he was revealed to be on steroids. He's still a Large Ham, but acts like a stereotypical football jock.
  • Black Manta: Daniel Tsang, a Ruthless Modern Pirate hailing from Hong Kong who can generate electric blasts from his body with the help of an advanced suit he stole from a hermit scientist.

General Zod finds out what becomes of his son post-movie.
Right after the ship is launched, a time-window mysteriously opens (a lot like Superman: Birthright) in front of Zod, Jor-El, and Lara. They see Superman who tells Zod that he'll never become like him, and that as far as he's concern Zod is not his father, and the time window disappears. Jor-El laughs and is happy Earth has a savior just has he wanted. In blind fury, Zod shoots Jor-El's head off and screams to the sky just as Krypton explodes.

Wonder Woman is branded a traitor to New Genesis.
So she won't be so welcome back home.

Tina's last word was "Kirk".
And that's the button that pushed Magnus into villainy.

Martian Manhunter will be a Manhunter robot, reprogrammed and modified using Martian technology.

Bruce Wayne will be a Corrupt Corporate Executive.
  • While it doesn't happen 100% of the time, the Gods and Monsters universe loves to reverse the heroes' and villains' alignments enough to make it a noticeable pattern.
  • Additionally, since Thomas and Martha Wayne were never murdered in this universe, it means that Bruce likely would've grown up to become a spoiled, pampered playboy.
  • Lex Luthor is neutral in this universe, and Bruce is the only one with a multi-billion corporation big enough to fill Lex Corps' shoes.
  • Alternatively, he could still be a hero, but with a moth costume instead of a Bat Costume. Basically, he'd be a heroic version of Killer Moth, most likely with a more heroic alias for his alter-ego (eg: Moth-Knight, Dark-Moth, Law-Moth, Justice-Moth, etc.)

The new Steel will be John Corbin/Metallo.
  • Bruce Timm mentioned in an article that they would be combining elements of both John Henry Irons and Hank Heywood:
    • Before becoming Metallo, John Corbin was a mercenary with some military background in Superman The Animated Series, another DC show Bruce Timm worked on. Hank Heywood was a soldier before becoming Steel.
    • Metallo and Heywood both became cyborgs after an accident and were saved using experimental technology.
    • Metallo and Irons have a connection to Superman (archenemy and ally, respectively). Despite having radically different backgrounds, the Gods and Monsters characters retain key elements from their mainstream counterparts (Ex. Kick Langstrom/GM-Batman still studied bats and used a serum on himself; Amanda Waller is still involved with the US government and several secret projects etc.)
  • The new Steel is also described as being "nearly all robot." Metallo is nothing but a brain in a robotic exoskeleton.
    • So was Cliff Steele AKA Robotman.

The new Mary Marvel will be Mari Mc Cabe/Vixen.
  • Bruce Timm says that this Mary will be African-American. Vixen is African-American and has a similar sounding name.
  • GM-Mary is described as a "Pam Grier" version of the character. Recently, an image shown at a convention was leaked, showing her sporting a very blaxsploitation-esque design. Vixen is a model in the mainstream DC Universe, so this kind of appearance fits.
  • Vixen was a prominent character in Justice League Unlimited, another DC project Timm was involved with.

The new Mary Marvel will be one of Black Lightning's daughters.
  • Both are African-American females already associated with powers granted from electricity.
  • "Mary" could just be part of the name because it leads away from women who aren't named Mary.
  • They are more obscure than Mari Mc Cabe, which seems to be part of this universe's point.

Season 2 of Chronicles won't be released until 2017
The lack of any info or promotion simply reeks of it being put on hold and/or being in Development Hell. F
  • There was something on Reddit saying that it got shelved. So...
  • Sadly, even a 2017 release is now jossed. It has been confirmed by director Sam Liu that it has been cancelled. Guess someone will have to write a fanfic...
    • with what base? I've gone up and down the internet and the only details I could find about the characters is what they look like and that there names were Green Lantern, Steel and Mary Marvel.
      • Ever hear of imagination? A fanfic can use the writer's ideas. The fact that it has been cancelled doesn't stop someone from coming up with something of their own.

The Luthor in this universe replaces the mainline DCU Lex' father.
He's certainly old enough for it, and we do know that the Luthors in other universes like to keep the Lex name in the family. So this Luthor isn't the alternate-universe replacement of Lex, he's the replacement for Lionel Luthor.

Green Lantern would've been involved in Bekka's story.
Given the ending of the first movie, the sequel probably would've followed up on Bekka returning to the New Gods. The Green Lantern of that sector gets involved and after Bekka's story is resolved, they return to Earth together to join the rest of the League in the movie's final battle against the Big Bad.

The Doom Patrol is evil in this universe.

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