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Nightmare Fuel / Justice League: Gods and Monsters

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  • Practically everything related to this Universe's version of Harley Quinn. Unlike her mainstream counterpart, she's an unrepentant Serial Killer who gruesomely murders people and stores their severed remains in her fridge, or uses their corpses to build toys. She's also trying to build herself a "family", which consists of a bunch of random people she killed, posed around a sofa, and then stapled their faces so they'd constantly be smiling. To make it worse, one of her victims is a child
    • The build-up to her introduction. As Batman wanders through her hideout, he finds various disturbing things, including body parts frozen in her refrigerator and a Jack-in-the-box made out of a bisected human corpse. He turns to another box, in which a thumping is heard. When he opens it, he finds a terrified teenage girl, bound and gagged. He removes her gag and unties her and this exchange occurs:
      Girl: Oh thank God! I thought it was her!
      Batman: It's alright, I'll get you out of here.
      Girl: But she-SHE'S BEHIND YOU!
      (Cue Harley attacking them with a mallet)
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  • Batman revealing his vampire fangs before brutally feeding on Harley as she screams in terror is no slouch either.
  • The slaughter of the scientists by the Metal Men. Very long and very gruesome.
    • Earlier, the murders of Drs. Fries, Palmer, and Stone. Even worse with the last one, as he dies together with his young son Victor.
  • The Bat-Drone’s mouth when bared always looks like a Slasher Smile.
  • Those poor horses. First, they get shrunk. Then they get placed into a truck. Then they get attacked by a monster. Then there's an accident. Oh, and at least one of them has an unfortunate encounter with a really big cat. And folks say the humans had it rough.

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