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Nightmare Fuel / Batman: The Killing Joke

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Knock Knock. Death's here
It's The Killing Joke; what would you expect?
Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.
  • In the first official trailer, the moment just before the Joker shoots Barbara Gordon, we get a full frame look of The Joker's face. The wide-brim purple hat covers his eyes, yet two white dots are where they should be. Coupled with his infamous grin makes it look like death itself was at the Gordons' door.
    • And on that note, Gordon's Mind Rape at the hands of the Joker, particularly the tunnel with images of Barbara shot and stripped down. All while the Joker sings a catchy Villain Song.
      Joker: (in the midst of Gordon screaming, "Barbara!") Don't get even! GET MAD!
  • Just like in the source material, the realtor is poisoned with Joker venom and left a smiling corpse. It doesn't look pretty, especially as the headlights of the Batmobile settle on it.
  • The Joker, appropriately, delivers a Nightmare Face here and there. But one of his worst has to be the insanely gleeful (and detailed), wide-eyed smile he has when the carnival lights up (though some viewers might find it strangely heartwarming).
  • It's a blink and you'll miss it moment, but when Batman is clinging to a ledge over a spiked pit, one of Joker's little goons, dressed as Batman, walks up to kick him in. Batman grabs their leg, and, instead of throwing them away from him as he gets up, tosses them in. Batman just explicitly killed someone.
  • The ending. Nothing Is Scarier, Up to Eleven. After Joker tells one last joke and possibly screws up the punchline, he starts laughing like he usually does. The weird thing, though? Batman starts laughing too. Real, honest-to-goodness confirmation that the Batman is just as crazy as Joker! And the film ends with Batman putting his hands on Joker's shoulders, in what can almost be their screwed-up version of a hug, with the camera panning down to the wet ground as their cackles fade out...then the credits start. The scene is so screwed up, even Left the Background Music On is inverted during them, with just dead silence aside from the drops of rain, at least until The Stinger.
    • Take a listen to the laughter just before the credits. The Joker's stopped laughing. The subtitles even say as much.
    • The joke, itself. It is a near-perfect description of Batman and Joker's sick friendship - and both of them know it.
    • It’s even worse when you consider that Batman’s laughter is more likely Cry Laughing than anything else. While it does sound crazy, it also sounds desperate, like he has to cling to something while coming to terms with what he’s about to do.
    • The whole story serves to underline the dark, obsessive, sick, and ultimately addictive relationship Batman and Joker have with each other.
  • The Ax-Crazy carnies Joker rounds up. As stereotypical as they are (a two-headed woman, a person covered completely in fur, a sexually ambiguous fat giant, et cetera), they're still menacing. The midgets, too. Like the Joker, they went from happily dancing with the Joker (With the fur covered man doing That Russian Squat Dance during the "I Go Loony" musical number) to homicidally deranged (The same fur covered man tackling Batman while snarling like a wolf).
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  • Two-Face's cameo. His coin has fallen outside of the cell, so all we see is his arm desperately trying to reach it. He's been trying so long that there are claw marks in the METAL door.

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