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Tear Jerker / Justice League: Gods and Monsters

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  • That poor girl Harley had trapped in a box, ready to murder. When Batman frees her, she's understandably weeping with a mix of terror and relief.
    Girl: Oh thank God...I thought it was her...
  • Superman being forced to Mercy Kill Brainiac. In most versions, Brainiac is a killing machine doing what he does out of cold, twisted reason. Here, he's a frightened child who can't control his powers and winds up threatening lives because of it. Superman actually tries to talk him down, but once it's clear he can't stop it he asks Superman to kill him. After it's done, Superman just sighs and hangs his head, kneeling by the small lifeless body in a Heroic BSoD.
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  • Superman mournfully stares at the charred skeletons of Dr. Stone and his little boy Victor, who both literally died in each others' arms.
  • The scientists getting ruthlessly murdered at Will's house. Especially since most of them are superheroes or allies in the main continuities, but now you see them powerless and helpless and now they'll never become superheroes. The world could've used good heroes like them...
  • In the finale, this exchange between Batman and Magnus
    Magnus: If only she hadn't wanted you! You, who only loved your bats and test tubes!
    Batman: Wrong. I loved two people in my life. And now they are both gone.
  • The description of Batman mentions that he was Reduced to Ratburgers as an attempt to avoid drinking blood. In general, his life is pretty depressing.
  • Superman's expression upon learning that the father he'd always thought of as the wise and benevolent scientist who tried to save his homeworld was instead the tyrant who destroyed it.

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