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Heartwarming / Justice League: Gods and Monsters

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  • Superman trying to help Brainiac by telling him to try to control his power, which, as shown in the tie-in comic, is something that he's gone through himself.
  • In spite of their Hero with Bad Publicity record with many of the civilians, the trio have a close relationship with each other.
  • The beginning shows Superman's adoptive parents with him as a baby.
  • Batman promising Tina that he'll protect her, Will, and Tin (the robot butler).
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  • Wonder Woman bidding farewell to Batman and Superman so she can go fix the problems of her homeworld. And who is coming with her? Lex Luthor.
  • Despite being adamant of the trio being a danger to Earth, especially Superman, Lex gives a Pet the Dog moment to him by giving the real files from Krypton, along with this piece of advice: "Be a real hero."

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