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Heartwarming / Justice League vs. Teen Titans

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Superman coming to Damian's defense in the beginning, when Batman is scolding his son for disobeying rules.
    • A far cry from the arrogant and cocky young man used to jumping headfirst into fights Superman was in Justice League: War.
    • A similar thing is that Wonder Woman is more going with her lasso than her sword. It appears that she has gained her mainstream counterpart's empathy. (Yes she does still use it, but it seems to be mostly for monsters rather than any super villains. It seemed that In War, she was more willing to cut down her enemies)
  • Nightwing and Damian seem to get along well here, as Nightwing takes what Damian says in stride instead of insulting him back. It seems the events of Bad Blood gave them the same relationship they shared in the comics: with Dick being a easy-going big brother while Damian is a cranky younger brother.
  • Raven calling Kory, Jaime, Damian, and Gar her brothers and sister.
  • The Ship Tease with Clark and Diana, Dick and Kory, and Damian and Raven is actually rather nice in this film since we see all three sets and their believable chemistry.
  • Kory acts very motherly to her teammates, to the point that she acts both stern and fair to her teammates. She also shows a lot of genuine concern for Raven and Damian, along with amusement to Garfield and Jaime.
  • Damian in his own way apologizing to Blue Beetle for starting their fight and thanking Raven for healing his injury.
    • Even Beast Boy makes light of the former, when teasing him.
    Beast Boy: Aww, see. He likes you.
  • Damian warms up a lot to the Titans throughout the film, from him thanking Raven for healing him to apologizing to Jaime, and even having a one-on-one dance match with Beast Boy. Its rather strong and comes to a head when he goes against the wishes of an undead Ra's al Ghul, a character that he idolized despite others calling out Ra's for the power-hungry psychopath that he is.
    Damian: I'm a Titan!
  • A rather humanizing moment for Damian comes during the Carnival scene where he gets a light up sword and sees a little girl looking at it. He looks at her for a few seconds before giving up the toy. Even Raven gives a rather cute smile when she sees this.
  • Damian's first response to seeing the Corrupters attacking the League is to call out to his father, but Batman tells him to stay back before sedating himself. The concern the father and son share is rather nice, given their rather insane history throughout the previous films Damian has been a part of, and especially after his mother, Talia, tried to brainwash the two in the previous film.
  • Seeing the lengths that all the Titans are willing to go through to protect Raven and bring her back, saying that her home is where they live.
  • The Justice League congratulating the Titans for a job well done during and after the events of the movie.
    • Superman in particular shows respect to Starfire as a leader, which makes her look bashful. Given that they are both aliens, Superman's approval probably means a lot to Kory.
    • Wonder Woman also gives her props to the team, as does Batman surprisingly enough.
  • Garfield and Jamie are very clearly in best friends territory, given how often we see them hanging out together and being physically affectionate/helpful to each other. They are obviously having a blast on the ferris wheel together.